Staff time management software for businesses and entrepreneurs


Time is money. Time tracking software helps small business owners and managers monitor their employees' time and productivity. While there are many time tracking software programs available, Finclock is the best staff time management software for businesses.

Treating your company's accounting data as a valuable asset is important for maintaining the success of your organization in the long run. Many companies have multiple employees who work on different projects at the same time. It is important to track all these hours worked if you want to keep tabs on how your organization is performing. Time tracking software can help you stay on top of this essential activity so you can make informed business decisions that benefit everyone involved.


Time tracking isn't just tracking how many hours an employee works in a day. It's about understanding how they work, so that you can optimize their time and productivity. For example, if Jenny spends half her time on Facebook and Instagram at work, you can either let her go or you can give her tasks that don't require as much focus (like filing or data entry). Trying to use pen and paper for this is a mistake since it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. This is where Finclock comes in. Finclock is the best staff monitoring software for businesses that want to improve staff time management.

Why choose Finclock?

Finclock was created by a young entrepreneur who had trouble managing his own work tasks with pen and paper. He turned to great tools such as Evernote, Wunderlist and Trello, but still found himself needing one tool that would help him manage his time effectively on all tasks, both professional and personal.

Finclock is a Staff time management software designed for businesses and entrepreneurs and that helps you manage your time more effectively by allowing you to set daily goals, make notes on what you need to do and assign tasks. It also allows you to create charts which show how your productivity changes day by day or week by week, so you can see how much time each day you spent working on your most important project/client or how much time you spent on specific tasks during a specific period of time (e.g., month).

More features are: Invoicing • Create customized templates • Create and send invoices • Attach files • Track payments Time tracking • Track time on a per job basis • Create recurring tasks • Track expenses Job costing • Create jobs • Track income and expenses Expense tracking • Create expense categories • Track expenses

Key benefits of using staff time management software

Finclock is also a timesheet system that helps you to improve employee productivity. It has adjustable settings that fit any organization. You can control how much employees can charge without your approval, which increases the transparency in the company budget.

What are the benefits of FinClock?

Minimizing human error: Since everything is automated, there are no manual calculations. This minimizes human error and ensures more accurate results.

Increasing productivity: Employees do not waste their time on compiling reports or gathering data; they focus on their work and make the most of their time.

Reducing costs: It minimizes the money spent on unnecessary paperwork. The finance department does not have to hire additional workers to handle accounting issues since everything is digitalized. Consequently, companies save money on staff costs while increasing profitability at the same time.

How much does it cost?

Finclock is a cloud-based and offers numerous features to help you manage your firm's finances, including invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking, job costing and more. Finclock allows you to create your own invoice templates and also gives you the option to customize the invoice format from the app itself. The pricing of Finclock is based on the number of users in your firm. All plans have a free 30-day trial period with full functionality available for that period.

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