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Finclock is an easy to use online tool, which automatically measures time to task, and calculates employee performance. Finclock staff management system helps business to grow by providing a tool set that lets them measure and improve staff performance. The visual productivity app enables teams to focus on activities that add value to customers and the organization. Almost every business today uses digital technology in some shape or form. Wouldn't it be great to harness the power of these tools in an intelligent way? Finclock includes a performance management tool that organizations use time more efficiently, ultimately improving staff performance. It's easy to use and can accommodate any company size, whatever industry you operate in!

performance management

Finclock is a comprehensive performance management software that comprises goal setting, performance tracking, employee recognition, and powerful reporting. The tool allows managers to ensure their team is aligned with the overall company goals. The tool tracks employees’ individual performance against benchmarks set at the beginning of the quarter based on overall team goals. Every week, you will get an email notification to give employees kudos for achieving goals.

Improve efficiency

Seeking to cut the time your staff spend on physical paperwork, Finclock is an easy to use staff management software that stores employees' attendance, breaks and lunch times securely in the cloud. By improving the quality of your workforce, Finclock helps you to improve performance, reduce HR paperwork by up to 90% and save up to 30 hours per month for two users. Plus, it will even connect with your business payroll system. If you run a business, you care about your staff. You want them to perform at their best and achieve their potential. Finclock keeps track of the actions and activities of each individual member of staff (and can be used with individuals' self service).

Work reports for staff performance improvement

The core of the Finclock concept is the idea of work reports.

You ask each employee to keep a record of the time they spend at work. This employee management software then matches that record against a standard time sheet, automatically calculating how much work each employee has done. The software also produces a report which summarizes what the employees have done, and compares that to standard measures of productivity and cost.

The work reports are intended to keep track of what everyone is doing. When employees are asked to do something, it's helpful to have a record of when they were last asked, and how long they have waited. If someone is late, and someone asks what happened, it's useful to know.

But work reports also keep track of what worked and what didn't. When people are working on a problem, they often want to record what they've done. Finclock gives each employee a running total of the amount of work they have done, so it's clear what everyone has done, and what hasn't been done. That way, you can see what everyone is working on, and how much work has been done. That information has another use. Because the clock records how long employees work, it answers the question "how long have I spent this working?" Normally, we answer that question by writing down the time, or by having some other way of counting it. But work reports

You need performance evaluation reports

When companies use performance appraisal, employees are usually evaluated on how well they perform their jobs. But performance appraisal is a lot more than that. It is a way of making staff decisions. Performance appraisal is a vital part of management. But it is also an important part of staff work. Employees who get a good performance appraisal are rewarded. They are given more money or perks or promotions. Those who get a bad performance appraisal are punished. They are punished with pay cuts or demotions. Performance appraisal is a staff performance review. And it is a way of making staff decisions. If employees aren't rewarded or punished, management cannot make decisions. Organizations need to decide what they will do next. They need to decide which projects to fund and which staff to hire. They need to decide which products to make and which markets to enter. The decisions management makes matter more than most people realize. In this country, we have seen some striking examples. The decisions management makes affect people's lives. And they can make the difference between success and failure. For example, in the mid-1980s Wal-Mart tried to offer different prices to different customers. This was a way of managing the inventory at its stores. The rationale was sound: if some stores had low stock, others could stock up on the same thing from other stores. But it really didn't work. It turned out that different customers behaved differently. Some customers bought lots of goods from Wal-Mart, and others bought very few. So Wal-Mart changed its policy. It stopped offering different prices to different customers. Instead, it offered lower prices to all customers. Suddenly Wal-Mart's inventory problems disappeared. Another example is the civil-rights movement. The civil-rights movement depended on the decisions

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Online employee management software tools

Finclock is a web-based tool for tracking, monitoring and setting goals. It will improve your team productivity by helping them to be more organized, focused & motivated. They will achieve their goals faster & be able to manage the performance of their peers. The system a non-intrusive management system which improves staff performance by making them more accountable. Many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have been slow to embrace cloud-based software, preferring instead to rely on older, distributed systems. The reasons for this are varied, but one common reason is cost, with SMBs typically preferring to minimize cost in their IT choices. Part of the reason this is true is that cloud-based software is often thought of as a luxury, not something a SMB needs. But the reasons SMBs should not hold the cloud in disdain are many. Cloud-based software can reduce costs by eliminating the need for hardware to purchase, configure, and maintain, as well as the need for software licensing and deployment (i.e., physical copies of software). It also reduces the need for IT staff, who can be replaced by technicians who focus on other areas of the business. Additionally, a cloud-based system can be upgraded and scaled quickly, which is important because SMBs need to grow quickly, and cloud-based software allows them to do so. Lastly, cloud-based software can be more easily and flexibly deployed. SMBs frequently need to customize their software to meet the unique requirements of their businesses. With a cloud-based system, they can accomplish these tasks without modifying the underlying software. Cloud computing also offers better security than an on-premise system. With on-premise systems, SMBs must often worry about being hacked, as they often have less control over the IT infrastructure, which means there is less opportunity for them to fix vulnerabilities. With cloud-based systems, SMBs have more control, giving them greater ability to monitor and defend against threats. In short, cloud-based employee management software provides SMBs with the flexibility, control, and capabilities they need to grow, and at a lower cost

Tasks and work reports helps improve employee performance

Finclock offers online tools for measuring time to task. It works by allowing users to create tasks, and time the start and end of each task. Users can then simply add up the total time to task for each task. Finclock is a very simple tool to use. Each task can be named, and in some case, automatically linked to the project or client it is for. The tasks can be assigned to groups, and users can be assigned to different groups. Finclock also supports an export feature, so users can easily export their tasks to Excel.

This system, helps companies to keep track of their employees' performance and plan their activity. This system is a web based application, but you can use it via smartphone as well. This system enables you to monitor individual employees, their departments and departments' departments. It also tracks which tasks have been completed. This system was launched in 2011 and is used to track employee performance and plan activities at several companies.

This software gives you an overview about employees' performance. It does not only display how many tasks were completed, but also which employee completed which task. For example, you can see which employee completed which task, how long it took and which department the employee belongs to. You also have the ability to filter the results by department.

This system enables you to plan activities for your employees. By setting deadlines for tasks, you can plan tasks for employees, departments and departments' departments. This system enables you to enforce deadlines. By setting deadlines for tasks, you can enforce deadlines for your employees. This system supports several languages. The interface is also available in several languages. It is possible to switch the interface language with a single click.

Why choose Finclock staff management software?

  1. The Finclock tool is a web based, application, which enables you to measure time to task, and calculate employee performance.
  2. performance tracking allows you to measure the performance of your team, and track individual performance. The Finclock tool is intuitive to use, and requires no training.
  3. 14 day trial of our tool, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use.
  4. Finclock system is fully hosted, with no software to install. the system is regularly backed up, and your data is safe.
  5. We also offer a pay as you go system, which allows you to select the number of hours you want to pay for.
  6. Finclock uses an industry standard, SQL database, and is compatible with all web browsers.
  7. This software can be accessed from any machine with a current web browser.
  8. Finclock requires a secure connection, and is password protected.
  9. Finclock is easy to use, and simple to use. Just log in and start tracking time.
  10. The system is easy to use, and requires no training.
  11. The system allows you to measure time to task, and calculate employee performance.
  12. The system is easy to use, and requires no training.
  13. This system is intuitive to use for all people.
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