Employee management software for businesses in USA

FinClock is an employee management software for businesses in USA. It is entirely web-based and cloud-based, which means it can work on any computer since there's no installation. Finclock is scheduling and employee management software for small businesses in USA. The system streamlines processes and helps you increase your profits and productivity by helping you run your business better. This system organizes your day-to-day work: whether you're tracking sales, estimating project deadlines, or even delegating tasks to your team.

Why choose Finclock?

Finclock is the ultimate team productivity software for businesses in the USA. One simple tool to log time, monitor tasks, record expenses, create reports, and work on projects. It also helps your business to save money by removing repetitive manual work. Until now, online time tracking solutions were either too simple or too complex. Finclock is the first complete solution for business owners who want to keep track of everything their employees do daily, like time spent on proposals, in the office, and in the meeting.

Why Use online project software?

In a perfect world, all projects would be delivered on time and within budget. But the reality is often far from this goal – projects overrun, deliver late, and deliver at a cost over budget. Finclock team software watch over project runners and make sure they don't go off course or exceed budget – you can concentrate on strategically important tasks while your virtual assistant takes care of project management. Stop worrying about your long list of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, as Finclock team software also takes care of that. It also helps you see if there are any delays occurring that will negatively impact your business.

Finclock is a web-based time and employee management application - easy to use, scalable, and compatible with all browsers and smartphones. It comes with handy features, including assignment of tasks, scheduling of meetings, and collaboration between team members (shared calendars and document discussion). Editable Gantt charts, SPREADSHEET REPORTING, TIME TRACKING, and PLANNED WORK reports make your life easier. Dedicated customer support round off this professional tool.

Staff management software is built for teams who need to collaborate and manage their projects. It is an application that allows you to handle every step of the workflow, eliminating manual work and integrating easily with other platforms. With Finclock, you can share calendars, tasks & documents, discuss instantly via chat & emails, record expenses & revenues, set up reminders and automate workflows to help your business grow.

This software helps systematize your design process. It's flexible to accommodate the different roles in the business and customizable to meet your unique business needs. With Finclock, you can set up milestones, post tasks for team members, keep track of tasks in progress, oversee budgets, monitor progress over time, print reports; everything you need to manage your design process in an affordable package designed explicitly for SMBS.

Do you want to control projects and their timelines effectively? If yes, you'll need to combine your financial data, overtime data, project timesheets, tasks, and expenses. On the one hand, the Pro version is suitable for small companies with up to 5 million dollars in total project investment over 10,000 hours. On the other hand, the Corporate version will be convenient for projects with $5 million or more total investment and 100 employees or more.

Finclock is an online employee management software solution that can dramatically improve your project performance by helping you plan, budget, and report on your projects. Finclock provides the essential features required for a professional employee management software package at a price that makes it affordable for small businesses.

This online employee management software offers a quick and intuitive way for your business to manage team, task, and time-based projects effectively. This cloud-based software is easy to set up and use. It helps you built better working relationships with key stakeholders and clients through reporting capabilities, task updates, approvals, etc. Try our free 30-day trial today!

Our easy-to-use software allows individuals and teams to manage projects, tasks, and contact information in one space. Use the dashboard to view your current projects, their status and to add new tasks. Watch our video demo to see more:

Finclock automates the employee management activities typically done by a human resource manager. Finclock monitors all incoming invoices tagged as being for a specific period and specific expenses as produced by this period. Finclock recommends new projects based on previously successful scheduling of new projects within similar periods. Finclock suggests employee names from those who have been successful on similar projects in the past. Finclock can recommend an allocation of new projects to available employees based on the familiar performance rating.

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