Online employee management software updates 2021


Finclock online employee management software takes care of all your business needs. It is a fully-featured, intuitive, yet powerful Time Tracking and Billing software. You can manage and track your employees' time, create invoices, add clients, track expenses, manage timesheets and more. With Finclock, you will be able to easily track the working hours of your employees, generate invoices, track expenses, manage timesheets, print pay slips, create reports and much more.

You can track vacation, sick, and maternity hours or track employee time manually with the easy to use time tracking tool. You can generate employee timesheets and keep track of all employee timesheets. No more forgetting to clock-in or clock-out. Use Finclock to clock-in/clock-out and manage your work schedule.

Finclock lets you enter unlimited working hours, projects or clients. You can create as many projects, clients, employees, and working hours as you want. You can track unlimited employees. Finclock lets you track employee time, employee attendance, and employee attendance history.

Track employee attendance, employee attendance history, employee sick hours, and employee sick hours history. Know which employees have spent the most hours, when was the last time an employee was sick, when was the last vacation and how long was the employee on vacation. Finclock lets you track all employee time and attendance details. With Finclock, you can generate invoices, track expenses, manage timesheets, print pay slips, create reports, and export reports in .csv and pdf.

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New Features of online employee management software

Finclock is a fully featured employee management software suite that easily manages employee time and attendance, absence tracking, and project tracking.

Employee scheduling

Finclock's employee scheduling feature lets you set up employee schedules, track employee absences, and automate the sending of emails. You can also create shift clusters to automatically assign shifts to employees or employees to shifts based on their current schedules.

Employee tracking

Finclock allows you to track employee time, attendance, and absences. Time and attendance details include:

Employee location

Finclock's employee location feature allows you to track employee locations with GPS.

Employee timesheets

Finclock's timesheets feature allows you to track time worked and time not worked by employees.

Employee absence tracking

Finclock's absence tracking feature allows you to track employee absences including reasons for absence, and absence dates.

Employee expenses

Finclock allows you to track employee expenses. You can track employee expenses by employee or group, and by expense type.

Employee work progress

Finclock's employee work progress feature allows you to track employee work progress. Work progress allows you to track employee tasks, hours worked, and time off taken.

Employee project tracking

Finclock's employee project tracking feature allows you to track employee tasks, hours worked, and time off taken.

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Online employee management software for businesses

Finclock is the leading employee staff management for businesses. It is an all-in-one time recording, payroll, attendance and employee management solution with powerful features that allows business owners to easily track employee hours, run payroll, and customize reports and views. Finclock is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their information from any device with an internet connection. Improve your business performance with more accurate data. Finclock gives you the tools you need to manage your employees' time and attendance. With our easy-to-use interface, multiple user access and detailed reporting capabilities, you can make better business decisions about how to improve your bottom line.

Summary of features include:

  • Access employee timesheets and approve time off requests.
  • Manage your employees' work status.
  • View employees' work schedules.
  • Track employee project status.
  • Track employee vacation requests.
  • Access employee expenses.
  • Create timesheets.
  • View payroll information.
  • Get detailed reports.
  • Export payroll information.
  • Manage work tasks.
  • Manage employee time off requests.
  • Manage employee expenses.
  • Create employee time-off schedules.
  • Manage work tasks.
  • Manage employee vacation requests.
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