Productivity tools for business growth

The best productivity tool is the one that solves the right problem for your type of work. If instead you rely on multiple tools that do many different things, you will spend much more time managing them than using them, and the tools will constantly get in your way. Like a car, a good productivity tool should fit you and your work. If you spend all your day sitting at a computer, your tool should be the computer. If you spend all your day walking, your tool should be a hand-held device. If you have both office work and field work, your tool should be something that fits both. The best online project management software tools also help you organize and keep track of the things you do. For example, if you use many different kinds of tools for different parts of your work, you spend a lot of time searching your computer for them and going through folders and files. A good tool will recognize when you have such a mess and suggest the best way to organize it. The best productivity tools are still being developed. For example, most people agree that spreadsheets should be replaced by more powerful databases. Also, the best productivity tools are not yet fully supported by writing software. If you have to update a file, you have to copy it, edit it, and send it back. But if you could update a file without leaving your word processor, you might spend a lot less time on writing. The best productivity tools are often not free. But because they solve the right problem for you and work so well, the time you spend learning to use them and solving the right problem for them usually pays back in your pocket. Best productivity tools: * word processors * spreadsheets, databases * PIMs (personal information managers) * task management programs * email * web-view

Finclock is a productivity tool that surfaces the many tasks that make up your day. From its dashboard, you can see how much time you spend on each task, as well as how much time you've spent on each task in the past. Finclock uses the time tracking feature of your phone or tablet, and tracks idle time as well. It also tracks the number of files you send and receive each day. Finclock helps you keep track of your time and productivity, and also keeps track of which of your tasks take up the most of your time. Once you have this information, you can start thinking about ways to optimize your time.

Have you ever wondered which of your tasks take up the most of your time? Or which apps or tools you spend most of your day on? Finclock can help. Keeping track of your productivity doesn't have to be complicated. Finclock lets you see how much time you spend on each task you do, and how much time you've spent on each task in the past.

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