absence management software benefits

Absence management system features

Every manager needs a simple way to track the performance of employees. A good absence management software should have 5 main features. These features include;

  1. Absence tracking
  2. Absenteeism reporting
  3. Absence requests
  4. Timesheet reports
  5. Direct staff absence alerts

Reduce Absenteeism using absence software

Absence management software enables human resource managers and business owners to track the absence of the employees. This is achieved by having the employees report when they come to work. Using the best staff absence software, your company will no longer do manual follow up of employees. The system helps workers take responsibility for their work and report issues directly to the management.

Absenteeism reporting

Absenteeism reporting is enabled by having the employees request for a certain day of absence. The attendance application gives the employee a form to fill when requesting for absence. Using the absenteeism reporting feature, the managers can approve or schedule employee absence. The best absenteeism reports show the manager the reason for requesting absenteeism and the days that an employee would not be at work.

Use absence app to report absenteeism cases.

Absence application contains time tracking features. This is one feature in the attendance management system, which will help businesses to manage time and serve customers are required. Imagine a case where employees promise to visit a customer but fail. Such absence cases will cause a bad reputation to your company thus the absence of mobile application is critical for business growth. Using this system in a mobile phone allows your employees to plan their days properly which will benefit your company and make your customers happy.

Absence alerts

Staff absence alerts are sent to managers directly when an employee does not attend to their workstation. These alerts help the manager to find a replacement for an employee. In most cases, managers will contact the employee and inquire the reason for the absence. When the reason is substantial, the employee, a daily absence report is filled directly via the online attendance management system. Using this absence alerts, companies have reduced losses and increased customer trust.

Absence reports

Absence reports in FinClock absence application present important information to managers. Using the absence reports, one can track the performance of employees online. The reports include daily absence reports, monthly absence reports and even annual absence reports. These reports are important for employee performance evaluation. The reports are used during employee appraisals and promotions.

How does Absence application work?

Absence application tracks the days an employee is supposed to report to work. The employee is assigned shifts at the beginning of the week or month. Then, every day an employee goes to work, they will mark staff attendance using the mobile application. The absence application features help to upload the reports to online employee absence system. The managers can log in to the system and see the reports of each employee.

Using the absence application, a manager is able to see the monthly attendance performance of an employee. The monthly timesheets present a way to know which employee was absent for which day. Also, an employee is able to see their performance reports when they sign in to their mobile application. The reports form a good way of evaluating the work of each employee. Contact Support team here to Get a free trial

Summary on absence management system

The best absence management systems will help a manager to analyze the track record of an employee. It is easy to find the lazy and hardworking employees using FinClock absence software comes as an important feature in the staff management system. This system has the ability to track employee timesheet for outdoor workers as well as indoor employees. The managers are able to find absence reports directly from their computer or phone. This feature allows the hr or operations manager to assign duties to employees as per their performance and competencies.

The features of FinClock Absence management system include tracking of employee performance, tracking employee location, staff absence records and even timesheet reports. Using this absence system, you can analyze each employee’s performance and make the right decisions. Companies have been using FinClock absence management application for construction workers, security guards, teachers and students.

Absence alerts are sent to the managers before it is too late. Each employee is able to make requests for absence. The absence request includes scheduled absence, emergency absence requests and unreported absenteeism. Using the best absence management system, managers have managed to improve employee performance and cut the cost of operations.

Start using Absence Management System today

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