Timesheet app in online attendance system

Timesheet app

A Timesheet application with clocking in and out is Finclock Attendance application. Time sheet application working online and offline for all staff management needs. Start using the best application for workforce management, which provides real time data on employee attendance. The best application that generates timesheets automatically.

Best timesheet system reports online

Finclock Timesheet application provides four main reports. These reports enable managers to make decision on the employee's activities at a glance. these timesheet reports include;

  1. Daily timesheets
  2. Monthly timesheets
  3. Shift based timesheets.
  4. Analysed timesheets reports.

5 Essential Time sheet reports

Finclock timesheets app works both with and without internet. Any time the employee phone is connected to internet, the application synchronizes the attendance data to the  attendance system. The system has algorithms to analyse the data and provide the best timesheet reports online. These reports include;

1. Total Employee hours

The managers will login to the web based attendance system directly using their phone or computers. Here, the managers will find the hours  workers by employees. A manager can filter the hourly staff reports as per their need.  Across the world, the managers will decide whether there is time theft, based on the total hours worked. Notably, every industry has the standard normal hours that an employee must complete per day, week or month. If the hours worked are less than the standard hours, managers will take actions such as giving warnings or deduction of payments.

2. Employee Performance

Finclock Attendance is the  best timesheets app that shows employee performance as a percentage of expected hours. When an employee has high absenteeism cases, the staff performance is low. When an employee is constantly late, their performance is lowered from 100%. When an employee clocks in when away from their work station, their performance is lowered. High performing employees will get high scores and can be rewarded.

3. Employee Absenteeism Reports

The best attendance timesheet report shows that the employees with high absence records affect business or institutional growth and overall performance. Face recognition biometric attendance system provides real-time absence reports that enable managers to weed out dishonest employees.

4. Lateness Reports

The shift plans for an employee are automatically compared with their actual attendance time. Using the top attendance system, managers can see the lateness trends of employees. This is the best application because employees are made aware of their lateness and absence days directly on their mobile application. Finclock Timesheet app also calculate the reports as per the job category, department and even overall company lateness trends. These reports offer best decision making features for managers.

5. Employee absence and leave reports

Using the Finclock Attendance app, employees can make requests for absence. These absenteeism request are either accepted or rejected by management, which is based on reasons. To make it better, You have  chance to provide reasons, take photos and record audio reports. All these features work with and without internet connectivity.

6. Employee location reports

Finclock attendance will track employee location making it the best application for fieldworkers in the world. The employee workstations are already known and every time an employee clocks in away from their workstation, they are automatically flagged and recorded in their away reports. The location tracking ensures that employees take full responsibility of their activities and work as per the needs of the clients.

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