About Online Attendance Management Software for businesses

Online Attendance Management software Features

  1. Mark Attendance (Clock in/Out) using attendance app or biometric attendance devices.
  2. Attendance & location tracking, with geofencing capabilities.
  3. Automate Timesheet Processing, showing payable and non-payable hours.
  4. Automate Payroll processing from timesheet reports and save money.
  5. Get Online employee attendance reports that include lateness, absence and performance reports.
  6. Shift Management and leave management with abilities to customize policies to fit your organization.
  7. Staff performance reports which helps you in evaluation of work balance.
  8. Use FinClock app to make work reports, which complement the attendance reports.
  • FinClock provides options for mobile attendance app or biometric attendance kits, thus fits office and fieldworkers.
  • FinClock EMS comes as a package of tools that help your team organize work. These tools include attendance tracking, work reporting, leave and shift management as well as communication with managers.
  • FinClock team will help you integrate the online attendance management system to your biometric and access control systems.
  • FinClock team will also train your organization and offer support to your team.
  • FinClock Attendance management system can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.
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