Best project management software is Finclock (5/5)

The criteria used to rank project management software include task boards, cost management, team communication, and project report management. Based on these five ways of ranking project management software, the best project management software are Finclock and Zoho projects. These systems are fully cloud-based and target businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to enterprises. Hence, the five-point criteria used to assess project management software are task boards, cost management, team communication, and reporting, whereby the top raking goes to Finclock and Zoho projects.


Taskboards in project management software provide a visual approach to tasks assigned to team members in an organization. Most task boards are based on the Kanban principle, whereby tasks are classified according to their current stage o execution. In this case, a task board may have task stages such as planned tasks, active tasks, completed and closed tasks. A task’s stage is changed when it is completed. The best project management software task board ensures that the team knows about the current stage of a task, and can review the reports of the tasks in the future. Based on this analysis, Zoho projects do not provide comprehensive reports but do well under the task stages. Hence, the best project management software is Finclock, based on the quality of task boards.

Cost management

Few project management software has cost management features, which makes most of them rank poorly in this assessment criteria. The goal of using any system is to improve efficiency, whereby cost and time are leading metrics of efficiency. However, most systems do not focus on both elements of efficient project management. Instead, they focus on time and communication only, forgetting that the whole goal of investing in a system is to improve efficiency in the organization, whereby without cost management in projects, the organization cannot attain efficiency. Another challenge in cost management is the separation of cost from the tasks, which makes most systems time-consuming and requires duplicate recording processes. Thus, most project management software fails to achieve the advertised goal due to the conceptualization of efficiency as a separate element from costs. Thus, only Finclock project management software managed a full ranking when tasks and cost management are considered.

Project reporting

Reporting is an important element of project management necessitating fast and user-friendly reporting features in any project management software. The best way to improve efficiency in any project is to start by setting correct and effective communication structures. In this case, the chain of command in a project is established at the project planning stage, whereby each member knows who to report to. The overall project reporting plan is similar to the organization structure. Moreover, team communication benefits from effective project reporting features, whereby a team member way retrieves a task report from another member, which may be helpful in their work. Thus, the best project reporting tools in project management software are found in a system that ensures ease of reporting, multi-format documentation, unlimited retrieval periods, security, and an appropriate chain of command in decision making. Based on these criteria, Finclock is better than Zoho in project reporting.


Best project management software is Finclock based on task planning, cost management, and project reporting features. Combining these features in one project management software creates the tools needed to streamline work, costs, and reports in an organization. The outcome is increased efficiency, fast growth, and increased profits. Hence, there are many project management software but few combine work planning, task boards, cost management, reporting, and instant