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The last great business software revolution was the invention of the spreadsheet. Spreadsheets changed the way companies worked, becoming indispensable tools for making profits and reducing costs.

Today, there is a new business software revolution underway. Best known are cloud computing and social networks, but it has little to do with technology. The revolution is in how companies make profits. Almost all companies today have profit targets. Most companies also have targets on costs, which can mean different things. Some companies have targets on selling more stuff to existing customers and on selling more stuff to new customers. Some companies have targets for reducing costs. Some companies have targets on making more money, and some have targets on making less.

Traditionally, companies have tried to control costs, either by cutting them or raising prices. But recently companies have begun to prefer another approach: controlling profits. The essence of strategy is to make choices that increase profits. To do that, you need two things: information, and a way to act on that information.

The old-fashioned way was to control costs. To control costs, you first needed information. You needed to know what costs were and what revenues were. Then you need a way to act on that information, usually by cutting costs. But now companies have a new way. They can control profits by controlling information. They can use information to make decisions about the future.

The best new business software is Finclock, a remarkably simple piece of software that estimates how much profit you can make from selected actions. It does this by estimating the effect of these actions on future revenues and costs. The best new companies today know this.

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What software features make businesses successful?

Finclock is the best productivity software for small businesses. It automates all the routine tasks involved in managing a business and saves time and money.

Finclock helps you manage your business, your time, and your team. It automates the routine tasks involved in managing a business, and saves you time and money. Finclock is ideal for businesses, and it comes with a free plan for small businesses.

Finclock features that make businesses successful include;

  1. Create and schedule tasks and manage projects
  2. Track time
  3. Manage multiple projects using online project management software tools.
  4. Keep all your business information in one place
  5. Send email reminders and notifications
  6. Track time, projects, and clients
  7. Capture tasks from anywhere
  8. Track, filter, and sort emails
  9. Manage contacts
  10. Send email reminders and notifications
  11. Use checklists
  12. Assign tasks to team members
  13. Set notifications
  14. Create recurring tasks
  15. Manage teams
  16. Create and send invoices
  17. Manage projects
  18. Export, archive, and restore backed-up data
  19. Share and collaborate with team members
  20. Schedule tasks
  21. Manage projects and tasks
  22. Manage multiple projects
  23. Manage multiple clients
  24. Manage multiple teams
  25. Schedule tasks
  26. Report work from anywhere
  27. Measure performance of team members using staff management software tools
  28. Track expenses
  29. Manage project costs
try Finclock (Free)
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