Technology has helped us overcome many challenges. To date, over 70% of our daily events are influenced by technological innovations. From entertainment systems to work management systems, technology has helped reduce human effort and achieve higher efficiency. In many industries, the inclusion of smart solutions has increased safety and increased productivity. Consequently, the world relies on technology for all communication needs and recent inventions have improved productivity in human resource and project management. This year, we have witnessed several inventions that you may adopt in your business or institution.

Employee attendance system

Organizations have to manage time and ascertain punctuality in all departments, which necessitates investment in employee attendance system.  A good system will help a business to keep track of the timecards or timesheets for each employee. HR managers agree that creating a sense of timeliness initiates accountability in the organization, which in turn simplifies the need to follow up the employees. Hence, an organization that wishes to grow should invest in a Staff attendance system.

Online attendance system

Online attendance system has gained popularity in the recent years because of the inherent advantages over traditional biometric attendance systems. Traditional attendance systems do not emphasize on quality of output data, which makes HR managers to start another cycle of processing the time attendance records. The result is time wastage and tedious work every week or month. Hence, investing in an online time attendance system helps managers to save time and eliminate repetitive work.

Remote attendance software

Remote working and working from home is a new normal. Since COVID 19 experience, most businesses have embraced remote working. The need for a method to streamline workforce that is located in different places requires adoption of a remote attendance software, which enables the employees to keep track of their time when working from home. It is noteworthy that working from home does not encompass all remote workforce because there are people who have to move from one area to another. These people can use a remote attendance software too.

Cloud based attendance system

The online attendance systems can be hosted by your organization or a different software company, which offers the software service as a web based time and attendance system subscription. For companies with a few employees, the most appropriate investment is the web based or cloud based attendance system option because the initial investment is low and there are few cases of ghost employees. However, the online attendance system must prevent buddy punching or cheating. Therefore, we can infer that any business can streamline attendance in modern times because there are affordable cloud based attendance system options.

Staff attendance app

Attendance tracking has gained popularity for both indoor and field employees because every business endeavors to cut operational costs. The attendance application that can help you to save money need to attain high reliability because the timecards and timesheet should not only be tamper proof, but also accessible via an online attendance system. Moreover the app for marking attendance should fit the working conditions of your workers to prevent technology rejection.  The app should track location and allow punching at multiple places, while automatically splitting the hours according to the working location. Ideally, the attendance app should help the manager to process payment without processing the data again. The attendance application that meets the needs of many organizations comes with multiple customization capabilities. Besides, your organization may have special needs, which would require the software company to make adjustments to the mobile attendance app. Therefore, the best approach to using staff attendance app is to engage an attendance software company that will listen to your needs and address them.

Work attendance app and task reporting app

The modern working environment requires employees to account for their time and tasks, which implies the need to use a work attendance app, which supports task reporting features. Markedly, the less the number of applications that an employee needs to learn, the higher the success rate in technology adoption. The use cases of an attendance app may dictate the required feature but ideally, an attendance app should allow clocking IN and OUT (Check IN and check OUT).

The app for attendance management should send the data to a human resource or payroll system, where processing of timesheets happens. The additional features may be very helpful when making work reports, tracking location, shift management and leave management. Hence, using a work attendance app with task reporting app features will simplify the accountability process in your organization and boost employee productivity.

Best Attendance system app for employees

Best attendance system app for employees comes with all features without complicating user experience. Using a good attendance system helps the management and employee teams to work towards the same goal of saving time and money in the company. Moreover, a good attendance system will enhance accountability of each employee and prevent negligence at work. Consequently, an organization will realize the goals and manage to sustain growth. It is advisable to choose the best attendance system app for employees according to the size of your organization. If employees work in the same location, the best option is attendance system with biometric machines because most people will clock IN and out using the same machine. Currently, the safe biometric attendance machines come with face recognition features.

Online attendance management system for employees

The latest technology enables employees to keep timecards online, thus eliminates the need for biometric machines. You will realize that a company will spend about $400 per biometric machine (including the networking costs). If your organization needs 10 biometric machines, you will invest at least $4000. Consequently online attendance management system for employees without biometric machines will save you a lot of money. Besides, the latest technologies developed by attendance software companies do not require the biometric machines. For instance, a company using online attendance system will use the existing computer, where people can mark attendance without biometric machines. This technology comes with additional features such as face recognition, which eliminates time theft and buddy punching. Hence, it is time to start using the affordable online attendance management system for employees regardless of the size of your team.

How to choose Attendance management system software

Attendance management system and software come in different technologies and cost. The best way to start choosing the attendance management system software is to analyze the needs of your team. The next step is to find the special requirements and see the best way to address them. For instance a company with office workers only may not need attendance app for employees. Conversely, an organization with office and field workers will require both app for attendance and attendance system for office workers. Besides, a modern attendance system fits office and field workers because there is a single cloud based platform and multiple punching methods. Therefore, Understanding the needs of your team is the first step towards choosing a good attendance management system or software.

Why you need to choose online attendance management system

An online attendance system solves most of the restrictions of a traditional attendance machines without increasing the cost. Moreover, online attendance system comes with multiple features that provide much relevant information for instant decision making. In most cases, the system will integrate with other software such as HR software and seamlessly allow data use in multiple scenarios. For instance, the attendance records may be used for processing payroll at one time and another time serve as performance reports for managers. Moreover, using online attendance management system gives the company flexibility especially when working with remote and office based teams. Therefore, you will save money, time and gain more features when you start using online attendance system in your organization.