Importance of PMS tools for managers

A common myth about project management is that a project's failure is always due to error on the part of the project manager. In truth, it is almost never so. The project manager's main job is to define the scope of the work, prevent scope creep, and coordinate the work of many people. If successful, the project manager succeeds. If unsuccessful, the project manager has failed. But the fact that project management is a team sport does mean that project managers often make errors. A project manager who successfully organizes five projects in four years while making no errors at all would have a remarkable record, but not one a project manager should be expected to achieve. Still, it's unreasonable to say that the project manager is always responsible for a project's failure, and if a project fails, it is rarely because of anything the project manager did or didn't do. Of course, the project manager does have control over the project's budget, schedule, and risks. So if the project fails, or if the project goes off schedule, or has cost overruns, it is generally the project manager's fault. But cost overruns and schedule slips are usually caused by something outside the realm of the project manager's control. Maybe the project manager's staff misquoted the requirements. Maybe the project manager misjudged the amount of time that would be required to do the work. Maybe the customer changed his or her mind. Maybe the project manager made the schedule too ambitious. Maybe the project manager was dealing with too many simultaneous projects. But cost overruns and schedule slips are almost never the result of someone's incompetence or laziness. If this happened, it would happen every time. If a project goes off schedule, the project manager's fault or not, it is usually because the project team went too fast or started the project too soon. Most businesses use PMS tools to organize projects and improve deliverability of projects. Currently, free online project management software tools can help you test the need before purchasing. For instance, Finclock offers a one month free and you can explore the tools that will benefit your business.

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