Must have features in attendance management system
  1. Shift Scheduling and Management.
  2. Monitor employee Location via GPS in real-time. Thus, employees will have to reach their workstation and clock in using their mobile phones.
  3. Track employee absence based on days of clock in and out, directly on the Tablet based biometric attendance system .Track staff performance, based on combined parameters that include lateness, clocking away from the work station and employee absence
  4. Access over 5 timesheet reports, which include timesheets, absence management trends, Location trends and work-map, staff lateness trends, employee leaves, Staff performance as employee performance  score.
  5. Start by registering all employees who shall get a Mobile application to clock in and Out.
  6. The Finclock attendance application tracks both employee location and attendance.
  7. When the employees clock in and out, the data is sent to the online attendance software, where data is analysed into different reports.
  8. The managers are able to view real-time attendance reports.
  9. The attendance reports can be downloaded as pdf or excel, which can be integrated with other systems, such as payroll.
  10. Time attendance management System operation.

    Finclock attendance management system includes the mobile attendance application. Here are some of the reasons why finclock attendance management system fits your employee/employer needs.

    1. Finclock attendance app will work both Indoor and Outdoor
    2. Finclock attendance management Application works both Online and offline, thus best system that includes all employee needs
    3. Finclock application is the most affordable, most reliable and simplest system for attendance management.
    4. You do not need technical experts because support team is ready to help you set up company account and configure systems for automation.
    5. The mobile application works in all areas, regardless of internet connectivity.
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