How to test online project management software for free?

The best online project management software will mostly be a paid version. However, it is not a very good idea to pay for software without testing how well it fits the needs of your business. Fortunately, the top online project management software companies provide a free trial for about 15 -30 days. This trial period gives you a chance to explore the software features and make informed decisions.  Firstly, check for software core functionalities, starting with the ability to create the projects in your organization. When you create a project, test if you can assign the project and tasks to members of your team. Then, test the ability to set deadlines for tasks and projects, since the team members ought to know the urgency of the tasks assigned to them. Moreover, find a way to allocate resources for the project. In this step, you are looking for a way to select the items to be used in a project, which implies that the best online project management software has an items list and each item has a purchase cost and the selling price.

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