Task management software tools for businesses

6 Task Management Software Features

Task management system helps you in the following ways:

  1. You shall create tasks, and delegate to team members.
  2. Plan task deadlines and tracked the task progress in real-time (phone and web).
  3. Team members will update progress of tasks and managers get notifications.
  4. Respond to requests in your tasks before they affect the performance.
  5. View and approve task reports.
  6. Get staff performance reports from the tasks completed.
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Task management system tools for business

Using a project management system requires an understanding of the needs of all stakeholders in the project. Here, we shall discuss using project management software for the benefit of both the company/organization, client and the employees. These three factors are based on the analysis of the best project management guides across the world.  There are three main categories of people to consider in project operations. First, the client, business owner as well as the workers.

Who needs a task management system?

The business owner, director or managers in an organization are the first people to come into contact with software vendors. Before they consider investing in a project management system, they must consider the other two parties, namely; clients and the workers. Here, the manager’s or business owner should consider investing in a project management system that fits the needs of the three parties and even extends beyond the benefits of using project managing systems to the future of the business or the organization. Experts in project management systems advice that, since a manager is the final decision maker in the software sales process, it ends up that most software vendors will provide many features to suit the management. However, the best systems are the user-focused project management systems, since they provide a simplified working environment, thus making the project reporting process as easy as possible. However, the modern project management systems have a bi-directional approach, a method commonly known as feedback loops. Here are the critical features to look for as a business owner.

Task management system for construction

The best task management system for construction is able to record all activities happening at the site. The projects will include many steps such as land excavation, laying a foundation, setting up the construction among others. Each stage comes with new requirements, which include tasks, expenses, and labor. A good project management system for construction should include as many tools as possible, to help managers make the right decision at each stage of the project. Also, the managers need to be able to see as many details as possible, in real-time. Thinking of making a good move when buying a project management system or a task manager app requires you to set the right goals and expectations when managing the project. I would think of taking the right steps starting with finding the software for construction projects. Specifically, a work management system designed to fit the needs of construction companies.

A good task management system must include task manager app for construction companies, which will come with project planning tools. These tools are used to plan the project from scratch, before moving into the construction site. Thus, the construction project will be run according to the master plan. Here, the master plan will include the Bill of quantities (BoQs), labor budgets among others. The best work management system will enable construction workers to record the time and tasks completed, using the task management app from these two reports, a manager will decide on the exact payments to be made.

A task management software and the task management app should be linked to the payroll, where the people are paid according to the work done. I would recommend considering a system that can allow downloading construction project reports both in PDF and spreadsheet formats. As such, a manager will be able to cut the tie spent on report preparation by over 50%.

Best task management system for field workers

Field service workers will engage in projects that are located in different areas. Some of the workers may be assigned a duty in multiple locations. Consider a painter in a company, who will paint say 5 houses in a month. That person needs a system that enables them to record the time they get to each of their workstations, record the tasks completed and to make requests when working on the project. Essentially, a project management system for field service will have all the features, which streamline the communication between the workers and the management.

The best employee management software for field service workers comes as a mobile application. The task manager app is designed to send reports to the online project management system. Here, the workers will make simplified reports, which are combined with the project management system. As such, the progress of the project is the cumulative work done by all the people, who have been assigned duties. I would recommend using a project management and task management system that works offline. This means that the workers will not fail to make reports, with or without the internet. These functionalities enable them to make reports that are consistent with their time. The only task management app that fits the needs of field service workers is available online.

Use task management app and manage multiple projects seamlessly. In the system, there are features to record progress reports, tasks reporting and to make requests to the management, using the task manager app. Such tools help an organization to streamline communication with the employees in field service. As such, the whole organization will save time and money spent on projects.

Using the tools provides managers with forecasting and proper planning. These features in work management system in fieldwork are meant to make the working environment-friendly, efficient and timely.

New Task Management System Features

Task management system should provide a simplified information sharing among all parties in a project. The most essential features have to cater for every use case. In the current times, a project management system must be able to cater for both indoor and outdoor projects. It is also essential to have a system that analyses information, crunches the numbers for managers. Here is a summary of essential features to look for in a task management software features that offer the modules of the task management app.

Online Task Management software benefits

Benefits of using task management system

Task management system helps you to get these benefits within 30 days.

  1. Your employees will complete work on time.
  2. Managers will get real time task reports from any location.
  3. Monitor work progress and expenses in real time
  4. Cut cost of operations by 15-30%
  5. Increase staff engagement and productivity.
  6. Finclock work management system provides tools that save your time and money.
  7. Use task management system to set goals in a project, and get real-time reports as team members or employees proceed with their work.
  8. Choose Finclock task manager application for office and field workers, thus harmonize project management needs.
  9. Follow up on project reports without the need to make physical inspection, thus save time and money.
  10. Streamline communication in your organization and eliminate time wastage and duplication of tasks.
  11. Use the best performing reports as references, thus improve performance in each project.
  12. Improve employee engagement and communication, thus improve productivity in your organization.

How to use Task Management System?

  1. To your business, the task management system shall replace all manual reports in project management. Project Managers shall create projects, update task reports and even update the costs directly using the online task management software.
  2. You will be able to approve or reject payments directly using your phone or browser, from anywhere at any time.
  3. You will reduce the project expenses by having less time to completion in a project.
  4. Work records, supplies and consultancy expenses are automatically analyzed, meaning that you have the full information in real time.  Using the task planning reports, you will see the bottlenecks and challenges faced in a project, and you can take actions immediately.
  5. Process payments and quotations for tasks and projects.  This process will reduce inefficiencies experienced in a project, thus save you time and money
  6. Get Direct reports: with comments, photos, texts and even audio recordings of reports, which are happening in the project location.
  7. You can download these reports as PDF and excel.

Task management system features

Finclock provides all task management system features as part of the project management system. Use the task management features to achieve the following:

  1. Create projects from scratch, set project budget and milestones.
  2. Create tasks under the project and assign the tasks to employees or team members.
  3. Task planning, which includes scheduling of tasks, setting reporting cycles and setting task priority.
  4. Task reporting system, which includes adding new actions on a task, taking summary reports and submitting them as part of the project reporting.
  5. Track task report, by seeing the late tasks, ongoing, planned and completed tasks. All these features are in the task manager app
  6. Update tasks by adding new actions, add comments, photos and attach files to a project.
  7. Finclock EMS includes the best staff management software, which will provide a complete set of tools for business and project management.
  8. Track GPS location, where the task was completed.
  9. Track time of task reporting, who reported the task and the progress of each task.

How Task management system works

  • Task management system comes as a mobile and web application, which will enable you to plan tasks on a given project.
  • Use Finclock to create tasks on projects, which can be assigned to yourself or other team members.
  • Finclock enables you to follow up on employee working progress, based on the reports of the tasks assigned to them.
  • The employees will use task reporting app to add new action they have completed on a given project.
  • The work management system shows the action completed, the expenses on the task and the progress as a percentage.
  • When using the task management software, the employee will take photos of the work completed, add comments and even record audio report on the project.
  • The task reporting app provides a seamless method of project management including approving task, cancelling tasks and rescheduling tasks.
  • Using Finclock task management software helps businesses reduce the time of project inspection and cut cost of operations in a business or organization.

Cut operation cost using Task management software

Using the tasks management software, businesses and organizations across the world have reported improvements in their projects.

When employees start using the tasks management software, each employee is dedicated to their work, since their payment is based on the work completed. The employees will make reports of the work they have done and they are paid when the tasks are approved. The manager can review the tasks and add comments. Since the task reports include photos and GPS location, the employees will no longer make false payment claims.

When you embrace task management system, your project costing will reduce by up to 25% within the first 3 months. The project planning application ensures that the project is completed on time and according to the set standards. Using the task planning app, workers can contribute to a project from different locations, meaning that there will be reduced cost of project management.

Using task management system and application eliminates the need to make random or sting operations in your organization. This is achieved by providing the workers with tools for self-management in projects. The burden of project monitoring and inspection is reduced to making employees self-driven, meaning that they shall be self-motivated to deliver their best. The outcome is reduced costs of operation and improved productivity.

Eliminate time wastage using task management system

Task management system will help will help your organization to reduce time wastage. When you embrace the task management system, you will plan on project in advance, meaning that the employees or team members know exactly what to do when the time comes. Using task planning application will also eliminate the duplication of tasks, which happens in many organizations. Finclock is the best task planning application, which comes with both time management and task reporting.

Finclock task management system with attendance tracking will enable the employee to make timely attendance and task reports. Finclock is the only task planning application with attendance management.

Many businesses across the world are using this task management application for field workers and office workers too. Having the option to clock in and clock out online and offline eliminates the possible excuses of connectivity issues. Using finclock task management app for work planning, the workers are able to change the behavior of people and make them come to work on time.

Since the employee comes to work on time, reports what they have done on time and makes requests on time, all project management features have been resolved.

Improve employee communication using Task management system

Using task management system enables the employees to make periodic reports of the work they are doing. The task reporting app has tools for an employee to create tasks and update the actions they are taking. The planned tasks are automatically sent to the cloud project management system, which will harmonize all projects tasks and reduce duplication of tasks.

When a manager creates a task in a project, they can assign the task to one or many employees or team members and the team members can see it when they login to their online employee management software accounts. The team members will not waste time creating the same task, but will instead focus on delivering their part. Since the task management application comes with a comment, audio and photo recording, the managers can follow up on projects and make informed decisions. Here, the management will be able to re-plan a given task, by updating the task status and assigning them to people. It shall be faster, easier and more engaging to use the task planning application in your projects.

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Attendance system Guides: Timesheet management

Complete Guide on Timesheet software & timesheet apps

We offer the best advice on attendance software which you can find here. We discussed the way to choose a time clock app, which some people may refer to as attendance manager apps. Then, we narrowed down the list based on 5 main questions.  From the list, we analyzed top 5 time clock apps and the winner was FinClock Attendance Management System.   As a cardinal rule, any technology must make things easier to both the managers and employees.  Today we shall focus on timesheet apps and at the end, you will be able to choose wisely. Let us analyze these essential features briefly.

What is a timesheet app?

Before we contextualize timesheet app, we need to understand the meaning of timesheets and their use to attendance management. A basic definition of a timesheet is a document containing attendance record for an employee department or organization. Here, a timesheet can be generated from manual entries or from timesheet software. A timesheet can either be generated into an excel sheet or a google spreadsheet. There are two main ways of generating timesheets which include biometric attendance systems and timesheet apps.

Timesheet apps are based either on android or IOS mobiles. Recently, we have the timesheet system for Fieldwork.  These timesheet system will record the time attendance of an employee, both indoor and outdoor. You may be asking, where to get these time attendance apps by now. Don’t worry because any hr manager can either buy the timesheet apps or get a free trial. After registration, the next step is to set up your company account. Here you can set up your company logo, name, set company goals etc. Then, you will invite employees to join the application platform. When an employee goes to work, they will clock in and clock out when they leave their workstation. The timesheet app will then create an attendance record, which can either be sent to an online attendance system or be retrieved locally. You can find the best online attendance systems here.

Why use Timesheet apps with online attendance systems?

In the recent past, biometric attendance systems have helped generate timesheets as a replacement to manual records. There are advantages of using these attendance management systems when creating the timesheets. One of the main advantages is to avoid cheating in time records. When an employee clocks in and out, the attendance time is recorded and at the end of the given period, an excel document showing the complete timesheet is generated. In most cases, the biometric attendance timesheets are retrieved from a local device using removable disks or a centralized local area network.

Reports show that there has been a great concern on the excel timesheets recorded on local computers and networks. Recently, hr managers have found out that some cheating employees may edit their timesheet when they get access to the biometric attendance system. As such, they are not able to track the actual timesheets software records. A biometric attendance system that does not allow cheating must provide a backup of the timesheet records, which cannot be edited. The only online attendance system that offers that capability is FinClock attendance management system. You can find a free demo here.

What are the best timesheet apps?

Essentially, a good timesheet app must provide the managers with features that help them to make the right decisions. Some of the tools include time card reports, employee location, lateness reports, absence management, staff performance and standardization of the reports. We need to define the assessment criteria when analyzing the best timesheet apps and then focus the 8 essential features of timesheet software.

Best timesheet software for your business

  1. Finclock is the best timesheet software and application for workers, which offers best reports for hr managers.
  2. Finclock Attendance application for Outdoor workers is the best for people working in the field. The only offline timesheet application in the world.
  3. Best timesheet software for schools that is used by teachers, students and support staff. Finclock Attendance application provides real time reports for each student. many schools are using the performance reports to show the attendance score of students.
  4. Finclock is the best timesheet software security firms. The application helps in guard tracking and time management. The application gives the operations managers peace of mind as they know each guard is alert at all times.
  5. Top Timesheet software for Construction workers remains Finclock. This application provides timesheet reports, daily task reports and real time requests, thus cutting the time of response.
  6. Best employee management software sales people because it tracks the employee location, employee tasks and provides real time reporting features. Register today to start using the best timesheets application for all staff performance working both indoor and outdoor.

Essential Features in a Timesheet apps

This guide will focus more on the functionalities of the timesheet apps, in relation to the fundamental roles of an HRM system. Further, we shall consider the needs of a human resource manager, without narrowing the focus on technical issues. So we begin by asking the fundamental questions that recur in the mind of most managers and business owners when they think of purchasing Attendance systems;

  1. Where will the attendance system be applied?
  2. Is the timesheet app meant for office and field service attendance management?
  3. If it is meant for outdoor staff management, how do we ensure that the timesheet app is going to work with or without internet?
  4. Does the attendance system support many employees?
  5. Does the application have staff location tracking?
  6. Does the time sheet software work with all computer operating systems?
  7. Does the whole attendance system integrate with other staff management systems?
  8. Is the pricing within my budget today, tomorrow and in the far future?

To answer these questions my research team documented these essential features in any attendance management system, which supports the timesheet apps.

1.      Nature of Timesheet reports

The aim of a Face recognition biometric attendance system is to provide the best analysis of staff performance. This is a broad topic which we shall be covering in the next section. Here, we focus on the timesheet reports as a feature in timesheet apps. You may realize that most attendance systems will provide bulk data which will end up as another time record that may never be analyzed. In the past, it was understandable to ignore the bulk timesheet records because of the time constraints. Thanks to hr management application, now it is possible to obtain a close analysis of reports from different stages.

I would recommend starting the time sheet reports analysis from a single employee attendance report, workstation reports (post reports), departmental attendance reports and then overall company reports. The only way to achieve this kind of an analysis is to either have a Local Area network or to have an online employee management system. Now the 5 questions you will have to ask yourself before settling to a given timesheet app include;

  1. How many employees do the timesheets software reports serve?
  2. How many Branches, posts and workstations are there in your organization?
  3. How do you expect to access the timesheet reports?
  4. What expertise does your company have to analyze the timesheets

When you ask yourself these questions, you will come up with answers that will contextualize the timesheet reports that will fit your company needs. From that, consider the other factors such as price and technical support. I recommend you register a free demo here with the top 5 attendance management systems and evaluate each of the reports. Maybe you can start by registering a free 21-day trial.

2.      Timesheet templates Samples and customization

The first step to embracing a time attendance system is to have custom timesheet software templates that fit the goals of your staff management software and business goals. Here, we consider a good template to have all the fields needed to show the employee data, attendance records and the attendance time calculations. We can focus on mandatory employee information, which includes the Employee name and Identity number. The identity number can be the workforce number, National ID number or even the social security number. In many organizations, staff allocation is based on defined workstations. Thus, the employee workstation becomes another important field of a good timesheet template.

Timesheet template must be provided in standard formats, which include excel or pdf. In most cases, the timesheet apps shall work with a standard excel format. This format is acceptable but there needs to be a backup that cannot be edited. The main reason for this condition is to ensure the integrity of the information stored in the timesheet templates. Here is a timesheet template sample in excel.

The timesheet templates must allow customization. It is important to choose the best timesheet app with automated customization features. Our research last month shows that there are many options to timesheet templates in the market. However, a further analysis shows that only two attendance systems have fully customized timesheet templates that can fit any staff attendance manager’s needs. Find the top timesheet templates and samples. 

3.       Find Best timesheet app calculator

A timesheet app calculator should be able to show the time of clocking in, time of clock out, total hours worked per day, total hours worked to be a week and most importantly, total hours worked per month. The timesheet software calculator must, therefore, be able to show the total expected wages for a given employee. The most important feature here is simplicity and accuracy. This means that when choosing an online employee attendance management systems, ensure that the timesheet calculator has the capacity to replace all manual time card calculations. Look closely and ensure that all levels are well captured.  We need to understand that a normal timesheet app will just record the timesheet template for employees. Here, we are talking of an attendance calculations, which as a staff attendance management systems and application you would be required to do manually. Here is a good timesheet app demo that you can sign up for free.

4.      Absence management in timesheet apps

A common challenge to hr managers is to manage absenteeism. Ideal state would be to have no cases of absenteeism in a company. However, this is not possible. Absence management with timesheet app should allow staff to handle the cases of absenteeism, either by reporting directly through the mobile app or by making prior arrangements.

We all agree that absence should be reported before, but some cases may lead to late reporting. The late reporting is the main challenge. The best way is to have absence management in the timesheet app, where the employees can make requests directly. The absence reports from the timesheet software should then be sent directly to the right department.

A good absence management system or a timesheet system should enable the employees to make direct requests for absenteeism. The managers are therefore in a position to make proper plans for their employees. Since absenteeism reports will affect human resource productivity negatively, the hr manager will view the absence reports and either approve or reject requests from the employees. Thus, a good absence manager app, either in a mobile application, online employee attendance management system, or hosted in a Local Area network will ensure that each employee is able to report their cases using a mobile phone. With the help of a good attendance management system, the hr manager is able to find real-time reports and make the right decisions on time. Here is a list of the top 5 absenteeism management tips and benefits.

5.      Lateness Management in Timesheet apps

The standard lateness management method is to record the lateness time and store the data for future use. However, best hr management practices recommend that the staff attendance and records management system should provide automated lateness management. We have reviewed many timesheet apps and found that the missing link is where the app crucifies the employees for lateness, without reminding them when they are late. As such, the best solution is to have the timesheet app to send automated alerts to the employees, 30 minutes to the expected time of work.

The best time clock app that served this auto-notification is biometric attendance machines. The number 2 in the list is humanity and the third spot goes to SAP attendance. We, therefore, recommend you to start a trial with FinClock attendance and experience the features for 21 free days. If that does not work, leave a comment and we shall contact you for further guidance.

6.      Staff attendance tracking software

Gone are the days when a company operated in a single building. This case provides a need to have employees in different locations to mark attendance. How will a good time sheet app handle this case? The best way is to have the application do background staff tracking. Every time and employee clocks in or out, the time clock app must store the location. Using such a feature, the employees will have a good time at work and will not have to worry about too much interaction with the attendance management system. There are several staff location trackers which range from tags, stand-alone application and others. However, the time has come for staff to be left to take responsibility for their actions.

Timesheet software apps that allow tracking of GPS location benefit both the employee and the boss. You will realize that some employee works very hard and are always on the move, trying to meet the goals of the company. But there are other lazy employees and the best way to separate these two groups of workers is to have real-time staff location. At the end of the day, the hardworking employees should be rewarded based on the data and the lazy workers may be motivated through the standard methods of performance management.

Many staff tracking apps do not have the timesheet system and time clocking features. There are a few applications which have all the features. A good survey shows that the top of the list. Thus it does not attain the first position. Finclock has both the attendance management and location tracking, and works both when connected to internet or not. Thus, the other competitor to look for may be FinClock timesheet system. Find more information on the FinClock timesheet software by registering free trial here

7.      Staff scheduling and shift planning features

Staff scheduling is another important aspect of online staff management system. Be it web-based, mobile or even locally hosted, shift scheduling should be a mandatory feature of a timesheet app. This is because most hr managers need a tool that replaces most of the routine workload. Thus, an ideal timesheet system must have the capability to help an already busy hr manager. Both timesheet apps and time clock apps have some of the necessities in this area.  However, we conducted an analysis on 5 main shift scheduling systems in the market and the results depict that multiple enterprises have invested significant resources in niche-based applications. I would call this a mature field since most of the needs of indoor staff scheduling have been met in by the existing timesheet apps.

Outdoor staff management and scheduling is still a green area to many tech companies today. The requirements of most outdoor workforce dictate the staff scheduling app must work both in online and offline conditions. This means that most timesheet apps will not work without internet, thus only a few can solve the real challenge. At the same time, a reliable staff scheduling system would require proper communication with the entire timesheet system. It is, therefore, a tag of war between the work environment and staff needs.

If you are looking to solve challenges and serve outdoor staff scheduling needs, I would recommend you pick from top 5 attendance management systems. Then, take a look at the specific workforce needs in your area of work. Experience has shown that some of the available staff records management systems will target a narrow niche, due to the demands of outdoor workforce management. A good staff scheduling for construction workers may not fit the needs of the guard management system. If you still need help, here is my previous guide on staff scheduling software.

8.      Integration of timesheet apps to Hr applications

Most attendance management software come as a stand-alone time attendance software. However, a visionary manager will look at the systems that will help them resolve most employee management at the same time. This necessitates choosing the best attendance manager software that solves as many challenges as possible. If you cannot find a complete software, the next step is to find an timesheet software that integrates with timesheet apps, hr management systems and even payroll software.

We have reviewed some of the necessary items to look for when making this important decision. Our findings show that as a visionary manager, the best way is to choose an online timesheet system, which will easily integrate with your current hr systems. The list is long but the methods of integration helped us decide on the best choices. I will recommend this list of integration rules based on the previous guide we covered last month.

Note that you may need the help of timesheet software solution companies to do the integrations. Thus, choose a competent company in employee management systems. Here are the top 5 companies that offer business management systems in the world.

Pricing of timesheet apps and timesheet software

The last item to consider when choosing a timesheet app or any other timesheet software is the pricing. There are free time sheet apps in the market. However, the functions and features present may limit the business growth. As such, it is advised that you choose the premium timesheet apps in the market. The best way is to find the cost of attendance management per employee. Then, inquire from the companies on the terms of payment. Luckily here is the best attendance management systems that offers monthly and annual subscription options. This model is good because as your company expands, you will realize the need to incorporate more employees into the attendance system. So, you will increase the number of employees as per your budget.  Find a free trial here and start your 21 days trial. During the trial period, you will not be charged and you will interact with the support team, who will offer guidance and support you during the implementation.

Summary of Timesheet Apps and Timesheet software Guide

Employee management remains a key role of hr manager. Also, the changing technology requires a critical understanding of the company needs when selecting a timesheet app. We have discussed the main aspects of a timesheet app, where we have explained the needed features. It is clear now that top considerations to make have been covered. Here is the list again:

  1. Nature of timesheet reports
  2. Timesheet templates Samples and customization
  3. Find Best timesheet calculator
  4. Absence manager in timesheet apps
  5. Lateness Manager in Timesheet apps
  6. Staff location tracking in time clock apps
  7. Staff scheduling and shift planning features
  8. Integration of timesheet apps to Hr management systems
  9. Pricing of Timesheet apps

We conducted the analysis and we have summarized the timesheet complete guide. As a business owner or an hr manager, now you can choose from the best. We have listed the features of the attendance management systems and in our list, you can choose from the best timesheet apps we have evaluated. In the list, the top 3 timesheet apps emerge to be FinClock employee management software and application.

Our Parting Shot is that as a manger, go ahead and choose wisely among the three top attendance systems. From the list, feel free to subscribe for a free trial and start experiencing the features. I am glad to have been of help and we believe that you shall be able to grow your business, motivate your employees and even improve employee engagement now and in the future. let the support team guide you to the journey of enjoyable and efficient employee management.

Timesheet app in online attendance system

Timesheet app

A Timesheet application with clocking in and out is Finclock Attendance application. Time sheet application working online and offline for all staff management needs. Start using the best application for workforce management, which provides real time data on employee attendance. The best application that generates timesheets automatically.

Best timesheet system reports online

Finclock Timesheet application provides four main reports. These reports enable managers to make decision on the employee's activities at a glance. these timesheet reports include;

  1. Daily timesheets
  2. Monthly timesheets
  3. Shift based timesheets.
  4. Analysed timesheets reports.

5 Essential Time sheet reports

Finclock timesheets app works both with and without internet. Any time the employee phone is connected to internet, the application synchronizes the attendance data to the  attendance system. The system has algorithms to analyse the data and provide the best timesheet reports online. These reports include;

1. Total Employee hours

The managers will login to the web based attendance system directly using their phone or computers. Here, the managers will find the hours  workers by employees. A manager can filter the hourly staff reports as per their need.  Across the world, the managers will decide whether there is time theft, based on the total hours worked. Notably, every industry has the standard normal hours that an employee must complete per day, week or month. If the hours worked are less than the standard hours, managers will take actions such as giving warnings or deduction of payments.

2. Employee Performance

Finclock Attendance is the  best timesheets app that shows employee performance as a percentage of expected hours. When an employee has high absenteeism cases, the staff performance is low. When an employee is constantly late, their performance is lowered from 100%. When an employee clocks in when away from their work station, their performance is lowered. High performing employees will get high scores and can be rewarded.

3. Employee Absenteeism Reports

The best attendance timesheet report shows that the employees with high absence records affect business or institutional growth and overall performance. Face recognition biometric attendance system provides real-time absence reports that enable managers to weed out dishonest employees.

4. Lateness Reports

The shift plans for an employee are automatically compared with their actual attendance time. Using the top attendance system, managers can see the lateness trends of employees. This is the best application because employees are made aware of their lateness and absence days directly on their mobile application. Finclock Timesheet app also calculate the reports as per the job category, department and even overall company lateness trends. These reports offer best decision making features for managers.

5. Employee absence and leave reports

Using the Finclock Attendance app, employees can make requests for absence. These absenteeism request are either accepted or rejected by management, which is based on reasons. To make it better, You have  chance to provide reasons, take photos and record audio reports. All these features work with and without internet connectivity.

6. Employee location reports

Finclock attendance will track employee location making it the best application for fieldworkers in the world. The employee workstations are already known and every time an employee clocks in away from their workstation, they are automatically flagged and recorded in their away reports. The location tracking ensures that employees take full responsibility of their activities and work as per the needs of the clients.

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Benefits of using timesheet application

There are many benefits of using timesheet software. The benefits can be realized from three main stakeholders in the hr industry. The benefits are realized by all people in the company or organization. Here, the office employees, fieldworkers, sales team and managers find that using timesheet system in the company saves time and money.  Here is a brief on the benefits to be realized in the short to long term.

  • Timesheet software ensures that you see employees reports in real-time. When you can account where your workers are, what they’re doing, and how well they’re serving your clients, the overall productivity of workers shall improve.
  • Embracing automated employee timesheet system shall remove cases of inefficient use of time, which happens in task management and project management, thus clients saves money and time

Benefits Timesheet Apps to business owners

  • When you embrace timesheet system, your administrative costs shall reduce by 20-30%.
  • Time of response  to issues shall be reduced thus management shall respond to an occurrence before the client notices.
  • Customers shall see value of the employee work, since all routine duties shall be reduced, meaning that there shall be no loss of customers due to mismanagement.
  • Using Finclock timesheet software helps streamline business, meaning that your workforce shall focus on wining new clients by offering what they need.

Benefits of timesheet software to the employees

  • Employee shall not continue performing unnecessary tasks, since the supervision and reporting shall be standardized.
  • Your employees will use the timesheet apps or biometric clocking in and out, thus streamline their attendance reports. These steps helps faster processing of payments and requests, thus keeps your employees happy and dedicated to their work.
  • The employees will be receive attendance alerts in case of a need and they will give alerts to the management as well. Such communication helps better understanding of working environment, which shall boost productivity and save on costs.
  • There will be balance of duties and resources, and the employees will be happy at work. Here, employees can use the timesheet apps to request for leave, request for shift change, request for absenteeism and provide reasons for such actions. As such, the company shall have happy customer, happy manager and happy employees.

Features of Best Timesheet Software and Timesheet Application

Best timesheet calculator application that tracks staff timesheets automatically. Use time sheet calculator to pay employees per hours worked and reduce operational costs in business. managers across the world are eliminating time theft using the automated timesheet application.

Using timesheet calculation starts by registering employees and assigning them shifts as per their work station. the online attendance system allows managers to either assign single or multiple employee shifts, based on the nature of company operations.

The employees will use their special PIN or biometric timesheet attendance system to mark daily attendance. When an employee clocks in and out, the total time is automatically calculated. Then, managers can access the timesheet reports online.

Finclock Timesheet calculator breaks down the attendance reports into three reports, which include shift hours timesheets, daily timesheet report and monthly timesheet report.

Employees can view their calculated performance based on worked hours, lateness, absence and total attendance to tasks. This is the best application to improve employee productivity.

Managers are using the time sheet reports to pay employees as per the number of hours worked. These reports allow managers to schedule payroll online.

Using Finclock timesheet reports has saved businesses time and money and streamlined operation. The only sure way to improve employee productivity and ensure employee engagement. Register Free trial to  download the Timesheet calculator application

Timesheet template online

Download timesheets templates used globally for employee attendance management. timesheet templates that incorporate employee data and attendance reports. Use the timesheet template in both excel and pdf formats. Employees do not have to fill timesheet templates manually. Instead, the timesheet application automatically fills attendance records based on the time of clock in and clock out.

Top timesheets app that offers online timesheet templates is available for android and IOS mobile phones. use the attendance templates that incorporates all important details of an employee. Using the attendance application, Employees will clock in and clock in when they arrive to work and when they leave workstations. Then, the timesheet records are sent to the cloud attendance management system. Timesheet templates online provide the following data to managers.

  1. Employee Name
  2. Employee ID and Job ID number
  3. assigned workstation
  4. Assigned shift for single or multiple workstations
  5. Clock in time
  6. Clock out time
  7. Total hours worked per shift
  8. Total daily hours worked
  9. Weekly timesheet with total hours worked
  10. Monthly hours worked
  11. Finclock Timesheet template can be integrated with payroll system to enable managers to process payments automatically. Download Free timesheet templates here

Best Timesheets Time card app online

Best time card app for attendance management. The mobile application that sends data to online attendance system and streamlines staff management. Use Finclock time card application to start tracking employee time attendance and location.

Using Timesheet system for online business

web-based biometric attendance machines helps businesses and institutions improve productivity and employee engagement across the world. To help understand the need for online time-clock, as your self these questions;

  1. Is there a clean, tamper-proof database of employees?
  2. Is there an real time attendance system to ascertain that employees go to their workstations on time?
  3. Can the location of employees be automatically tracked through a geo-fencing mechanism?
  4. Does the employee attendance data get integrated into a secure online timesheet system, which can be accessed via computer or a mobile phone?
  5. Do you receive real time  reports from the timesheet system, directly to your office or phone?
  6. Do you receive timesheet reports from the workplaces in the right format to enable processing of employee timesheet and payroll records?

Finclock Attendance system provides an efficient online time clock system that answers all questions regarding employee management. Resolve all staff attendance and task reporting needs. Register free trial today to start using the best time clock application online

Time clock and timesheet system

  • FinClock Time clock plus timesheet system is provided as a mobile attendance application to all employees.
  • Then, the employees create profiles which goes to the online employee management account. Note that the employee profile is directly linked to the Attendance, Human resource and project management systems.
  • Employees will then mark attendance every day, from which the monthly timesheet report is automatically generated. The monthly timesheet can be used in payroll processing. Here, the payment will be based on the number of days they appear at work.
  • Manage absenteeism by having unapproved absence days being penalized in the wage calculation.
  • The managers will be able to reports from all stations at the same time, directly from the computer or from the phone.
  • Managers shall be able to track the position of the devices, and then be able to send direct messages or warnings to the station.
  • Attendance managers are also able to review individual attendance reports, sent from the workstation.
  • The managers shall also receive notifications for requests for leave thus streamline payment and solve cases of payment of ghost employees. Thus, the cost of manual reports and response shall be eliminated Contact support today for a Free demo

Best online time clock Features

Best online time clock applications allow integration to employee management software. However, there are different methods of analysis. Here are the best functionalities of #1 online time clocking application.

  1. The employees who have been registered will require to sign in when they get to their work place and sign out when they leave the workplace.
  2. The employees will use their online time clock application to sign in or sign out, with or without internet connection.
  3. The employee attendance data shall be uploaded to the secure server when an internet connection is found, regardless of the time range.
  4. This features provide a unique method of managing employees in outdoor
  5. The employees can view their timesheet and the monthly performance, directly from the mobile phone. However, the employees cannot edit their timesheet.
  6. Using FinClock online time clock application, attendance tracking is tamper-proof and employees cannot cheat. This application has made man employers and managers automatically know the best employees and the worst performing employees.
  7. FinClock attendance application has helped streamline shift management and scheduling, since the mangers can automatically assign employee shifts, based on the different work stations.
  8. FinClock online timesheet app allows assigning employees to multiple workstations.
  9. FinClock attendance system is connected to the online time clocking application, which makes it easy to process timesheets and payroll.
  10. Process overtime hours using a cheat-proof attendance system. Register today here and start saving time

Timesheet system that works offline. Best application for attendance in areas with internet problems. Best field staff timesheet application for outdoor attendance. Find the number one application for fieldworkers in areas with internet problems. Solve attendance management challenges in areas without internet.  Using Finclock Application for attendance managers provides best solution for many people across the world. Being able to work  track attendance without internet provides a solution for wide range areas.  FinClock  timesheet system has been proven by thousands of users to have these top 8 features of best time tracking applications this year.

  1. Best school timesheet application for college attendance management
  2. Best timesheet system app for guards.
  3. Top time and location tracker application for field workers
  4. Number one application for outdoor project managers
  5. The best android application for time management.
  6. Best fieldworker timesheet application for time attendance online, with project management features as well as hr management features.
  7. Most popular attendance app online.
  8. Top app for business owners online.

Timesheet app in attendance system for business

Using Finclock Timesheet application for staff attendance management

Finclock is the Attendance management application for staff attendance management.  The timesheet software includes other features like task management and project reporting. Since the application is a part of finclock attendance system, using the complete timesheet software offers the following features:

  1. Employee timesheets, which is automatically sent to the online attendance system.
  2. Online and offline attendance, which ensures that employees are always reporting their time in and time out of work
  3. Tracking of employee location, meaning that automated monitoring of each worker is ensured, regardless of their absence rate
  4. Employee performance records, based on time attendance, lateness, absenteeism and overall behavior at work
  5. Staff shift management, which ensures efficient delivery of services to customers
  6. Download employee attendance records from the automated online staff management software
  7. Employee daily task reports, which helps each manager track the progress of their projects.
  8. Performance records of projects, meaning that the company will save time and money in projects.
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Best Timesheet application online is FinClock.

Finclock Timesheet application helps managers to track staff attendance and improve employee performance.  This  is the #1 timesheet app that works both online ad offline.  Also, the application automates the staff attendance reports. The best timesheet application comes as part of the best Portable biometric attendance machine. The reason FinClock was voted the best timesheet app is because of the features and analysis of the reports. You will find the following reports when using Finclock attendance system:

  1. Daily attendance timesheets
  2. Performance timesheets.
  3. Weekly time sheets
  4. monthly time sheets

Timesheet Application for businesses

Timesheet application for office workers

At the heart of hr management practices is time management.  Current world requires proper management of time as companies try to save operational costs. Timesheet apps have become an important asset to modern hr managers in different areas. Using timesheet application for office workers helps reduce the time used to track each employee. Using the best timesheet application for businesses, small and enterprise businesses across the world have stopped absenteeism in their organizations. The top timesheet app has been used by managers to process payroll of the employees, based on the hours worked by the employees. The timesheet software is used to calculate the normal working hours and overtime hours worked by employees. Then, these hours are sent to attendance software online. Start using the best timesheet app and save time and money in your business.

Timesheet app for fieldworkers

Fieldwork timesheet application that work offline is now available. Finclock provides the timesheet application for fieldworkers, which does not need internet to work. Here, employees download the android outdoor timesheet application and set up their profile. Using secret PIN, the employees will clock in and out, when they go to work and whey they leave work. This application supports multiple posts and tracking the time attendance for fieldworkers has been made possible. using the fieldworkers timesheet application, businesses have reduced the time wastage experience in the past. the best timesheets app in the world that cuts cost of outdoor projects and increases profits for businesses.

Timesheet app for Construction Workers

Best timesheet for construction workers that works offline is FinClock. many construction workers require to clock in and clock out when they are at the site. Using Finclock timesheet application for construction provides a smooth management of payments at the construction site. Here, Finclock timesheet app for construction workers is designed to handle many workers. Some organizations will prefer to use the mobile attendance system, to manage many workers in a construction site. Here, Finclock timesheet software for construction offers the automated processing of payroll, where the employees can be paid per the number of hours worked. Using finclock timesheet software has provided a smooth operation for many companies. Depending on the size of the construction site, the number of portable biometric machines can be increased. The best part of Finclock timesheet software is the linking of all biometric machines to one online attendance system.

Timesheet application for sales people

Best biometric attendance machine for sales people provides the required tools for sales reporting. Here, the sales person will use the timesheet app to first record their time. here, the employee will clock in and clock out, when they get to a certain workstation. The timesheet app for sales also includes the feature for recording sales reports. As such, the application provides a complete field sales management. The sales manager is able to track the location of sales people, both using a mobile or computer. A unique feature of the timesheet app for sales people is the ability to make requests. The requests management feature enables the salesmen and sales women to ask for items, directly from their mobile phone. Even better, the app for sales people works both online and offline.

workers require to uphold proper time management. The best way is to use timesheet application for schools. The timesheet app for students covers the attendance tracking per lesson/ session. The features here include time table planning and assignment of lesson plans to students. The students timesheet application also ensures that the student will clock in when in class. When students clocking away from their class, the school admin will see the reports of missed classes. Using the employee management software solves many issues, as it also enables performance tracking of the student. In addition, Finclock timesheet application for schools includes assignment of tasks to students.

Top Users of Timesheet application

Top 10 companies have termed use of timesheet app as a source of information in their practices. However, most software providers focus on selling their hr applications to managers, without providing the right guides to use of the information gathered by the attendance software. The Finclock timesheet app provides all features needed for information management in businesses, schools, fieldwork and other operations. As such Finclock has been rated #1 timesheet app this year. managers who gave feedback had the following to say:

  1. Finclock is the Best timesheet application for schools
  2. Finclock provides the best timesheet software for employees
  3. Best timesheet software that saves time for small businesses.
  4. Finclock is the #1 timesheet app for construction workers.
  5. Timesheet software for government employees both in office and in the field.
  6. Finclock provides the best Timesheet software for fieldworkers.
  7. Best online timesheet software  that does not restrict use for fieldworkers.
  8. Finclock is rated best online timesheet software for field service businesses.

absence management software benefits

Absence management system features

Every manager needs a simple way to track the performance of employees. A good absence management software should have 5 main features. These features include;

  1. Absence tracking
  2. Absenteeism reporting
  3. Absence requests
  4. Timesheet reports
  5. Direct staff absence alerts

Reduce Absenteeism using absence software

Absence management software enables human resource managers and business owners to track the absence of the employees. This is achieved by having the employees report when they come to work. Using the best staff absence software, your company will no longer do manual follow up of employees. The system helps workers take responsibility for their work and report issues directly to the management.

Absenteeism reporting

Absenteeism reporting is enabled by having the employees request for a certain day of absence. The attendance application gives the employee a form to fill when requesting for absence. Using the absenteeism reporting feature, the managers can approve or schedule employee absence. The best absenteeism reports show the manager the reason for requesting absenteeism and the days that an employee would not be at work.

Use absence app to report absenteeism cases.

Absence application contains time tracking features. This is one feature in the attendance management system, which will help businesses to manage time and serve customers are required. Imagine a case where employees promise to visit a customer but fail. Such absence cases will cause a bad reputation to your company thus the absence of mobile application is critical for business growth. Using this system in a mobile phone allows your employees to plan their days properly which will benefit your company and make your customers happy.

Absence alerts

Staff absence alerts are sent to managers directly when an employee does not attend to their workstation. These alerts help the manager to find a replacement for an employee. In most cases, managers will contact the employee and inquire the reason for the absence. When the reason is substantial, the employee, a daily absence report is filled directly via the online attendance management system. Using this absence alerts, companies have reduced losses and increased customer trust.

Absence reports

Absence reports in FinClock absence application present important information to managers. Using the absence reports, one can track the performance of employees online. The reports include daily absence reports, monthly absence reports and even annual absence reports. These reports are important for employee performance evaluation. The reports are used during employee appraisals and promotions.

How does Absence application work?

Absence application tracks the days an employee is supposed to report to work. The employee is assigned shifts at the beginning of the week or month. Then, every day an employee goes to work, they will mark staff attendance using the mobile application. The absence application features help to upload the reports to online employee absence system. The managers can log in to the system and see the reports of each employee.

Using the absence application, a manager is able to see the monthly attendance performance of an employee. The monthly timesheets present a way to know which employee was absent for which day. Also, an employee is able to see their performance reports when they sign in to their mobile application. The reports form a good way of evaluating the work of each employee. Contact Support team here to Get a free trial

Summary on absence management system

The best absence management systems will help a manager to analyze the track record of an employee. It is easy to find the lazy and hardworking employees using FinClock absence software comes as an important feature in the staff management system. This system has the ability to track employee timesheet for outdoor workers as well as indoor employees. The managers are able to find absence reports directly from their computer or phone. This feature allows the hr or operations manager to assign duties to employees as per their performance and competencies.

The features of FinClock Absence management system include tracking of employee performance, tracking employee location, staff absence records and even timesheet reports. Using this absence system, you can analyze each employee’s performance and make the right decisions. Companies have been using FinClock absence management application for construction workers, security guards, teachers and students.

Absence alerts are sent to the managers before it is too late. Each employee is able to make requests for absence. The absence request includes scheduled absence, emergency absence requests and unreported absenteeism. Using the best absence management system, managers have managed to improve employee performance and cut the cost of operations.

Start using Absence Management System today

Join the best employee absence management system today and enjoy the best manager’s experience. Start now by signing up a free 21 days trial. Our support team is waiting to have a free consultation. We shall help you set up your workforce so no worry about technical expertise.  Sign up to download your application. 

Portable biometric attendance system

 FinClock employee Management software helps you to do the following;

  1. Finclock Staff absence management system helps track employee absence and increase employee productivity.
  2. Increased tracking of time and location ensures that employees attend to their workstation and duties on time.
  3. Using Finclock absence management system, managers can track absenteeism for office, outdoor and fieldworkers
  4. Finclock automates attendance management and makes employees responsible for their actions.

How the absence management system works

  1. Finclock is designed to work as a mobile application and online attendance system.
  2. Employees shall use their phones to mark attendance, which tracks the time and location of the employee.
  3. The attendance reports are automatically sent to the online attendance system,
  4. These reports are analysed to give absence records, lateness and even geo-fence reports.
  5. The only Staff Absence management software that works offline and online. The system fits the needs of office workers and fieldworkers.

Benefits of using Online absence management software

  1. Use direct employee absence application to find the total hours workers by each employee.
  2. Eliminate employee time cheating and theft of work hours automatically.
  3. Follow real-time employee performance reports online
  4. The online attendance system includes features for automated absence planning.
  5. Increase staff productivity by eliminating absence in your company and improving

Why choose online Absence management software?

Finclock provides the best Absence management system and mobile absence application to improve productivity of employees. Managers and business owners use the best staff attendance system to save time and money. Finclock  has been rated the best online absence management software that reduces wastage of time and increases employee performance. Finclock staff management application is the best Mobile app for absence management because it also helps track employee location and increase their adherence to company task plan. using finclock absence management system, increased tracking of time and automated tracking of employee location leads to seriousness at work. Also, the employees are able to make absence requests, using Finclock attendance application, which reduces workload of managers. When employees start managing their time properly, the actual performance is automatically analysed and reports sent to the online attendance system. Since employee requests are received in real time by the management, one can now track the requests automatically and decide on the best course of action. When the absenteeism reports come to the manager's phone as notifications, the manager can choose to either approve, reschedule or reject the requests.

How Absence management system Eliminates Absenteeism

  • Using Finclock, employees will request for absence days, which will automatically be sent to the managers.
  • Upon approval, the employee gets approval alert, meaning that there will be no unaccounted absenteeism.
  • The Best part is that the attendance reports are analysed to give the payable time for each employee.
  • Register now to start a free trial and explore all the features

Why you need Employee Absence management Application

Absenteeism management application helps to eliminate time wastage in your company. Start using the best staff application that offers features for absence management and reduces cases of absenteeism within the first one month. Using Finclock Absence application cuts the cases of lateness, absence and even laziness by over 50%, within the first month. Using Portable biometric attendance machine saves your money and improves the overall employee productivity. If you want your business to grow, start using the best attendance system that solves all absence issues in your business.

  1. Top companies use  staff Absence management application to track all employees both indoor and fieldworkers.
  2. Schools use Absence application to track student performance, in all classes.
  3. Construction companies use finclock Absence application to cut the cost of labor in projects.
  4. Security guard absence is reduced when using the best attendance app online, since each guard is automatically tracked.
  5. payroll and scheduling of employees is automated using the best absenteeism software online.
  6. Register Free trial of absence application and start seeing business growth within one month.

How to organize employees using online absence management software

Managers using Absence management software saves business time and money by cutting operational costs. Since The system operates both online and offline, the employees working both indoor and outdoors are tracked. Using the top absence management system, you will track the worker's performance and pay them according to the actual work done. attendance application saves company time and money for the business because the mobile application is cheap to set up and operate. When businesses start tracking the working progress of each employee, the operational costs will be based on actual workers in their workstations. The result is reduced laziness and elimination of unproductive tasks in the company. Thus using the best employee absence management system is a key method of saving costs. Using the best absence management application solves many challenges in your business and helps keep customers happy. Finclock  absence application also includes other features to streamline the communication with the employees. Here, the attendance  application provides self organization tools, both to the employees and management. Starting with solving time management, the best staff management application enables managers to organize work schedules and task plans. Here, the employees who have made absenteeism requests are  not included in the work plan. The result is contented workers, who shall focus on business growth. Companies using the top absence application shows good staff reporting skills. Thus, using Finclock absence management system and mobile application solves all employee management problems. Also, performance appraisals are based on the actual work delivered by the employees. Here, the best performing employees are automatically identified and rewarded. Lazy employees are automatically identified and warned. These features provides a complete system for best HR practices that serves both office and field staff members.

Records Management using staff Absence management software

Record-keeping in for employees is vital for the maintenance of the accountability of the firm. Every attendance record or ongoing activity in the company must be recorded. Paper documentation is the most used method of recording data. This is a hectic method because it makes data retrieval time consuming and sometimes the paper records can get lost. This leads to the existence of ghost workers and mismanagement of the company. FinClock employee management software tools offer modern, online record-keeping solution. Every employee assignment is sent through their mobile phones on the FinClock EMS application, which is managed by the supervisor. The fingerprint-based time clock is necessary for recording the attendance of the security guards. Guards are registered, where their ID numbers send their unique names that are on their ID cards. These records are sent to the server station daily and processed. Employees will be trained on how to clock in and clock out using this online employee record management system using the fingerprint attendance devices so that daily attendance software  data can be obtained. The management will receive the reports from all the stations directly on their computers or mobile phones, which will help them to track the position of the devices and send direct messages or warnings to the stations. Contact FinClock EMS agents now for more information.

Finclock is the best absence management software. This attendance system provides the best way to track employee absence for both indoor and outdoor workers, which has not been done by any other attendance systems. Having been rated #1 in the world, the absence management system is designed to work for all regions, regardless of internet connectivity because the absence management application works offline. Using Finclock absence management application, the employees shall be using the features of requesting for absent days, marking daily task reports and also marking daily timesheets. Here, all staff will be marking their daily attendance and using this type of employee management system, both in the office and in the field. As such, Finclock enables your business to save time and money in your business.

3 Absence management steps

Managing staff absence requires using a good attendance application.  Employees will be reporting to work and automated absence tracking is done from their mobile phones. As a manager, your work is simple, you will just be checking the absence alerts on phone and downloading absence reports online.  Another important feature of this management system is the tracking of employee location and attendance. The recommended staff attendance management software is FinClock. Using this system, your company will be able to find absenteeism reports directly from the mobile phone or computer. Using this staff attendance software gives your company the much-needed staff tracking software features. These features will allow outdoor workers to mark attendance using their mobile phones. The employees will manage their time and perform the assigned duties. Using the staff absence manager application, your employees will reduce time wastage and increase productivity.


Employee Performance evaluation using Absence management software

All the employees have to be disciplined and aware of the rules and regulation of the company. using Finclock absence management application, employees who are absent or are not at their workstations have to be accountable for their actions if a report of their absence is not given to the management. If the management is not aware of the goings-on of the employees, unpleasant incidences may occur. FinClock staff management software provides tools are designed to ensure that the management is aware of all the actions of the employees and their performance in their respective stations. This is achieved by having the managers to allocate employees tasks and shifts. Then, the employees will have to make periodic reports, using the mobile staff attendance application. The reports are sent in real-time to the online staff management system, where the management can access using their mobile phones or computer. As such, the many reports sent by the employees at their workstations are used in evaluating their performance. Cases where an employee comes to work late or does not report to work at all are reported using the Portable biometric attendance machine or timesheet application. The report will include a photos, comments and attachment of documents. These features make finclock the best absence management system online. Workers who are not physically at their stations will be alerted by the absence management application, as either notifications or direct messages to their mobile phones. If they do not respond in five minutes, the management will call them directly through their FinClock mobile number. Using the performance evaluation tools for fieldworkers, the attendance records, which are based on real time clock in and clock out, lateness, and absenteeism will be viewed. This will determine the required course of action according to the company policies. Register Free trial today and start enjoying the best staff absence management system online.

Staff Attendance Management System for business

 Staff Attendance Management System for business

  1. Your business requires dedicated employees to achieve high profitability. The first step to success is having the best staff attendance management software that will ensure employees arrive to work at the right time. Finclock staff Attendance management system ensures that both indoor and outdoor employees mark attendance everyday.
  2. Using online staff management software will give you real time employee timesheets, which shall be directly viewed though your phone or a web browser. The reports include important details such as time in, time out, worked hours, lateness, absent days and employee performance.
  3. Performance of each employee is calculated based on monthly attendance reports and this analysis helps a manager see which employee is working hard, the under performing and even the dormant employees.
  4. Using employee attendance management software for businesses, you shall be able to track the location of the employees directly from the phone, since the geofencing and gps location of employees using employee management application is tracked during their shift hours. When their shift end, there is no need to track their GPS, thus their privacy is always maintained.
  5. You will save money because overtime hours shall reduce and thus operational costs shall reduce.
  6. You will be able to connect to time and attendance management software where you can directly process payrolls, from the worked hours. the payroll is calculated based on either hourly, daily or monthly.
  7. Analytics of each employee shall help a manager to decide on promotions and allocation of tasks.
  8. You can register a free trial today and have the support team guide you through the system. The dedicated finclock support team is dedicated to help your business grow and reduce wastage of time and money.

Staff Attendance Management system for office employees

The aim of implementing a biometric attendance management software for office employees is to provide managers with real-time information on the attendance and performance of each employee of the company.

The above objective is achieved by installation of biometric attendance devices across all the workstations in the county. Notably, the attendance of each employee affects the overall service delivery.

The attendance management system for office employees shall provide information on the active, dormant, lazy and the actual performance per each department, job designation and workstation.

The time and attendance management software shall be deployed in reliable working environment, which shall support the current power and internet connectivity challenges. This shall be done after a comprehensive survey across the working stations or offices.

Portable biometric attendance machine for fieldworkers

  1. Best time clock app seeks to solve employee management challenges. From employee registration, daily attendance reports, staff performance tracking as well as fieldwork attendance management system.
  2. This is the best attendance management software application that offers a complete method of ensuring that employees attend to their job places on time, complete the tasks assigned appropriately, and the Employee records are integrated into the online attendance management system.
  3. Field Attendance management system can either be deployed as a mobile-based attendance application or biometric attendance devices. The biometric clocks serve in rugged regions experiencing Poor Internet connectivity. The attendance in remote areas is enabled by incorporation of IP65 grade, mobile devices, which can be stationed in remote areas. The mobility of the devices, enables the use of the system to monitor the attendance of decentralized workforce.
  4. Field staff attendance management software has been rated the best time clock application because it shall enables managers to make real-time decisions as they can see the employee records directly using their phones or computer.
  5. Currently, organizations having both decentralized and institution-based working environment (indoor and outdoor workers) find FinClock EMS a suitable solution for workforce management.

Attendance management system for staff scheduling.

Best staff Shift scheduling app that solves all guard attendance and shift management challenges. Improve staff attendance using the best application for employee management. Finclock App is the top attendance management software that helps automated and periodic guard scheduling.

Best staff management application for shift scheduling enables the manager to have real-time guard tracking. Using the best application for guard shift scheduling, managers all over the world are attaining high staff productivity and improved response to issues.

Best employee management software online will measure performance of each security guard and update on employee location. Track shift management for guards online using the best shift scheduling application on phone. reduce wastage of time and money in guards operations. The top companies for guarding use Shift scheduling application to manage guard attendance.

Start using the best attendance management software with,mobile scheduling application online today. Register a free trial now and enjoy the best attendance management system online.

Attendance management software for work performance reports.

The aim of employees training is to empower each staff member on the use of staff attendance management system for time management for organizational duties.

Here, each employee shall be trained on both attendance and project management. As such, the county shall achieve comprehensive flow of information across different departments and stakeholders. This will form the basis of realization of efficient service delivery and management of company resources.

Training is organized either online or on site visit. There are two or three stages of training on staff attendance management software use, depending on the nature of organization. the training include: Employee training, Managers' training and system admins training.

employee online attendance system functionalities

Employee online Attendance system functionalities.

Attendance management software with Employee register

The FinClock time attendance management software addresses the need of having a clean employee register. Here, the tamper proof employee database is created by  having the employees either register from the mobile app and be approved by admin, or the admin invites the employees and approves their profile details, after they create their account.  The employee records are first stored on the local database, and then automatically uploaded to a secure server. The data can be viewed, but the changes will required admin rights at the position of management.

Attendance management software online with timesheet reports

  1. The employees who have been registered will require to sign in when they get to their work place and sign out when they leave the workplace. The employees will  either use their PIN or use their fingerprint and sign in or sign out, with or without internet connection. The data shall be uploaded to the secure online attendance management software, regardless of the time range.
  2. This features in the online attendance management system provide a unique method of managing employees in actual working conditions, both office and fieldworkers.
  3. The employees are not able to view or edit the attendance records since the admin is disabled on the handheld device and only available to county level admins.

Portable biometric attendance machine for timesheet processing.

The employee timesheets are automatically processed via the admin web module. The processed timesheet shows the employee ID, name, assigned workplace, sign on and sign off time and date as well as the number of hours the employee has worked. The data can be downloaded into an PDF sheet and used to make decisions. using the Best attendance management system, managers can now know who is attending job, who is absent and even who is signing in and out away from their workplace.

Attendance management system with Shift planning tools.

Start saving time using finclock staff time attendance management system. This is the best staff management application that works online and offline. Shift planning starts with setting employee shifts in the online attendance management software. Managers will assign employee shifts based as per the workstations. the only shift planner that works in multiple workstations. Using the best shift management application, you will be able to schedule shifts of employees and decide the time of arrival and time of leaving the work station. Also, Finclock Shift planner allows setting allowances for attendance, such as 10 minutes. when an employee comes to work later than the set shift time, they are automatically flagged as late. Wondering how to stop employee lateness? Use Finclock shift planning application. This mobile application turns mobile phones to attendance management systems. The start members will clock in and clock out when they are at work. Here, the shifts set per employee can automate tracking of time attendance. Scheduling of employees to multiple posts is easy using Finclock shift scheduling software. the system allows managers to schedule multiple shifts based on the needs of the business. Best shift scheduling application allows employees to request for shift changes using their mobile phones. The employer can approve change of shifts and reschedule employee shifts online. Start using the best shift planning system today and save time and  money. Register here today and enjoy efficient employee management

Attendance management software with performance reports.

Based on Key Performance indicators set during installations, the employee performance based on timeliness, Absenteeism, lateness trends and completion of tasks can be measured. The real-time data is accumulated and the performance of an employee is displayed in a simplified Tables, which can be used for decision making.

Staff management software for records management

The employee records can be seen after registration. Here, the employee name, assigned workplace, job category, payment frequency, account number and the employee mobile number can be seen. The employee records can be downloaded as a pdf or excel format and used to make other decisions such as payments and employee promotion, demotion and even dismissal. Also, the employee can be marked as either active or inactive. Inactive employees are not able to get any data processed.

The wage of each employee is automatically calculated according to the number of hours they have worked. Since a shift hours are known, any lateness is automatically deducted. Additional Hours worked can be audited by the Company Admin and appropriate decisions reached.

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