PMS, or People Management System, encompasses a wide range of tools used to manage and control personnel. A typical example is an intranet website that allows an employee to register his/her weekly working hours in the system, so that management can keep track of it. The system also allows the employee to submit leave applications and approve them via the system.

Another related PMS tool is a mobile application that provides employees with a portal to access information about their benefits, salary slip and leave balance etc. This application also gives employees access to on-demand video conferences for HR support.

What are the benefits of using PMS?

1) Increased productivity: Better communication between employees and managers means more effective teamwork and less time wasted in meetings.

2) Reduced absences: Employees are given more flexibility as they can plan their leave well in advance through the online Leave Management module.

3) Improved security: With systems like CCTV monitoring and access card control, facilities can be secured without the need for guards on duty.

4) Reduced costs: A comprehensive PMS system helps reduce operational expenses by improving efficiency, accuracy and productivity of HR processes."

A PMS (Performance Management System) Tools are very important for employee management in HR. It is not only used to measure the performance of employees but also to provide them with performance improvement plans and training so that they can perform better. A PMS software is an effective way in which an organization can formulate, apply and communicate its policies, procedures and processes for managing their employees.

A PMS in HR ensures that all the organization's employees are treated fairly and equitably in terms of performance appraisal. Most of the organizations these days are using a PMS software in order to track their employee's performance, attendance, leave record and other activities that directly or indirectly affect the organization's productivity and bottom line.

We need to rethink how we treat our employees. They are not just numbers in an accounting firm; they are people with families and goals and dreams. By implementing a system for PMS tools for employee management, we will be able to give them the opportunities they deserve.

There are several steps that we can take to make this a reality. First, we need to calculate just how much money each employee stands to gain if these programs are implemented. Second, we need to devise ways that will increase productivity in order to ensure that both parties win by participating in this venture. These two steps are vital because they will form the backbone of any successful program. After these steps have been completed, it only remains that you approve the program so that it can be put into action.

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