Top Features to look for in online employee management software

1. online employee management system works online and offline

Best Employee management software for businesses and institutions. Ensures best attendance management, leave management, task management and staff reporting management.

Best application that works with or without internet, making it the best employee management software for indoor and outdoor employees. Top employee management software in the world that offers the following features;

2. Employee records management is automated using online employee management system

Start managing employee records online. The employee register is created using tamper proof methods that include biometric registration, Facial recognition and voice authentication. The records include:

  1. Employee Enrollment
  2. Employee personal details: Name, Job ID, Qualifications, Social security details and contact information.
  3. Employee Job description that includes staff job title and employee promotions and appraisal records.
  4. Employee contract managements.
  5. Recruitment and job application records
  6. Staff training records

3. Use Finclock Staff management system for Employee Task management and scheduling

Using the best task management application, managers are able to assign employee tasks and timelines. Task reporting application is availed to each employee. Thus, task reporting is done both online and offline. The best application for task management that includes analytic features, which shows task progress, pending tasks and offers task reminders for employees. Employees set goals using the application and make timely reports using their mobile phones.

4. Get Employee attendance Management reports online

Finclock provides the best tools for attendance management. Here, use finclock staff management software for tracking staff attendance timesheets, absence records and shift plans. Using online employee management system, employee timesheets, shift planning, location tracking and performance is automated, regardless of internet connection. The top attendance system measure lateness, absenteeism and makes automated staff performance evaluation.

5. Streamline Staff Leave management using online employee management system

Management of leave requests is automated using leave management application. employees can requests for leaves on phone and continue with their work. The hr managers will view the requests and make the right decision. Using the online leave management, the hr manager can approve, reject or schedule the leave requests. This system automates business management and cuts costs of operations.

6. Staff performance evaluation in real-time is available.

Best staff management system that offers automated staff performance evaluation. Using the main KPIs that affect staff productivity, employee evaluation records help managers to make decisions on daily basis. Some of the KPIs include staff attendance, Staff tasks completion rate, Employee communication and customer feedback. All these features are enabled using the top staff management system.

7. Automate Payroll scheduling and processing by linking Staff management system to payroll.

Payroll processing is automated based on the worked time per employee. The top payroll scheduling software enable managers to calculate overtime payment and tax deductions. Using the best payroll software, your business will save time on processing payments.

8. Customer service help desk

The only Employee management software in the world that includes customer service help desk in mobile application. Using the top staff management system, requests from customers are sent to the right departments automatically. These needs are forwarded to the responsible employees phones. Companies using the top employee management application are enjoying best customer review and growing their business.

9. Free Trial when you register online.

Register free trial to start using online employee management system. Our support team shall conduct free consultation and guide on the set up process. Join other 5000+ businesses across 72 countries who are growing their business using the best staff management system online.

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