Top Features to look for in online employee management software

1. online employee management system works online and offline

Best Employee management software for businesses and institutions. Ensures best attendance management, leave management, task management and staff reporting management.

Best application that works with or without internet, making it the best employee management software for indoor and outdoor employees. Top employee management software in the world that offers the following features;

2. Employee records management is automated using online employee management system

Start managing employee records online. The employee register is created using tamper proof methods that include biometric registration, Facial recognition and voice authentication. The records include:

  1. Employee Enrollment
  2. Employee personal details: Name, Job ID, Qualifications, Social security details and contact information.
  3. Employee Job description that includes staff job title and employee promotions and appraisal records.
  4. Employee contract managements.
  5. Recruitment and job application records
  6. Staff training records

3. Use Finclock Staff management system for Employee Task management and scheduling

Using the best task management application, managers are able to assign employee tasks and timelines. Task reporting application is availed to each employee. Thus, task reporting is done both online and offline. The best application for task management that includes analytic features, which shows task progress, pending tasks and offers task reminders for employees. Employees set goals using the application and make timely reports using their mobile phones.

4. Get Employee attendance Management reports online

Finclock provides the best tools for attendance management. Here, use finclock staff management software for tracking staff attendance timesheets, absence records and shift plans. Using online employee management system, employee timesheets, shift planning, location tracking and performance is automated, regardless of internet connection. The top attendance system measure lateness, absenteeism and makes automated staff performance evaluation.

5. Streamline Staff Leave management using online employee management system

Management of leave requests is automated using leave management application. employees can requests for leaves on phone and continue with their work. The hr managers will view the requests and make the right decision. Using the online leave management, the hr manager can approve, reject or schedule the leave requests. This system automates business management and cuts costs of operations.

6. Staff performance evaluation in real-time is available.

Best staff management system that offers automated staff performance evaluation. Using the main KPIs that affect staff productivity, employee evaluation records help managers to make decisions on daily basis. Some of the KPIs include staff attendance, Staff tasks completion rate, Employee communication and customer feedback. All these features are enabled using the top staff management system.

7. Automate Payroll scheduling and processing by linking Staff management system to payroll.

Payroll processing is automated based on the worked time per employee. The top payroll scheduling software enable managers to calculate overtime payment and tax deductions. Using the best payroll software, your business will save time on processing payments.

8. Customer service help desk

The only Employee management software in the world that includes customer service help desk in mobile application. Using the top staff management system, requests from customers are sent to the right departments automatically. These needs are forwarded to the responsible employees phones. Companies using the top employee management application are enjoying best customer review and growing their business.

9. Free Trial when you register online.

Register free trial to start using online employee management system. Our support team shall conduct free consultation and guide on the set up process. Join other 5000+ businesses across 72 countries who are growing their business using the best staff management system online.

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Why Finclock is the Best Employee management software

Using Finclock employee management software, managers have reduced time and money wastage thus improving productivity and profits. Across the world, businesses are now saving labor costs, after embracing the best online employee management software. You do not need huge budget to start enjoying these benefits. Using Finclock online staff management software, you will achieve the following:

  1. Manage staff attendance, both indoor and outdoor
  2. shift scheduling, using mobile application or web
  3. Leave management
  4. Task Planning
  5. Automated reporting

Expenses tracking and progress of work, helps you to reduce cost of workers and save cost at work. The cost of labor includes overtime expenses, paid off-days, extra labor needs and compensation for outdoor duties. Using the best Employee management software, you will reduce these expenses and streamline the workforce duties. This is achieved within the first 3 months after buying an online employee management software.

Software for employee time management enables you to  save Time. Reducing the time of response to customer questions and inquiries is very important in this era. Using the best staff management software will help you to keep your workers alert, meaning that the time of response to customer needs shall be reduced. The outcome of such a good management practice is improved results in customer retention. Also, Managers are provided with real-time information. Thus management shall respond to an occurrence before the client notices.

The main cause of paying high salaries is following policies regardless of the employee performance. Using FinClock Employee management software, companies have been able to identify the best performing employees. These employees are rewarded by incentives. On the other hand, the high cost of retaining a non-performing and lazy employees has been eradicated. Using the best employee management software online, managers and business owners only pay people depending on actual data in a tamper proof system. You will be able to See the best employee management software, practices and improve the performance of each worker. Also, this system makes the employees feel appreciated. In fact, many managers have used the employee management software to motivate employees.

Another advantage is direct performance evaluation of workers. Notably, many employees feel entitled to be selected as best employee of the year. But without a good employee management software, it becomes hard to rank performing employees. Use the only staff Management Software  that saves you time and money. Using the attendance management software gives employees a tool to track their working time. the time records are presented as timesheets, which can be used to process payments. Save the time spent when analyzing the work done by employees. The easiest way to manage both indoor and outdoor employees, from any place.  Workforce management software for location tracking offering real-time reports, both online and offline.

Software for employee reporting, communication and complaints. This is the best employee management software this year. Managers in many countries across the world are now happier and concentrate on other productive duties, since finclock is the online staff management system that replaces all routine duties. Use the best staff management system to eliminate laziness of employees. The top employee management software helps managers across the world streamline the following activities; Shift management application that enables automated staff scheduling, both online and offline. The best staff management application, which eliminates time wastage, All leave requests using the HR software online. Manage staff absence using the best employee management software. Best timesheet reporting, which ensures staff attendance and automation of payroll scheduling. Best staff management system will enable staff reporting directly from the field, using the employee reporting features. The best staff management software provides the each employee with the Finclock Application which ensures on-time reporting. The staff reports include project reports, sales reports, daily activities reports and even task scheduling.

Best online staff management system tools

online staff registration

The employees are provided with the important organizational operational structure. This includes creation of employee accounts, inviting them via mobile application, scheduling training and sharing of training documents with employees.

The best part of using staff management system is that the different admins the organization have different rights, meaning that if an employee comes on-board today, they are taken care of by the HR manger, operations manager and all other managers, directly through employee documentation sharing. Then, the employee is given the mobile application, from where they can access the materials and even make requests.

Employee Database Management

Using Finclock Staff management software, the Employee Register features will enable employee details uploaded, with their certifications and the trail of employment records, from the time of hiring to the time they leave the organization. This is through providing  best staff management system, as a way to update employee status, after a certain period, including uploading of files. Basically, the HR management shall largely rely on the data collected in registration process and attendance modules.

labor Scheduling tools  Definition of labor demand per department, which shall be integrated with the attendance records to verify the required employees per department, as well as their attendance records.

Employee Records Management

Employee history, e.g. from the date of joining the company, promotions, awards of promotion with the rights to upload of the documents. Create contract dynamic forms, which shall be created and assigned to departments, where each department shall have a client’s side, where the employees shall sign the contracts, via biometric signatures, Fingerprints or hand or even iris recognition, which can integrate with the online employee management system.

Leave Management tools

Leave management where the employees shall be requesting leave from the same client’s side or mobile application, where they will be required to upload signed leave sheets, upon approval by their immediate supervisors. The Finclock mobile application enables the employees to request for leaves, which they shall schedule the starting date to the end date. Also, the employee will give a reason for the leave request. When the employee submits the leave request, the Staff management software provides these requests to the managers, when they login to the online platform. Here, the managers can accept, reject or reschedule the leave for the employee.

Employee Performance Management

  1.  Viewing of employee record of work per department, based on the assigned history.
  2. Assigning employees to departments, based on the demand of a given department.
  3. Execute commands such as terminate or hold employees, if there is higher number of employees for a given department.
  4. Change status of employees, based on their performance and comparison to the record of their work. With comment sections. The data is then pushed to the attendance records who transfers the employees to the new departments. these capabilities make finclock the best employee management system online.
  5. Have a suspect list of employees whose issues have been raised either by the system or added by different admins. E.g. when a user’s contract expires, then their record needs to be flagged into a suspected list. When a user is promoted without documentation, then that becomes a flagged issue too. Here we shall have the admin create a list of issues to be flagged.

Link Staff Management to Payroll and attendance management system

An integration that integrates with the Finance Management tools, to show the payments made to employees against their performance, which not indicates the general relationship to payments. Mobile application for users’ self-service functionalities. Personal Requests, when the admin approves the request, they are implemented in the employee’s accounts and they get a simple notification.  Other Department Requests where supervisors can view the requests and decide to approve, reject or postpone. Each shall have to include a reason, which is filled under a requests sub-window under employee management.

Human Resource Software Tools

We provide human resource software to help businesses grow. The tools are used by managers to simplify the management of the workers and improve productivity. Using Finclock, companies have reduced the wage bill and increased efficiency. The first step in using HR software online is to create the job categories in your organization. The job categories or groups indicate the roles of each worker in the company. These categories are created under departments. For companies with many employees, the job groups may include different classes, which are grouped according to the organization structure. Thus, using human resource software helps a business to improve staff productivity and reduce the cost of operations.

HR software online eliminates the high initial costs of acquiring software to streamline operations in a business. The online tools also help each staff to access self-service tools, which reduces the workload of the managers. Hence, once staff members are invited to use the HR software online, they get login credentials via email. The credentials include the email and password that the user can use to access their account. Notably, the employees are assigned different admin rights, which ensures that an employee only sees their information. Managers can see the information for all employees.

Using Human resource software, businesses can manage employee records and document employee history online. Moreover, the employees can access their accounts and apply for leaves, using the leave management software tools. The HR manager gets notifications of leave requests and evaluates them, where they can approve, reject or reschedule the leave requests. Thus, the HR software online eliminates manual leave applications and reduces the workload of managers.

Using the staff management application, workers can view their user profiles, make requests for changes and apply for shift and leave changes. The shift management system is part of the Finclock Human resource software, which includes creating and assigning employee leaves. For organizations with many employees, shift management is an essential part of Human resource software tools. Every employee gets an SMS when their leave is updated, which ensures that punctuality is ascertained. Moreover, the HR managers reduce the manual follow-up processes.

Human resource software provides attendance tracking tools, which helps the managers to automatically process the timesheet reports of employees. Furthermore, the HR software online provides easy to use application for the employees. The staff management application has a clocking tool, which enables the employees to mark attendance. The tools are important for both office and field service employees. Thus, Finclock human resource software is helpful for office and fieldworkers.

Finclock provides tools for manager’s needs, from staff records management, shift management, leave management, and task management. Moreover, the requests management tool is helpful to streamline employee communication. Thus, using the human resource software equips managers with all tools required to attain a streamlined working environment. The workforce management software is available as a web-based system, which ensures that all companies can start managing their workforce at any time. Moreover, the software enables managers to coordinate remote workers online. Therefore, a good starting point for any company’s productivity management is to register for a trial with Finclock and evaluate the workforce management software capabilities.

Performance management using human resource software helps the employees to focus on achieving the goals of a company. Eventually, all employees form a habit of updating their work records and marking attendance on time. The outcome is high employee performance, which is displayed as a cumulative percentage rating. Companies using the Human resource software will access the reports and evaluate the employees on regular basis. Hence, the best way to improve employee performance is to start using online human resource software, with leave management, employee register, shift management, and attendance tracking tools.

Online Employee management software tools

Employee work reporting is a big business. Companies rely on it to help them pay employees. But there's a dark side to employee work reporting: bad data. For starters, employee work reporting relies on employees to be honest. But many employees are unhappy at work, which means they might not have the best incentive to keep their time records accurate. Then there's the problem of our increasingly digital lives. Time-tracking software such as Workdays and Finclock helps employees track their time, but many people don't use these systems at all. On top of that, it's difficult for employee time reporting systems to police themselves. A system might be programmed to record lunch breaks, but if the employee doesn't actually take lunch then the system won't know.

The upshot is that employee time reporting is broken. Let's look at some of the ways that employee time reporting isn't reliable. Work time reporting is an important part of managing workforce performance. It helps companies keep track of what their employees are working on, how much time they spend doing it, and any billings they receive. With this information, organizations can better manage their labor costs and optimize their resource use. However, many employees don't submit their timesheets on time, which costs businesses time and money. And for employees, it's frustrating to be out of compliance and lose pay.

The good news is, there's a simple solution. With Finclock employee management software work reporting is easier than ever. The mobile app, available for iOS and Android, lets employees clock in and out at job sites, in client offices, or from their own homes. Managers can also see what their employees are working on in real-time, which eliminates the lag time associated with manual timesheets.

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With online employee management software for businesses , companies can get real-time visibility into their labor costs, helping them manage projects efficiently, reduce waste, and improve productivity. And employees can get paid on time and work more efficiently.  Employees work reporting is a robust solution for tracking employee work reports, time, attendance, and payroll. Our solution enables you to track and record employee hours and attendance from anywhere and on any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone).

Our solution is designed for ultimate flexibility, and you can use it to track both paid and unpaid employee time. Employees can report their time and attendance through our mobile app or the web, or through the finclock web application. Employee work reporting allows full integration with payroll, keeping all information updated in one place and simplifying the payroll process.

Employee work reporting has been something that has been evolving for years. It’s one of those things, though, that most companies have been slow to figure out. Some businesses, however, have taken a different approach and have found success. They implemented employee work reporting with FinClock, a software-based solution that allows businesses to track employee work hours, manage employees, track expenses, and create custom reports.

Businesses that opt to use FinClock online employee management software can track employee work hours and expenses, create custom reports, manage employees, and benefit directly from an easy-to-use web-based interface. Employees can track their time and expenses throughout their shift on the employee portal. When employees clock in, their time spent on various tasks is logged. Managers can see at a glance what employees are working on, how much time they each spent on various tasks, and how much time is remaining in each employee’s shift. Employees can also use the portal to track their expenses, which automatically populates the expense report. They can submit their expense reports through the same portal, which helps streamline the process.

Since FinClock provides a web-based solution, businesses no longer need to invest in software or hardware, which also helps reduce the overall cost of deploying the solution. Finclock offers a variety of pricing options for businesses, depending on the number of employees and the features needed.

For companies that only need to track employee time and expenses, Finclock offers FinClock Basic, which costs $3 per user per month. For businesses that want additional features, such as biometric integrations, employee payroll integration, and expense report management, Finclock offers FinClock Plus, which

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Online employee management software updates 2021


Finclock online employee management software takes care of all your business needs. It is a fully-featured, intuitive, yet powerful Time Tracking and Billing software. You can manage and track your employees' time, create invoices, add clients, track expenses, manage timesheets and more. With Finclock, you will be able to easily track the working hours of your employees, generate invoices, track expenses, manage timesheets, print pay slips, create reports and much more.

You can track vacation, sick, and maternity hours or track employee time manually with the easy to use time tracking tool. You can generate employee timesheets and keep track of all employee timesheets. No more forgetting to clock-in or clock-out. Use Finclock to clock-in/clock-out and manage your work schedule.

Finclock lets you enter unlimited working hours, projects or clients. You can create as many projects, clients, employees, and working hours as you want. You can track unlimited employees. Finclock lets you track employee time, employee attendance, and employee attendance history.

Track employee attendance, employee attendance history, employee sick hours, and employee sick hours history. Know which employees have spent the most hours, when was the last time an employee was sick, when was the last vacation and how long was the employee on vacation. Finclock lets you track all employee time and attendance details. With Finclock, you can generate invoices, track expenses, manage timesheets, print pay slips, create reports, and export reports in .csv and pdf.

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New Features of online employee management software

Finclock is a fully featured employee management software suite that easily manages employee time and attendance, absence tracking, and project tracking.

Employee scheduling

Finclock's employee scheduling feature lets you set up employee schedules, track employee absences, and automate the sending of emails. You can also create shift clusters to automatically assign shifts to employees or employees to shifts based on their current schedules.

Employee tracking

Finclock allows you to track employee time, attendance, and absences. Time and attendance details include:

Employee location

Finclock's employee location feature allows you to track employee locations with GPS.

Employee timesheets

Finclock's timesheets feature allows you to track time worked and time not worked by employees.

Employee absence tracking

Finclock's absence tracking feature allows you to track employee absences including reasons for absence, and absence dates.

Employee expenses

Finclock allows you to track employee expenses. You can track employee expenses by employee or group, and by expense type.

Employee work progress

Finclock's employee work progress feature allows you to track employee work progress. Work progress allows you to track employee tasks, hours worked, and time off taken.

Employee project tracking

Finclock's employee project tracking feature allows you to track employee tasks, hours worked, and time off taken.

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Online employee management software for businesses

Finclock is the leading employee staff management for businesses. It is an all-in-one time recording, payroll, attendance and employee management solution with powerful features that allows business owners to easily track employee hours, run payroll, and customize reports and views. Finclock is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their information from any device with an internet connection. Improve your business performance with more accurate data. Finclock gives you the tools you need to manage your employees' time and attendance. With our easy-to-use interface, multiple user access and detailed reporting capabilities, you can make better business decisions about how to improve your bottom line.

Summary of features include:

  • Access employee timesheets and approve time off requests.
  • Manage your employees' work status.
  • View employees' work schedules.
  • Track employee project status.
  • Track employee vacation requests.
  • Access employee expenses.
  • Create timesheets.
  • View payroll information.
  • Get detailed reports.
  • Export payroll information.
  • Manage work tasks.
  • Manage employee time off requests.
  • Manage employee expenses.
  • Create employee time-off schedules.
  • Manage work tasks.
  • Manage employee vacation requests.

Get Finclock 3.0 with New Staff Management System features

Finclock, a staff management platform for remote workers, just launched Finclock 3.0.

Finclock is an all-in-one staff management system for remote teams, with tools that allow owners and managers to track time, invoice clients and track employee performance.

Finclock is a project-based software, that means both employees and managers can track time, invoice clients, track employee performance and timesheets.

The 3.0 update includes new features to streamline freelancers, consultants, and contractors.

For freelancers, Finclock has enhanced its Time Tracking feature to allow clients to track their time. Now, both the freelancer and client can track time.

Finclock has also started offering invoicing feature for freelancers. Now, freelancers can invoice clients, and clients can invoice freelancers.

Finclock has also added Hubspot and QuickBooks integration that allows users who are using the project management tool to collaborate and share data.

Finclock also offers a free 30-day trial. Sign up for free today and start organizing work.

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online staff management system for business: 5 tips for managers

What is staff management system?

Staff Management System is a management software for recruiting, tracking and managing human resources. The software offers solutions for pay management, scheduling, and performance tracking. The software mainly caters to small and medium businesses (SME), and is best suited for industries like manufacturing, retail and services. The features of the software include attendance management, leave management, performance measurement, payroll management, time tracking, reporting, and hiring.

Employees are important assets for any business, big or small. They are the lifeline of an organization. How well you manage them will determine the success of your business. Unmanageable staff can be a source of immense stress. You need to find solutions to all these problems to ensure that your staff remains productive and your organization is efficient.

You need online staff management system for business growth

The age-old question: what's the right number of employees for my business? This isn't an easy question to answer. For one, there is simply no right number. The right number depends on your business, your market and your growth plans. Still, there are certain factors you need to consider to make the right decision.

As your business grows, you may need to hire more people. When your business contracts, you may need to cut staff. Either way, it's important to have a system in place to help you manage staff effectively. This is where employee management system comes in. Staff management software helps you manage staff efficiently. From recruitment to payroll and benefits, staff management software simplifies your business processes and makes them more efficient. Staff management software also helps improve your business. By automating processes, staff management software reduces human error and simplifies complex tasks. This frees up your workforce to focus on higher-value work.

Are you a business looking for a Staff Management System? Here are some of the things staff management software can do for your business:

5 must have staff management system features

1. Attendance reporting

As the employee can enter attendance details either manually or by using biometric devices, it minimizes the chances of errors. The automated system reduces workforce cost by minimizing unproductive time and optimizing production.

2. Staff Performance Measurement

Performance measurement helps managers and employees understand their strengths, weaknesses, and how to cope with them. Performance measurement also helps employees understand what targets they need to focus on.

3. Efficiency of work management

Employee attendance and attendance tracking enables managers to leverage their workforce and employees to maximum productivity. Automated performance measurement system eliminates human error and provides an accurate picture of employees' performance. Schedule Management for shifts and leaves. Staff Management System provides flexible schedule management. Managers can build and delete shifts, add, edit and delete shifts, and swap shift times.

4. Payroll processing

Payroll is automated, precise, and error-proof. The payroll is a weekly or bi-weekly salary and minimizes employee dissatisfaction.

5. HR Compliance

A staff management system improves efficiency, ensures compliance with HR policies, and fulfills your legal responsibilities as an employer. By making your staff management system more user-friendly, you can make it easier for your staff and managers to use it. In this guide, we outlined typical features and staff management system use cases. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of staff management systems.

Finally, we offer you a Finclock online staff management system for 30 days free.

Why businesses prefer online staff management system

There is no doubt that automation is a powerful thing. Whether it is a new piece of technology or a new process that completely streamlines the workflow, automation can increase productivity, improve efficiency, and increase efficiency.

But what about staff management?

Managing employees is a challenging task, and it requires a great deal of time, energy, and resources. It requires training, induction, and updating of employee information. It requires getting to know your employees' strengths and weaknesses. It requires keeping track of employee work hours and attendance. And, it requires discipline.

Imagine a world where you could do all of this in an automated fashion, without spending time or money on employee management. If that sounds like something you want, then staff management systems are for you.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of a staff management system

A staff management system is a system or program that allows you to manage your employees, such as scheduling, payroll, performance reviews, and time tracking. Staff management tools help you organize and track the working hours and projects of your employees. Staff management software has integrated features such as payroll, vacation and sick leave, performance reviews, and job profiles.

Staff management system is useful for small to large businesses.

These software systems are helpful to businesses/corporations, as well as staffing agencies. Staff management helps coordinate and streamline the processes of managing employees, so scheduling, payroll, and performance reviews can be done quickly and with accuracy. Staff management software also helps you to manage, track, and forecast job costs, providing a comprehensive scheduling tool. Staff management software also helps with employee onboarding, benefit enrollment, performance reviews, time tracking, and performance reports.

Online Staff management software helps businesses manage payroll, including direct deposits and W-2s. Staff management software also integrates with payroll software to automatically file payroll taxes. Staff management software can schedule employees into shifts, and can also track employees' hours worked. Staff management software tracks employees' time, and tracks projects. Staff management software includes performance review features, as well as job profiles. Staff management software provides detailed reporting, so businesses can monitor employee performance and cost.

Staff management includes scheduling, payroll, performance reviews, job profiles, time tracking, and project tracking. Staff management software includes features like time tracking, scheduling, personnel management, job costing, performance reviews, and employee. As discussed above, your organization's staff management system plays a pivotal role in your company's success, but the system itself might be outdated, inefficient and unresponsive to changes that arise in your company. Fortunately, you can update your staff management system with a modern software solution. More benefits you can enjoy when switching to a staff management system:

  1. Better communication

The current software you use might be outdated, which means your employees can't take full advantage of its features. Switching to a staff management system with modern features can help your employees communicate effectively with one another, which improves efficiency and boosts productivity.

  1. Faster onboarding.

A staff management system can help you onboard new employees more quickly, which saves them time and increases productivity.

  1. Better scheduling.

Staff management software simplifies your employees' schedules, which boosts their productivity and ensures that they're working the hours they need to stay productive.

  1. Automation.

Most importantly, a staff management system can help you automate business processes, which saves time and boosts productivity.

Importance of Staff Management system

Why you need Staff Management system in your business

The ability to track employee’s time, attendance, bonuses, sick days and vacations just got a whole lot easier. Staff Management is the perfect software to manage all the aspects of your staff.

Staff Management System provides an online cloud-based staff time and attendance tracking service. Staff Management allows you to track the time and attendance of your staff in real time. Staff Management also records your staff's activities, including their start and finish times, and any breaks. Staff Management also lets you view the amount of time your staff spend in each activity, and record the actual time your staff spent in each activity.

Time tracking software for businesses will help your organization track the time spent by employees on various tasks. The software can help you easily monitor how much time is spent on each task and prioritize tasks based on criticality. Time management is not just about tracking time. It is also about managing time. Time management is a process of managing one’s resources in an efficient manner. To get the most from your employees, you should give them time to focus on productive tasks. This is where time tracking software becomes useful. Time management software allows you to track not only time spent by employees on tasks but also time spent on non-work related activities.

Online Staff Management system also allows you to record and manage your staff's sick leave and vacation days. Staff Management allows you to record your staff's sick leave, and keep track of how many hours your staff has had sick leave. Staff Management also allows you to record and manage your staff's vacation days. Staff Management allows you to record your staff's vacation days, and keep track of how many hours your staff has had vacation days. Staff Management also enables you to view how long your staff has left of each type of leave, and view the total number of each type of leave. Staff Management also enables you to view how much time your staff has left of each type of leave, and view the total number of each type of leave.

Staff Management online also allows you to record and manage your staff's bonuses and salaries. Staff Management allows you to record and manage your staff's bonuses, and keep track of how many hours your staff has had bonuses. Staff Management also allows you to record and manage your staff's salaries. Staff Management allows you to record and manage your staff's salaries, and keep track of how many hours your staff has had salaries.

Staff Management also provides you with a staff management portal. Staff Management provides you with a staff management portal, where you can view all of your staff's timesheets

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