project management system features

project management system features

Finclock is a software that is designed to help companies improve their efficiency, eliminate errors and increase profit. The software includes tools and features for:

  1. Workflow Management
  2. Task management
  3. Client tracking
  4. Task Assignment
  5. Project management
  6. CRM
  7. Time tracking
  8. Timesheets
  9. Billing
  10. Employee evaluations
  11. Employee management
  12. Budgeting
  13. Timesheets and payroll
  14. Time clock
  15. Expense tracking
  16. Expense reports
  17. Contact information management
  18. Calendar
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Online project management tools for businesses

The thing that makes Finclock work is the way it's organized; instead of organizing events into different departments, it organizes them into projects. These projects have goals, and tasks to achieve those goals, and dependencies on other tasks. The tasks have due dates, with completion times attached, and estimates on how long they will take. The estimates can be in number of hours worked, or in number of days, or in number of lines of code, or in any other time unit. These estimates get rolled up into an overall plan for completion, in the form of a project plan, which lists the tasks and their due dates, their completion dates (and estimated completion times), and their estimates. These project plans in turn roll up into overall plans, which list the work to be done by week, month, quarter, or year. These plans create complex dependencies between tasks, so that tasks need each other to finish on time, and this in turn determines the order in which tasks get done. These plans, in turn, roll up into calendars, which show when tasks have to be done, and which show when events have to occur. These calendars get rolled up into calendars of meetings, which show when tasks have to be done by, and when events have to occur. The Finclock system handles all of this automatically. You enter information into the system, and when you update the plans, Finclock figures out what needs to be done, and when. Finclock also shows you the dependencies between tasks and events, so that you know the schedule of events before or after other tasks. Finclock organizes all this stuff into a simple interface

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