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Staff management system helps you to manage the work of your team. The goals of your organization can only be attained when everyone completes their work on time, and to the required quality. Thus, finding a way to manage the tasks of each person is the best way to achieve the goals of your organization. Using online staff management system will make your work easy by providing the tools to create tasks, assign tasks to employees or team members, and monitor work progress online. These important tools are found in staff management software for employee management.

How to use Staff management software

Project creation

The staff management system comes with all features that help you to start the management of tasks. The tasks are created under a project, which means that the first thing is to create a project. A project can either be internal or external. For instance, an internal project is sales management, where you start by creating a project name, project budget, project manager, and adding the project description. The next thing is to assign a timeline for the project, where you select the start and end date. If the project start date has arrived, the project status changes from the planned project to active project board.

Task creation using Staff management system

Use online staff management system to create tasks under a project. The tasks can either be picked from a common tasks list or added directly. The common tasks list includes the tasks that are mostly completed in your organization. Markedly, each department has some tasks that are completed in most of the projects. Hence, the online staff management system helps you to create these task plans and set the order. For instance, a sales process may begin with client prequalification, which can be assigned task code 001, under the sales department. When the tasks are created, one can pick them from a list when creating a project. Noticeably, the project name and description (project brief) indicates the actual work to be done under the project, which means that the actual work is the task to be added to the project. Hence, use the online staff management system to create task plans, which are completed in your organization.

Assigning tasks to employees using staff management software

Tasks assignment to employees or team members starts by selecting the project. When you log in to the online staff management software, you will notice that assigning tasks to employees is easy because all the tasks were initially created and you will just be selecting from the list. Moreover, the task names and task codes (used to organize the task priorities)  will help you to sort from the task list. The tasks to be completed in a project may vary so you need to start with the well-known tasks and assign them to the respective people. In this case, using online staff management software makes your work easy because you have a list of team members or employees. Thus, just select the person and assign the task to them.

Workload management using staff management system

Managing the workload of each person is enabled in the staff management system and the number of tasks that a person is working on is shown in the process of assigning more tasks. For instance, one employee may have 5 active tasks and 2 planned tasks, while the other employees who can complete the same task have 1 active tasks and 1 planned task. Hence, the staff management system automatically analyzes the workload of the employees and helps you to select the employee who should be assigned the task. This way, your workforce will have a balanced workload, which makes them productive. Moreover, the workload balance ensures that the tasks are completed on time. Noticeably, using the online staff management app helps you to view the workload reports from any location.

Task planning using staff management software

Staff management software helps you to plan the tasks based on priorities and timelines. When a manager signs in to their account, they will see the task board, which provides an overview of the task status. In this task board or task planner, the manager can set the task start date and end date. The tasks assigned a future start date automatically go to the planned task board. The tasks whose start date has reached go to the active tasks board. In this case, the manager can update the task status from planned to active. When the tasks are completed, the status is changed to complete status. You will learn that the staff management system has an SMS notification feature.

SMS notification in staff management software helps the people assigned a task to get an SMS, indicating that they have a new task to work on. If task status is changed, the assigned person and the project manager get an SMS. Furthermore, a new task report triggers a message to the project manager. Consequently, the SMS notification in staff management software helps all members of the team to automatically view and respond to task requirements. The outcome is the faster completion of tasks and higher employee productivity.

Task reporting with staff management system

Task reporting using staff management system is fast and efficient, thanks to the online tools. The task reporting feature has helped many people to eliminate manual reports, which saves time and money for your organization. Besides, the employees or team members get a habit of making work reports on daily basis, which helps them to focus on their job. Moreover, the task reporting is simplified to selecting the task, adding the actions that one completed that day, adding the percentage of work completed, and adding the cost incurred when completing that action. In this case, the task reporting comes with a field

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