What is the Best Attendance System?

Finclock  Attendance management system is a modern employee attendance management solution that serves over 1000 businesses in over 60 countries. Finclock Attendance management system is a mobile based employee management system that uses  both fingerprints, facial and mobile based attendance recording methods.

The employees can record daily attendance, record tasks and even make requests to the management using attendance app. The data is sent to a cloud based server, enabling managers to access the data in real time from any place and at any time. Finclock Attendance enables management to get many reports which help in decision making process.

The current customers are happy and are using the reports for various purposes, including analyzing employee performance, making payroll reports, evaluation of tasks completed by employees, shift and leave management and to eliminate time theft in businesses. The data is provided in real-time and provided to different departments, where a head of a department will only see the reports for employees under them.

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Finclock time attendance management system

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