How to Make Attendance Reports online?

The ultimate goal of investing in attendance management is to obtain meaningful information in a summarized manner. The Attendance management system Reports are critical and therefore the summary of the reports should be availed in a manner that managers can understand. When employees register as described here the management will obtain very useful reports from the online attendance management system. Using reports can range from individual level, job category reports, department reports and even company reports. these reports include;

  1. Timesheets
  2. Employee Job Groups and Categories
  3. Employee List Records
  4. Geolocation and Geo-fencing of Stations
  5. Suspected Employee Out of Work Place Range Report
  6. Employee Leave Assignment
  7. Employee Transfer
  8. Payrolls report

the management is able to login directly to their online accounts and receive these reports in real-time. This is the only system that operates both on mobile devices and on the web browsers. You can view sample Attendance management system Reports here

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