Get Finclock 3.0 with New Staff Management System features

Finclock, a staff management platform for remote workers, just launched Finclock 3.0.

Finclock is an all-in-one staff management system for remote teams, with tools that allow owners and managers to track time, invoice clients and track employee performance.

Finclock is a project-based software, that means both employees and managers can track time, invoice clients, track employee performance and timesheets.

The 3.0 update includes new features to streamline freelancers, consultants, and contractors.

For freelancers, Finclock has enhanced its Time Tracking feature to allow clients to track their time. Now, both the freelancer and client can track time.

Finclock has also started offering invoicing feature for freelancers. Now, freelancers can invoice clients, and clients can invoice freelancers.

Finclock has also added Hubspot and QuickBooks integration that allows users who are using the project management tool to collaborate and share data.

Finclock also offers a free 30-day trial. Sign up for free today and start organizing work.

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