What does online employee management software do?

  1. Staff register
  2. Job description
  3. Shift management
  4. Leave management
  5. Time and attendance management
  6. Task management
  7. Work reporting
  8. Manage workers online
  9. Team communication
  10. Work performance reports

Online employee management software helps companies and organizations in the following ways, whereby multiple aspects of staff-related matters are taken care of. You can manage workers online in a company using Finclock employee project management software tools. The software tools include a staff register, which records and updates the employee details, such as name, job ID, tax information, social security details, job description, and history. The staff management software also provides you with the tools for the job description, whereby you can create job categories in your organization. These job categories may include manager, supervisor, accountant, and support staff among others. Another important tool in online employee management software is shift management, whereby you can create unlimited shifts and assign the shifts to people in your organization. Furthermore, you can change the shifts and get history reports for each team member. Notably, each company may have variable shift management needs, which necessitates custom shift management software. In this case, the Finclock team can customize the shift management modules to fit the needs of the company.

Leave management is another important tool in employee management software, which helps the HR manager to manage the leave records, starting with creating the leave policies. Moreover, the manager can set maximum leave days for each job category. Using the leave planning tools, the HR manager can easily schedule leaves and the employees will get notifications on the timeline for their leaves. Furthermore, the employees can send leave requests, which can be processed directly from the HR admin’s account. Thus, the employee management software includes leave management tools to streamline the scheduling process in companies and institutions.

Time and attendance management is a critical human resource process and using the employee management software online can help streamline the time management process. Starting with linking biometric attendance machines to the online HR software, creating the shifts, and linking to the payroll systems, the employee management software offers all tools that an HR manager needs to save time and cut labor costs.

Timesheet processing is another important HR process that can be automated using employee management software. The timesheet reports are automatically processed from the timecard reports and the HR manager just needs to approve the payable time. This way, the company will only pay for the hours that have been worked for. Thus, employee management software helps companies cut labor costs and streamline time management processes.

Task management using project management tools (PMS tools) provided in Finclock is very helpful in the work management processes in a company. Finclock offers project and HR features in the system, which enables the company processes to be managed effectively. Thus, Finclock has employee project management software tools that help to improve multiple aspects of your business. Finclock goes beyond the conventional HR or project management software by providing over 30 features, which are conveniently accessed by different team members in your organization. Hence, you will need Finclock to manage employees and projects in your company.

Automate team communication in your company using the employee management software tools. The teams are mainly communicating when performing tasks, making requests to HR, or making project plans. In this case, the tools provided by Finclock employee project management software will help your team members to send requests and attach documents, share work plans or make work reports. The tools streamline the communication process in your organization, which eliminates the multiple manual processes.

Instant communication is important in a company and providing Instant notification and SMS in the employee project management software is a great relief for the managers. The people get instant requests or request via SMS when a task is assigned to them. The managers get instant SMS when they get a request or work report from a team member. Moreover, the company admin gets an instant notification when a payment request is sent. Thus, the instant communication tools include SMS, alerts, and emails, which helps the teams to save time and money. Hence, Finclock employee management software can do many things including Staff register, job categories, shift management, Leave management, time and attendance management, Task management, Work reporting, Manage workers online, Team communication, and Work performance reports

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