Top 3 project management systems

Finclock Project Management system for businesses

FinClock is a powerful project management system for business people. You need a project management system that’s powerful, customizable, and simple. That’s FinClock. It’s the leading project management system for professionals looking to streamline their workflow and get things done. You can access it from anywhere, so you always know exactly where your next meeting is located. FinClock is based on years of proven methods and guidelines from the PMI organization. It utilizes methodology, best practices methodology, and a very mature community of users around the world.

FinClock is a web-based application that helps you to keep track of your team’s workload. It can help you make informed decisions about your business on the go. The system offers a comprehensive perspective on your business, its projects, and their interrelationships. It makes it easy to track performance and identify potential problems early. It’s flexible enough for everyone in your company to use.  And that is why  Finclock project management system is used by project managers and business people to plan and manage their projects.

Finclock Vs. MS Project

Microsoft Project works well, but it's complicated to work with. The interface is confusing. Project plans can get lost. You end up spending more time figuring out where things are than actually working with them. Finclock is simpler, more intuitive, and easier to use. But in addition to being simpler, it also does more things. You can manage projects using Finclock, but you can also use it to track time, create to-do lists, manage meetings, create budget spreadsheets, and so on. Finclock also has a handy feature called flowcharts, which help you visualize processes, and which I don't think Microsoft Project has. Finclock is also more extensible. Microsoft Project's plug-in architecture makes it relatively easy to add more functionality, but if you want to add extra fields to the Gantt chart, you need to write a custom stuff

A problem with most project management systems is that they aren't designed for business. Finclock is business software, and part of what makes it business software is the way it integrates project management with business process management. Workflow is what happens inside a business process. Finance is a process of moving money from one place to another. Finclock's workflow is, "From user requester to financial officer," and "From project officer to financial controller." Finclock keeps track of how work gets done, and (because Finclock is business software) how it gets done most cheaply. Finclock's project manager dashboard enables you to view into every workflow in the system. He can see which actions are being requested, by whom, and when. He can monitor the progress of each action. And he can make decisions and take actions. Finclock's financial controller has a view only into the financial side of the workflow. He can see how much cash is on hand and which operations have overrun. He can monitor the progress of the financial officer's actions. Finclock's project officer and operations managers both have access to Finclock's task list. Finclock's task list shows the list of tasks Finclock needs to do. Each task has a status, such as "in progress," "in progress with financial controller," or "in progress with financial officer."

Finclock Vs. Trello

Trello is a project management web application with Kanban and Scrum features. The problem with Trello is that is doesn't allow for showing of multiple projects. Why? Trello has an option to show multiple projects.  But it does not allow you to show more than one folder per project. This forces users to use different boards to show multiple projects.  Let's consider a hypothetical project where a customer wants to track multiple projects.

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