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Finclock LLC is SaaS company registered in USA, Delaware. The company provides the most sought after features for project management. Finclock empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly, ignite productivity, and ultimately enable people to achieve their true potential. It’s an integrated approach to enable optimal results over time with simplicity and ease of use.
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January 2022

How to Use Employee Management Software in your business Workflow

Summary Employee management software are a big part of business workflow now. Without these tools, you would waste a lot of time and energy trying to track down every little piece of work and planning tasks. The information that you enter into employee management software is an important part of your daily business workflow. But if you aren't careful, the information that you enter into those systems can get lost or inaccurate. Here are some tips for using employee management software effectively: Employee management is the process of managing a employee. The term employee relates to a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. Employee management software help you plan and monitor your employees more effectively—whether you're organizing an office party or planning an international business expansion. What to look for in employee management software The key to successful employee management is being able to plan and monitor your employees effectively. One of the most important parts of this is staying organized and documenting your progress. Employee management software can help you be more efficient and organized so you can manage your employees better. Here are some tips for using employee management software like Finclock, Finclock, Basecamp, Asana, [...]

Attaining productivity in the world of staff management

Do you know that it costs businesses over $1 billion in lost business per year due to poor employee productivity? One way to fix this problem is through an Employee Management tools. Which will help employees to be more profitable and employees productive. Nowadays, people are swamped with work. That is why it is necessary to have a system in place to manage employees and tasks so that they are done thoroughly and on time. Employee management tools can provide you with the solutions you need to keep on track with your employees. Functions of Employee Management Software The more companies rely on cloud-based solutions, the more they demand from their employee management software. Employee teams can now connect with customers, partners, and other stakeholders through social media channels and chat applications. Employee Documentation Online employee management tools provide information about the performance of the team and its members in real time. It offers a complete picture of work progress within the employee context and therefore helps to understand where bottlenecks occur and how to resolve them. It is also useful for stakeholders to track progress at a glance and assess potential risks that may arise during the employee's execution phase. Employee [...]

Benefits of HR management tools

Summary HR management is the process of monitoring and controlling HR departments, using a structured approach to ensure that they meet time, cost, quality and other constraints. HR management covers the functions of initiating, planning, executing, duties in an organization. The first step in the process is to initiate the HR department. In this phase the people who will be involved in the HR department are identified, their roles are defined and the scope of work for each role is determined. This phase also involves analysis activities such as defining goals and objectives of the HR department, specifying how these goals can be achieved. A decision is made to move forward with the HR department or not. If so then planning begins. Once a decision has been made to move forward with a work, plan its execution. In this phase you will identify what needs to be done to achieve your objectives and how it should be done; how much it will cost; how long it will take; what resources are required; what risks there are for going ahead with the HR department; how much contingency is needed. The management of a HR department is an ongoing process that involves the coordination [...]

Top 4 Staff Management tools

HR Managers usually have a degree in business administration, project management or engineering in addition to knowledge of the Company’s specific field. To be effective, Managers must possess advanced communication skills, leadership skills and be able to work well with all members of their team. Managers also need to be organized and efficient as they are often responsible for keeping on track with deadlines and managing any risks that may arise during the life span of their employees. I have been using project management tools (aka Project Management software) for a long time. I started off with Microsoft Project and then moved to Basecamp, which was the first project management software that I used when I started working for myself. Evaluation Criteria Before I share my list with you, let me tell you the criteria that I used to choose these five tools: Must be web based (no desktop software) It must be easy to use, no training required Must have file sharing capabilities and provide collaboration across the team members Must have time tracking capabilities so that my employees can track their work hours and expenses Must be affordable (ideally free or low cost) Best Employee Management Software FinClock is gaining [...]

Quick Guide on Employee Management Software Tools for businesses

Summary Employee Management is not just about setting up a task list, it is about managing people and resources in the most efficient way possible. It is about setting a goal, defining the way to achieve that goal and then tracking the progress to make sure everyone is on the same page. Finclock Employee Management tools helps you to manage the entire work cycle, cutting expenses and increasing profitability. Starting with creating projects online and organizing projects into boards, users will deliver work on time and within budget. Benefits of Employee Management tools in a business Every business has their own unique set of tasks and challenges. In some businesses, time is critical --- if you don't get your product to a customer on time, you might have to reimburse them for their troubles. In other businesses, quality is important --- if you ship a faulty product, you'll have to fix it. Tasks that can be easily quantified should be tracked through one or more Employee Management tools. This is as true for one man businesses as it is for Fortune 500 companies. Employee Management software is a great and necessary tool for work managers. It allows us to organize and streamline [...]

7 Ways to Increase Employee performance with online employee management software

An organization that understands the importance of employee productivity and efficiency can really benefit from using an online employee management software. Let’s talk about 7 ways you can improve your employee productivity through utilizing an online employee management system and what that means for you. Online employee management system, offer a number of benefits to companies. The system can boost an employee's productivity by providing easy access to information. It also helps you organize your workforce and keep track of important information such as attendance, payroll, leave and training. Increasing employee productivity is challenging. One of the biggest factors that affect employee productivity is their ability to access and use information in real time. If a company uses a manual or paper-based system, it can be difficult to always have the right information readily available. And, if the system doesn't provide a means for employees to communicate with one another, it can be difficult for them to share information and collaborate with each other. Trying to increase employee productivity without online employee management software is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel. It's nearly impossible because you won't know where you're going. Here are 7 ways a software can [...]

Can HRMS software increase employee productivity?

HRMS software is not just for the human resource department any more. HRMS software is a great employee management tool that can help you boost your company's productivity. Trying to manage your employees while also navigating the HRMS software that manages their benefits and payrolls is like trying to drive a car while working out a crossword puzzle. It's not very effective, and it's certainly not efficient. Trying to juggle everything in HRMS software can be tricky, which is why many companies are starting to invest in their own HRMS software. Online HRMS software helps you streamline the management of thousands of employees, saving you time and increasing productivity so you can focus on the real problems at hand. HRMS software is often used by large companies with thousands of employees, but that doesn't mean that small businesses can't benefit from it as well. Smaller companies may not have the same kind of workforce, but that doesn't mean they don't have to deal with similar issues. For example, smaller companies may have fewer employees and smaller workloads than their larger counterparts, but they still need some sort of employee management software to keep track of who is doing what and when they're [...]

Tips For Improving Staff Productivity with HRMS

HRMS (human resource management system) is an extremely useful business solution that helps streamline some of an HR manager's most important tasks. For example, HRMS solutions can help with recruitment and employee onboarding by providing a convenient way to store and access candidates' information. They can also be used to handle day-to-day tasks such as payroll, benefits administration and performance reviews. Productivity is a measure of output to input. A ratio greater than 1 is ideal. The larger the ratio, the more effective the employee. Also consider the location where you start your business. A choice between basic capital, human resources and other factors. The book “the hidden wealth of nations” describes ways of developing productivity and how to effectively convert low productivity countries into high productivity ones. An HRMS Software is a solution that helps the organizations to manage their Human Resource activities. It contains various modules that are necessary for various activities and functions performed in any organization. To get the best HRMS Software, it is necessary to check out its features and functionality. One of the main benefits of using an HRMS Software is that it enhances the productivity of an organization. It provides the employees with easy access [...]

How to use Online employee management software to Increase Employee Productivity

Online Employee Management Software  is a software program that helps companies with their human resources needs. Companies use HRMS for managing and recruiting employees, payroll and benefits, time management and scheduling, job performance evaluation, and succession planning among other things. The advantage of using an HRMS is that it automates many tasks and processes that would otherwise need to be handled manually. By measuring the difference between what is produced and what is consumed, productivity results. Large numbers of increased production in narrow time periods are ideal. According to Harvard Business review, "Higher labor productivity means more output per hour worked, which also means increased real wages, and therefore increased standards of living." We're sure you’re not. Eagerly awaiting more of your hard accomplished labor. When employees are not performing well at work, it is not always the fault of the employee. You also have to consider that the working environment might not be conducive for them to do their jobs, and therefore, you need to make some changes. What can you do? Are your employees working in the wrong positions? Are their skills obsolete? Are they stuck in dead end jobs? Have they been with the company for a long time [...]

December 2021

Work reporting software for Field Service workers

Summary The need to track field service work, tasks, cost and expenses is quite obvious. The current system is a combination of excel spreadsheets, email, text messages and phone calls. The current reporting structure for the technicians is also manual. - Task reporting: reporting of work completed by technicians on tasks assigned in previous projects. Technician will enter task information in the app on their phone or tablet. Service manager can easily see a list of all technicians that have been assigned to a work and a list of all tasks assigned to each technician. - Cost reporting: each technician will have an electronic clipboard (ipad or android) that they can take with them on the jobsite that will allow them to enter items purchased for the current project. Once at the jobsite, the clipboard will be connected to the internet via WiFi and allow real time updating of work information in the back office. Any material that is not purchased through traditional purchasing systems (ie no purchase orders) will be able to be entered manually via an excel spreadsheet attached to the clipboard. - Expense reporting: Each technician will be supplied with a small device which they can use to scan [...]

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