Time and Attendance benefits

Time and attendance management software Benefits

  • Employees will be registering attendance every day, and their performance shall be analysed, according to the number of days worked, lateness cases and absence cases.
  • Cases of absenteeism shall be managed by having unapproved cases being penalized in the wage calculation.
  • Using online attendance tracking software, the managers shall View the reports from all stations at the same time, directly from the computer or mobile phone.
  • The managers shall be able to track the position their employees, and thus be able to send direct messages or warnings to the working stations.
  • Managers shall be able to review employee performance and either motivate, promote or sanction employees’ conduct.
  • The employees shall, be registered using fingerprint data, which shall then be linked to the current or future payroll or Human resource management systems.
  • Employees shall be using a fingerprint to clock in and out, and the management shall get automatically calculated hours worked per employee.
  • The managers shall also receive notifications for requests for leave thus streamline payment and solve cases of payment of ghost employees.
  • Finclock mobile application combines other important reporting features for employees, thus providing a complete Business management application for all teams.

Must have features in attendance management system

  1. Shift Scheduling and Management.
  2. Monitor employee Location via GPS in real-time. Thus, employees will have to reach their workstation and clock in using their mobile phones.
  3. Track employee absence based on days of clock in and out, directly on the Tablet based biometric attendance system .Track staff performance, based on combined parameters that include lateness, clocking away from the work station and employee absence
  4. Access over 5 timesheet reports, which include timesheets, absence management trends, Location trends and work-map, staff lateness trends, employee leaves, Staff performance as employee performance  score.
  5. Start by registering all employees who shall get a Mobile application to clock in and Out.
  6. The Finclock attendance application tracks both employee location and attendance.
  7. When the employees clock in and out, the data is sent to the online attendance software, where data is analysed into different reports.
  8. The managers are able to view real-time attendance reports.
  9. The attendance reports can be downloaded as pdf or excel, which can be integrated with other systems, such as payroll.
  10. Time attendance management System operation.

    Finclock attendance management system includes the mobile attendance application. Here are some of the reasons why finclock attendance management system fits your employee/employer needs.

    1. Finclock attendance app will work both Indoor and Outdoor
    2. Finclock attendance management Application works both Online and offline, thus best system that includes all employee needs
    3. Finclock application is the most affordable, most reliable and simplest system for attendance management.
    4. You do not need technical experts because support team is ready to help you set up company account and configure systems for automation.
    5. The mobile application works in all areas, regardless of internet connectivity.
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About Online Attendance Management Software for businesses

Online Attendance Management software Features

  1. Mark Attendance (Clock in/Out) using attendance app or biometric attendance devices.
  2. Attendance & location tracking, with geofencing capabilities.
  3. Automate Timesheet Processing, showing payable and non-payable hours.
  4. Automate Payroll processing from timesheet reports and save money.
  5. Get Online employee attendance reports that include lateness, absence and performance reports.
  6. Shift Management and leave management with abilities to customize policies to fit your organization.
  7. Staff performance reports which helps you in evaluation of work balance.
  8. Use FinClock app to make work reports, which complement the attendance reports.
  • FinClock provides options for mobile attendance app or biometric attendance kits, thus fits office and fieldworkers.
  • FinClock EMS comes as a package of tools that help your team organize work. These tools include attendance tracking, work reporting, leave and shift management as well as communication with managers.
  • FinClock team will help you integrate the online attendance management system to your biometric and access control systems.
  • FinClock team will also train your organization and offer support to your team.
  • FinClock Attendance management system can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.
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Field staff management software for small teams

Why Businesses use Field staff management software and fieldwork application

Many businesses, schools and government institutions spend significant amount of their total cost of operation on labor. This is especially true for businesses not using field staff management software. The high cost is caused by unaccounted payments for fieldworkers. Staff members who attend work are remunerated based on negotiated salaries, but their performance remains uncontrolled. This is a fundamental cause for a projects being unprofitable for the business or institution. The businesses, schools and government institutions in the region have tried to identify the solutions to high employee expenses. As such, it has been noted that the only way is to have the field staff management software for fieldworkers, which is linked to the central payroll. Such a software may need to fit the needs of the employers and clients too.

Using field service management software, the Managers and business owners will be able to schedule task plans, which are sent to the field worker attendance application, who then use the fieldworker application. The  application for field worker attendance tracking also comes with task reporting an important feature for outdoor staff management. This feature in the fieldwork application has proven a major improvement, to businesses, schools and government institutions who want increase profit using online project management software.

The staff members who clock and out using the fieldworker application will assist the management to identify the number of hours for which they have worked. The attendance software then calculates their payment, based on business or institution payment schedules. These schedules include daily, weekly or monthly. With the top employee attendance software, only the logged in workers will be paid.

Another solution that comes with the field staff management software and fieldwork application is automated streamlining of operations. Here, the Managers and business owners can create task schedules and shift rotter. As the workers use their phone, they will identify their tasks, which is based on projects. As such, the business or institution operations are streamlined.

project management tools for field service businesses

About Finclock Field Service Management

  1. Finclock field service management system comes as a mobile application, linked to online field staff management software
  2. The application for fieldworkers is designed to work in all areas, with or without internet.
  3. Using fieldworker application, employees will mark attendance, record daily task reports and make requests to management.
  4. The reports are automatically sent to online company account by field worker attendance application, where analysis is done.
  5. Finclock application for fieldworkers has been voted best field staff management system because it provides a complete solution for staff attendance, tasks and project management
  6. 1. Field Staff management software with Fieldworker application

    Field service management system provides the required tools for field projects. Conducting outdoor projects within a budget is essential for any business to be successful. It is also vital to be at the forefront when it comes to introducing management systems that eliminate overspending. Using outdoor staff attendance management software that ensures cost reduction in your projects is the best way to manage costs and predict progress of a project using outdoor staff attendance management system. With the right software that meets the specific needs of the project, you will be saving money and time on every project.                                     

    PMS tools for field staff management offers construction management features is the best solution to your company. The software provides you with a clear delivery process in the project, which is aimed at maximizing the performance of the project.

    Keeping a track record of the work done and payments made to the employees is mandatory. The absence of a good mechanism for data collection and record keeping is detrimental to the company. FinClock application for fieldworkers will greatly reduce the project cost through the formulation of well-planned objectives using the collected data.

    Performance of employees will be viewed by the management at all times, therefore, eliminating absenteeism and lateness.  The aim is to ensure that every worker performs their duty within the required budget. Thus, field service management system  ensures that you attain the top-notch quality of projects and maximize profits.

    Through the FinClock field service management system, illegalities will be noted and the persons responsible dealt with according to the company policies. The outcome of embracing this method of project management is lower cost in projects, completion of projects within the budgets and completion of projects in time. Think of how to get this online based system now and see the changes in your project within the first 3 months. The system will work for both small and large projects. Contact us today and get a free demo.

    2. Get the best Features in Field service management system

    Field staff management software offers the important tools for performance evaluation is essential in construction firms since it determines the growth of the company. Employees’ performance in the field has to be evaluated to ensure that the tasks given to them are commensurate with the time allocated to execute them. Lack of a good evaluation system can lead to mismanagement of time and resources, which causes extension of project deadlines.

    Field staff management software will help you to keep a record of the tasks given to employees and their progress at any time in your construction site. With  finclock application for fieldworkers, project inspection by the employer will be easy and direct since employees will be required to give task progress updates.

    If the employees’ work is behind schedule, their payment will be deducted by a percentage equal to the work done using fieldworker application. The employees are also required to report using field service management system, regarding any incidences that occur at indicated time intervals.

    3. Use Application for fieldworkers and the Field staff management software

    Field service management software helps outdoor workers to be alert at all times to ensure the tasks of the people and time is managed properly. Employees that are not committed to their tasks or need round the clock supervision are a great challenge for security firms. Supervision and employee time scheduling of employees to their daily tasks become a challenge if there are no records or good attendance system, for managing employees and tasks, which hinders the smooth running of the daily tasks. introducing field worker attendance application resolves the attendance management challenges.

    FinClock field employee project management software ensures that the management manages and schedules the workforce effectively. The software enables the employees to sign in using their fingerprints when they report to work. This provides the managers with records of the employees who have reported to work, as the workers send reports using fieldwork application. As such, the system enables them to schedule tasks to them.

    Using field service management system offers managers tools for fast decision making. If an employee fails to sign in at the required time, the manager and area manager will get both an email notification and an online notification indicating the absent employee.

    If an employee is on leave, they will make a request using the Fieldworker application, which will alert the management, which makes scheduling of tasks easier. The best employee scheduling system that enables fast tracking of employee payments and allocation of tasks. the schedules presented will boost the cooperation of the guards with the management. The cooperation will provide ripple effect of benefits, which include reduced operation costs, increased customer approvals and smooth operations.

    The field staff management software includes scheduling of task plans that be kept for long thus aid in future planning and deployments. Also, the schedules will provide the management with right information on performance of each employee. Contact us now for the most efficient and reliable fieldworker application features to fit your workers.

    4. Use field service management system for performance analysis

    Outdoor firms need to conduct multiple assessments of  projects to keep track of their progress. This can be hindered by factors such as lack of communication between the employer and employees, which is the major cause of project mismanagement. Such a challenge can derail the project and increase the project costs.

    FinClock application for fieldworkers enable you to assess and review the progress of your projects from anywhere and at any time, through the application for fieldworker on your mobile phone.

    Outdoor Project Tracking Software involve many inspections, which requires inspectors to file reports. Using the field worker attendance application on the mobile phone, employees will key in the right details, which will be included in a report that is hosted in a secure cloud.

    FinClock field staff management software also helps in accounting for work materials that are delivered at the site by recording the materials delivered and details of the supplier. The total progress of materials is compared to the target amount ordered, which means that no theft goes unnoticed and the responsible parties are held accountable. Contact us now for a guide on field service management system for outdoor workers. Using the mobile fieldwork application shall enable you to be aware of the activities going on during your outdoor  projects and helps you to review the progress of projects.

Advice for beginners on online staff management systems

What is Online staff management system

Online staff management system has become an important tool for managing employees. Employers need to conduct multiple assessments of employee attendance reports, to keep track of their performance. This can be hindered by factors such as lack of communication between the managers and employees, which is the major cause of absence, lateness and low staff motivation. Such a challenge can derail projects and increase the operation costs. FinClock online staff management system fits both indoor and outdoor staff management needs. Using Finclock mobile application provides a complete business management application, which comes with four main functions:

  1. staff attendance management
  2. staff task and project reporting
  3. staff requests management.
  4. Staff communication though chat and alerts.

FinClock online staff management system enables you to assess and review the progress of employees from anywhere and at any time. Using FinClock staff management application, the employee location is automatically monitored, during their shift hours. The location forms the employee work-map, which is shown in real time.

Modern employee tasks require many work reports. Using the FinClock online staff management application on the mobile phone, employees will key in the right details, which will be included in a report that sent to the web-based staff manager's accounts. Contact us now for a free evaluation software that enables you to  know the activities going on during your indoor and outdoor projects and helps you to review the performance of each employee.

4 Benefits of online staff management Software

  1. Reduction of inefficient Human resource practices, such as ghost workers, through improved attendance to duties, reduced wage bill, proper distribution of workforce and increased productivity from 70-100% efficiency.
  2. Elimination of inefficient utilization of budgeted funds for projects, leading to completion of projects in time and reduction of project costs by up to 25%.
  3. Automation of information management, leading to improved institutional decision making process.
  4. Empowerment of stakeholders, in order to show case delivery of projects and services, thereby unlocking the potential to gather funding for various projects.

Online staff management system for time attendance

Employers need time attendance software for both indoor and outdoor workers. This system must ensure that there are adequate workers at each assignment, for high efficiency. Every employee should be recognized and be allocated tasks that they should complete.

Using online staff management system for time attendance enables the management to identify the employees’ timesheet trends through the input data that is provided by the system. The management will be viewing this data directly, thus knowing who came to work and who did not.

The when there are many employees in the same location, online staff management system is integrated with fingerprint attendance software, to provide records that are meant to eliminate ghost workers, lateness, and absenteeism. Therefore, the FinClock online staff management system will help to allocate tasks to the registered employees only.

Using Employee Task Management Software for workers, who are not at their station physically, or are there but not doing their job.  Using the time attendance software records, which are based on fingerprints, lateness, and absenteeism will be identified. This will determine the required course of action according to the company policies.

The employees who have logged in to work at the time of their shift will be identified. If there is a need for an increase in the number of shift hours, they will make a request and the issue is forwarded to the right manager, who then takes the required action

Labor management using online staff management system

Why do you need online staff management system.  Modern managers face challenges in the pricing of labor due to the illegalities that arise during labor management in various stages of a project.  The cost of labor should be managed the best way possible. One of the best methods in modern day processing of payment is using a software to accurately determine the wages of employees, depending on the worked hours. Although traditional methods of labor management are still in use, there are many challenges associated with such methods. These challenges are mainly triggered by various factors that the managers have not addressed. Employees tend not to be on schedule when unsupervised, which results in extension of project deadlines and, consequently, more expenditure on the project.

When using online staff management system for labor management,  you can pay employees according to the work they have done and punctually. This will eliminate ghost workers and absenteeism, which improves performance and saves time, thus, making you save 20-35%. The best case of using labor management system include the use of online staff management applications, for tracking staff attendance and location. The attendance records are automatically captured, which ends up being calculated as the wage of the employees. The wages thereof are automatically calculated and sent to employees phone or mobile wallets.

The FinClock online employee management software records tasks daily, weekly and monthly, which enables calculation of each employee’s monthly salary according to how many times they have registered and completed tasks.

FinClock has an inbuilt capability of preventing multiple registrations. Therefore, only people who are registered and attend work every day will be paid. The work that the employees do will be visible on the list of completed tasks.

FinClock labor management pricing software for construction sites shall help you track the employees working on a project against the work done, thus, avoiding exaggeration of costs and extension of project deadlines. Therefore, having FinClock cloud solution will ensure that no errors occur during the pricing of projects and payment of employees.

Contact our dedicated support agents now for further details and get started.

Online staff management software for employee scheduling 

online staff management software features replaced traditional workforce management systems. The businesses and companies have a great need for a system that ensures that employees perform their tasks, tasks are completed on time, there are no illegalities among the workers and the progress of projects remains undisturbed.

FinClock online staff management software is a cloud-based system that enables managers to track the work of each employee in a project. Regardless of the internet connectivity at the working places, the features of employee scheduling has been custom made to fit the needs of reporting. The managers at both indoor and outdoor working sites will use their phones at all times to make reports of employee attendance, project progress and even payments made to different employees. As such, this system is simplified to addresses these employee management challenges. The software system seeks to achieve 40 – 70% improvement in employee scheduling in construction firms and can run without close supervision in the construction sites.

FinClock  online workforce management software combines the most vibrant methods of data collection from the actual workplace, especially, decentralized workforce structures to ensure that employees report to work full-time and perform tasks fully. Using FinClock online staff management application, employees can indicate the completed tasks and record the required data. The documented data is then availed through a secure online platform.  Through FinClock online staff management application, the management can view events directly through their mobile phones or computers at any location, which facilitates effective decision making.

Contact us now for an effective solution to the core employee management challenges facing your construction firm.  Fell free to book a free demo  and a dedicated member of the support team shall guide you in your new journey to profitability. Thank me later when you have increased profits in and improved staff productivity.

Online employee management software for Employee Performance evaluation

companies and managers require round the clock review of the activities taking place in the workstations for identification of the performance of the workers therein. FinClock online project management software requires the workers to give reports of incidents, tasks and attendance, indicating whether they are normal reports, priority reports or emergency reports when at work. In case an employee reports an emergency, they will be able to report fast and accurately.

Every staff manager will be able to recommend right action  to be taken when an employee performance is wanting, which is done directly through the online staff management software. Cases of lateness will be reported and the actions to be taken recommended according to the company policies.

The FinClock employee management system will record the persons logged in and the number of workers present during their shift. If there is need to increase the number of workers, they will record the issues, and the report will be viewed directly by the operations management. The management will then take the required action. Any requests for work requirements such as work items and equipment will be made on the staff management application. here, the workers will feed the details of the required items, and the department responsible will view these records and either honor or reject the requests.

Online staff management system for outdoor and fieldworkers

Performance in outdoor work should be held in high regard. Fieldworkers should be vigilant in ensuring that the policies of the company are always upheld. There should be a quick response to authority and alerts that are brought to their attention at all times. Most of the times, round-the-clock close supervision is required to evaluate the performance of fieldworkers.

FinClock Online staff management application ensures that the management is aware of the employees’ actions from the time they clock in on their shift to when they clock out. This helps to distinguish the employees that adhere to the company’s policies on attendance from those who do not. The reports that the employees send through photos and messages assist the management in assessing their performance.

The use of the FinClock Online staff management system to evaluate staff performance gives the management the ability to acknowledge the well-performing employees according to the company policies. The employees that are lagging behind in their performance will be identified and addressed by the management.  The employee management application system provides you with a platform to keep track of the daily progress of the company the online staff management accounts, which are designated as per the departmental admins.

online tools


  1. To eliminate false employee payments and thus cut down the labor costs by 30%.
  2. To induce efficiency in record keeping of materials and services in a project
  • To cut the time to completion of projects, by ensuring employees complete their target tasks in time.

Motivation of adopting an Online task management software

  1. Construction projects demand labor at all levels. The specialization of the workforce is divided into different categories, where each category has its daily wage.
  2. Certainly, a track of record of work done and the payment made by the employees is mandatory, and the absence of a good mechanism for data collection and record keeping allows exaggeration of costs and extension of time to completion of projects.
  3. Thus, there needs to be a method of tracking the employees working in a project, against the amount the work done by each person. Then, the task assigned needs to be attached to the payment, though a tamperproof employee management system

current state of construction projects.

Currently, labor amounts to about 25-45% of the total project cost. The cost involved causing inefficiencies include:

  1. Ghost workers. For example, employees working in a project can be 50, but the billing records show 80 employees working on the project.
  2. Employees who attend to the jobs are paid based on employee attendance software reports, but their performance remains unaccounted for, especially in projects with many employees. However, the Bill of Quantities during project planning outlines how many employees would work and for how many days, which is the main reason for a project exceeding the expected amounts.
  • The workforce at a construction site is involved in numerous diversion of materials to different activities, yet each piece is accounted for in the costs. In some cases, there is outright theft of materials, especially cement, metallic components, and finishes.
  1. There lacks a direct method of follow-up of all these events on a construction site, meaning that a collusion between the workforce and security officers in a construction site leads to significant increase in pricing.

Proposed solutions using online task management software

The main issues to be addressed by the FinClock EMS at your construction projects shall include:

  1. Ensuring that employees that are paid attend and their records of time worked in the construction site recorded using a fingerprint attendance system.
  2. The employees’ payment shall automatically be calculated based on the amount they are paid per hour, then summed up for a given period, such as a day, week or a month.
  3. The employees shall be assigned tasks per category with target per day being set by the company admin. Then, the employees will record progress and the percentage of completion per given time shall be recorded, including a picture of the work done.
  4. The materials allocated for a project shall be tracked from the time of induction to a project to the time of usage at the same project. The total amount shall then be compared to the targets set in the BoQ, to track the usage. using the Project Scheduling Software, the cases of material loss can be attached to penalties, deductible from the payments of people responsible per category.

Proposed changes introduced by the online construction management software

1.      Employee time attendance system module

FinClock EMS shall be deployed to the site, managed by the site manager/supervisor. The employees shall, therefore, be registered using fingerprint data, which shall then be linked to their payroll.

Employees will then be registering attendance every day, and their payment shall be based on the number of days they appear at work.

Cases of absenteeism shall be managed by having unapproved cases being penalized in the wage calculation.

Since FinClock Has the inbuilt capability to prevent multiple registrations, only people registered and attending the job every day shall be paid, where the work they do shall be visible in the list of tasks completed.

Thus, having the group supervisor run the FinClock device shall provide a chance to enroll the people without cheating, the jobs shall be completed without failure, and the services shall be cheaper than contracting through various third parties.

2.      Online Project Management Tools helps in progress reporting

The main issues to be solved include each employee’s performance work at the end of the day, which then translates to the total daily progress.

Each employee shall be assigned tasks as per their job category, which is then based on the target for a given category.

Each employee’s track of work shall be recorded online, including the photos of the work done and the progress measured against the set target. For example, a painter who has been assigned the job to paint a room in 3 days shall record daily progress, and the payment shall be based on the completion of the job.

If the employee works behind schedule, their payment shall be deducted, with an equal percentage to work done.

Figure 2 shows progress report for painting and pavement compacting, recorded directly at a construction site.

3.      Accounting for construction materials made possible using Online Employee Task Management Software

The main aim is to ensure that the materials paid for have actually been received at a site. Here, the following measures shall be implemented:

  1. The materials delivered shall be recorded by the site manager, including the details of the suppliers.
  2. Suppliers shall be paid upon verification of the materials delivered, where the record cannot be altered
  3. The total progress of materials shall be compared to the target amount as per the BOQ, meaning that there can be no theft that goes unnoticed, and the responsible parties shall be held accountable.

the video demo here shows Online staff management software reports on how record of materials delivered to a construction site are managed, indicating the type and the supplier details.

4.      Streamlining communication

4.1.            Inspections

  1. A construction project will involve many professional inspections. This will require that each person making inspections files a report, which takes a professional format.
  2. With FinClock Project Tracking Software, a project inspection shall be easy and direct, since each module to be inspected shall be programmed to simplistic steps, which include the measurements, comparison with the initial design and direct reporting via the FinClock EMS.
  3. Professionals will have the FinClock EMS application in their phone, which they will fill the right details, and it shall be compiled to a report hosted in a secured

5.      Reporting of site incidents and assigning roles

The finClock mobile app provides a platform where the office admin shall be able to see exactly what is happening at the construction site, and they can assign a given incident to any person, either via emailing or directly on the FinClock EMS system.

Figure 5 shows an issue being sent via email to a contractor.

6.      Instant messaging

The FinClock Employee Management System provides a direct chat platform, where a direct chat can be done via the FinClock Device to the office admin and vice versa. This will enable the communication to be direct, less cumbersome and cheap.

Figure 6 shows a direct conversation between office admin and the site manager, using FinClock EMS messaging.

7.          Implementation strategy

  1. Each project shall be equipped with the FinClock handheld device, which can be managed by either a supervisor/foreman or the site manager, depending on the site of the project.
  2. Each employee shall be registered using their fingerprint.
  3. During set up, the hourly wage shall be input and the daily/weekly/monthly payment calculated automatically, once the worker clocks in and out.
  4. The whole project status shall be reported directly from the device, where progress reports, delivery reports, and worker performance can be input and measured directly.
  5. The site managers shall be trained on how to use the Employee Task Management Software, where daily performance shall be evaluated and improvement strategies proposed.

8           Expected outcomes

  1. Employees shall arrive at the site on time and use attendance application for fieldworkers.
  2. Employees shall be paid based on the amount of work done
  3. You shall eliminate ghost workers.
  4. Theft of materials shall reduce by up to 85%
  5. The projects shall be completed on time when you start using Online Project Management Tools

9. Expected cost/ benefit analysis

  1. The cost of Embracing FinClock EMS shall be recovered in savings, within the first one month.
  2. Since the payment is based on active projects, the expected return on investment shall be witnessed, just by eradicating employee illegalities.
  3. The performance and time to completion of projects shall be improved by up to 45%. Thus the cost of additional time shall also be recovered as savings.
  4. The employees shall also be happy, and track of different projects shall be attained. Thus the return on investment shall be recorded to be between 40 to 75% in savings.

  10    Recommended timelines of  using Online project management software

FinClock EMS can be embraced at any stage of a project. The setup time is about one week, including daily training and evaluation of employee performance.

Within the first one month from implementation, the FinClock technical  support team shall visit the site on a regular basis, ensuring that the benefits of implementation are attained immediately.

11.         Conclusion

A construction project is time and cost sensitive. The only way to cut on costs is to ensure that the workforce is as per the requirement and the progress of the project is monitored on daily basis. It can therefore be concluded that FinClock EMS should be adopted to all construction projects, thus forming the basis of improvement of efficiency in all construction projects.

It is time to request for a free demo and see how much you will save  in your projects. Talk to us now and we shall be ready to guide you.

Why you need online employee management tools for business

Why you need Online employee management tools for business

The world is decentralizing to cloud-based employeee management systems. The trend is clearly a factor of cost and efficiency. Certainly, the cost of operating a cloud-based employee management system is much lower than on-premise employee management system. In fact, studies have shown that online employee management systems are always 50-75% cheaper than the on-premise employee management software. As such, Finclock provides the best online employee management software, which can be accessed both using the mobile phone as a mobile app or on the web using common browsers, such as Google, Mozilla, safari or internet explorer. The PMS tools within the employee management system will include features that range from project creation, milestone creation, project reporting, task reporting, reminders, and requests in projects among others. These features provide the project manager with tools to completely streamline the projects.  Thus, Finclock is the best online employee management system, which comes at affordable costs and fits all the needs of your business.

The employee management planning in business refers to the project creation, execution, handover and maintenance stages. As a manager, look for the features provided in each of the project stages. For project creation, check for how the project is named and stored in the database, the formats, the definition of milestones/sprints in a project, the definition of tasks, budgeting and allocation of tasks and the setting of approval levels.

The execution stage entails the actual reporting of the project activities. Here, we are talking of PMS tools being used by the workers, supervisors, managers and then handed to the clients,, using the task manager app. The best employee management system will include features to help the employeees and supervisors to create reports in real-time. The faster the reporting feedback, the better it shall be to the project managers, business owners, and the clients.  The best way is to also have the project reporting be broken down into milestones and tasks, which will aid in providing as detailed reports as possible.

The most important cycle is the project plan. In the past, the project analysis was done after a stage is completed. The danger in this type of management is the fact that if there were mistakes or losses, they will only be identified after the project has been completed. Naturally, these management strategies are expensive and inefficient. Modern methods of project analysis have embraced real-time project analysis based on the tasks, milestones, and sprints. Here, we are considering a project analysis, which gives the actual expenses per task, the actual progress of a task and the actual comparison of tasks with the project plan. You will find that such a comparison can be summarized and presented in a dashboard, with indicators of the actual position of the project. This is the greatest power of Finclock employee management system. The system offers direct employee management analytics, which enables the managers to make a decision at a glance of the dashboard.

The Last cycle in online employee management system if the evaluation/ reference projects cycle. This cycle provides managers with the ability to use previous project reports, to compare with the current projects and make continuous improvements as time goes by.  The finclock employee management system  and the task manager app have, included the top engineering algorithms, which enables forecasting, datum projects and the continuous improvements in the KPIs of a employee management cycle. As a result, using this system will improve your company profitability exponentially.

Employee management plan using Best PMS tools online

A project plan provides an actual roadmap toward the execution of a given project. When the planning is done properly, it is possible to move fast and maintain top quality. We consider a good project plan as documentation, detailing the project activities, budgets, timelines, and people. These four aspects in a project are critical for any manager. In FinClock employee management software, the four items are included in both the management and employeee’s level. However, the users shall get information that is relevant to them. A manager in one of the client companies says that Finclock is the software that crunches the numbers for managers. Truly, the crunching of numbers is done from the planning stage to the final stages of each project.

Project report using  Employee management software for business

Project reporting will include creating of reports either using forms or applications. In most systems, project reporting is done in forms, which can be either manual or common spreadsheets. Then, the data goes to Employee management software, where the analysis level can vary from basic to advance. The challenge with this kind of reporting includes lengthy reporting cycles, duplication of work and errors in the reports. A combination of these factors leads to inefficiencies which end up as financial loses in a project.

Using the top employee management system, your employeees fill be allocated tasks by the project manager. Then, they will be required to make periodic reports on progress. If someone is late or delays sending a project, they are automatically alerted as well as the manager.

How to make project report using online employee management tools

The process of making a project report has been simplified into a 3 step process. Using finclock Mobile application, you will only select the project, select tasks and make an update. In the update, the information will collect include the expenses, the progress of tasks, comments and the physical evidence of the work done. Here, the Employee management app is used to take photos, comments and audio records can be made. It becomes very efficient to use the best employee management system. The best part is that PMS tools provides tools that allow offline project reporting.

Why you need pms tools for field projects

Why you need PMS tools for field projects

Field projects are the most popular projects across the world. These projects range from construction projects, field service, cleaning, transport projects, guarding, mining, security among other field projects. Majorly, these projects face challenges of streamlining reporting. As such, a good project management system should provide tools that help people in different industries to easily customize a solution to fit their reporting needs. The ability to report from a mobile phone has become a critical feature in project management systems. Here, the project reporting app will be used by field workers such as engineers, supervisors, guarding mangers among others to make reports that streamline the working operations of the company. The current world has changed fast and thus the nature of operations in a project will mainly affect the overall cost. Notably, the competitiveness of global companies requires that for a business to service in field projects, the managers must be able to eliminate time and labor wastage. Using work management system for PMS tools will help a manager to streamline the operations while in the field. A good project management system must, therefore, provide a project reporting application, as part of the reporting methods. Here, Finclock work management system provides project reporting application, which works without an internet connection. The ability of workers to make project reports offline helps in streamlining reporting since there shall be the consistency of reports, regardless of the connectivity. Finclock project management software also includes rugged field service phones, which have a very long battery life. Thus, FinClock project management solution for field service and field workers is the best option.

In-house projects are conducted on premise or a certain office. Noted that the in-house project management software can be deployed in the Local area network or within the same set of computers. Thus, in-house or on-premise project management software have been easier to deploy than the field service software. However, there are any areas of business operations, which have changed in the recent past. One of the main areas is the level of analytics and workflows. Lately, companies and organizations prefer to use system which will allow seamless workflow across departments. Thus, looking for a project management software that takes care of all the needs is a critical step. Here, we recommend using a work management system that fits both the promise departments and the field service departments. The best software for project management must therefore include the task manager app, if meant to benefit the company. Also, it is clear that the on-premise projects are declining, thus the need to have online employee management software.

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