Work reporting software for Field Service workers


The need to track field service work, tasks, cost and expenses is quite obvious. The current system is a combination of excel spreadsheets, email, text messages and phone calls. The current reporting structure for the technicians is also manual.

- Task reporting: reporting of work completed by technicians on tasks assigned in previous projects. Technician will enter task information in the app on their phone or tablet. Service manager can easily see a list of all technicians that have been assigned to a work and a list of all tasks assigned to each technician.

- Cost reporting: each technician will have an electronic clipboard (ipad or android) that they can take with them on the jobsite that will allow them to enter items purchased for the current project. Once at the jobsite, the clipboard will be connected to the internet via WiFi and allow real time updating of work information in the back office. Any material that is not purchased through traditional purchasing systems (ie no purchase orders) will be able to be entered manually via an excel spreadsheet attached to the clipboard.

- Expense reporting: Each technician will be supplied with a small device which they can use to scan receipts when purchasing materials or services directly from an outside vendor (ie no purchase orders). An Android device with built in barcode scanner

Important of work reporting software for Field Service workforce

The current system for reporting time in the field is manual, paper based and time consuming. In addition to the expense of printing and postage, the process introduces errors resulting in inaccurate reporting and lost productivity.

- Task reporting- Cost reporting- Expense Reporting-Time reporting

The proposed solution will be implemented through a web based application that will allow field employees to submit timesheets directly into a secure server. All timesheet information will be integrated with the existing corporate accounting system eliminating the need for paper data entry and manual data reconciliation. The software will deliver critical, up to date information on a daily basis allowing management real time visibility of employee performance.

Tasks completed by field employees will be linked to specific customer orders so that internal team members can request additional work if required. The software will also integrate with our ERP system so that any reimbursable expenses (mileage, lodging, etc) from each employee can be quickly reviewed and processed.

Each employee will have individual login credentials for the application which will include role specific dashboards that provide task detail and status information as well as account balances related to each customer account. Users of the system can be restricted based on their role within the company as well as their location within the country.

The customers can easily report their work and record the amount of expenses, including mileage and distance traveled. Reports can be generated in a number of formats for different purposes. These reports can also be exported to other systems for further analysis.

The software is equipped with various features, such as scheduling jobs, sending reminders etc.

A simple but powerful user interface allows users to handle projects from start to finish with ease. The application has a wide range of features that are intended to streamline the process of managing work data.

The Work reporting software for Field Service includes a dashboard for monitoring all aspects of the project, including work completed, actual costs incurred and number of tasks left in each work phase. This information is available for viewing at any time. The dashboard also displays the current status of each team member along with their progress on assigned tasks.

A web-based system allows clients to log in from anywhere, without needing to install any software or requiring IT expertise to navigate the program's interface. Clients have access to all reports and other relevant data they need in order to make decisions based on real-time information.*

This report provides a snapshot of the activities, costs and expenses associated with the project. The cost of the work can be viewed in terms of Cost Per Unit or by Category. This report will provide a high level view of the activities and their costs over a period of time.

Tasks are grouped into Categories (e.g., Parts, Labor, Subcontracting). Each Task has an associated Cost per Unit and an associated Activity Code. This report is used to generate an invoice for each Category. Each category has its own cost per unit so that labor and parts can be charged separately for each task. The value is calculated by multiplying the cost per unit by quantity.

Tasks are grouped into Activity Codes (e.g., Preventive Maintenance, Repairs, Changing Lamps) to simplify reporting.

The work schedule can be viewed in a Gantt Chart format where tasks are represented as bars on the chart based on start date and end date for each task.

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