Top 4 Staff Management tools

HR Managers usually have a degree in business administration, project management or engineering in addition to knowledge of the Company’s specific field. To be effective, Managers must possess advanced communication skills, leadership skills and be able to work well with all members of their team. Managers also need to be organized and efficient as they are often responsible for keeping on track with deadlines and managing any risks that may arise during the life span of their employees. I have been using project management tools (aka Project Management software) for a long time. I started off with Microsoft Project and then moved to Basecamp, which was the first project management software that I used when I started working for myself.

Evaluation Criteria

Before I share my list with you, let me tell you the criteria that I used to choose these five tools:

  1. Must be web based (no desktop software)
  2. It must be easy to use, no training required
  3. Must have file sharing capabilities and provide collaboration across the team members
  4. Must have time tracking capabilities so that my employees can track their work hours and expenses
  5. Must be affordable (ideally free or low cost)

Best Employee Management Software

FinClock is gaining popularity very quickly. It has a unique way of organizing employees and tasks, making it easy for teams to collaborate. Finclock has boards where you can create lists of tasks. You can add team members to different lists, and give them different permissions for each list. The best part about Finclock is its flexibility. When you start using it, you will notice that it doesn't have lots of features from other PM tools, but as your project grows, so can Finclock's functionality. If you are looking for a tool that focuses on usability more than features, then Finclock is perfect for you.

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