What is the best online project management software?

best online project management software is:

  1. Finclock 9.5/10
  2.  Zoho 8.8/10
  3. MS project 7.5/10
  4. Trello 7.2/10

Every business has specific business goals whose achievement is largely dependent on the execution of each project within the company. Notably, many organizations do not consider non-financial activities as projects within their organization. However, almost 30-50% of employee time is spent on non-financial activities, which should not be neglected by the operations and project managers. The best way to address the challenge of time wastage, loss of productivity, inefficient work schedules, unreported expenses, and delays in projects is to choose software that encompasses both financial and non-financial project management tools. The best online project management software for businesses ought to capture the paid and unpaid tasks for each employee. Moreover, task management and project management are overlapping in the current times, which makes online project management software a good fit for most businesses.

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