Online Task Management software benefits

Benefits of using task management system

Task management system helps you to get these benefits within 30 days.

  1. Your employees will complete work on time.
  2. Managers will get real time task reports from any location.
  3. Monitor work progress and expenses in real time
  4. Cut cost of operations by 15-30%
  5. Increase staff engagement and productivity.
  6. Finclock work management system provides tools that save your time and money.
  7. Use task management system to set goals in a project, and get real-time reports as team members or employees proceed with their work.
  8. Choose Finclock task manager application for office and field workers, thus harmonize project management needs.
  9. Follow up on project reports without the need to make physical inspection, thus save time and money.
  10. Streamline communication in your organization and eliminate time wastage and duplication of tasks.
  11. Use the best performing reports as references, thus improve performance in each project.
  12. Improve employee engagement and communication, thus improve productivity in your organization.

How to use Task Management System?

  1. To your business, the task management system shall replace all manual reports in project management. Project Managers shall create projects, update task reports and even update the costs directly using the online task management software.
  2. You will be able to approve or reject payments directly using your phone or browser, from anywhere at any time.
  3. You will reduce the project expenses by having less time to completion in a project.
  4. Work records, supplies and consultancy expenses are automatically analyzed, meaning that you have the full information in real time.  Using the task planning reports, you will see the bottlenecks and challenges faced in a project, and you can take actions immediately.
  5. Process payments and quotations for tasks and projects.  This process will reduce inefficiencies experienced in a project, thus save you time and money
  6. Get Direct reports: with comments, photos, texts and even audio recordings of reports, which are happening in the project location.
  7. You can download these reports as PDF and excel.

Task management system features

Finclock provides all task management system features as part of the project management system. Use the task management features to achieve the following:

  1. Create projects from scratch, set project budget and milestones.
  2. Create tasks under the project and assign the tasks to employees or team members.
  3. Task planning, which includes scheduling of tasks, setting reporting cycles and setting task priority.
  4. Task reporting system, which includes adding new actions on a task, taking summary reports and submitting them as part of the project reporting.
  5. Track task report, by seeing the late tasks, ongoing, planned and completed tasks. All these features are in the task manager app
  6. Update tasks by adding new actions, add comments, photos and attach files to a project.
  7. Finclock EMS includes the best staff management software, which will provide a complete set of tools for business and project management.
  8. Track GPS location, where the task was completed.
  9. Track time of task reporting, who reported the task and the progress of each task.

How Task management system works

  • Task management system comes as a mobile and web application, which will enable you to plan tasks on a given project.
  • Use Finclock to create tasks on projects, which can be assigned to yourself or other team members.
  • Finclock enables you to follow up on employee working progress, based on the reports of the tasks assigned to them.
  • The employees will use task reporting app to add new action they have completed on a given project.
  • The work management system shows the action completed, the expenses on the task and the progress as a percentage.
  • When using the task management software, the employee will take photos of the work completed, add comments and even record audio report on the project.
  • The task reporting app provides a seamless method of project management including approving task, cancelling tasks and rescheduling tasks.
  • Using Finclock task management software helps businesses reduce the time of project inspection and cut cost of operations in a business or organization.

Cut operation cost using Task management software

Using the tasks management software, businesses and organizations across the world have reported improvements in their projects.

When employees start using the tasks management software, each employee is dedicated to their work, since their payment is based on the work completed. The employees will make reports of the work they have done and they are paid when the tasks are approved. The manager can review the tasks and add comments. Since the task reports include photos and GPS location, the employees will no longer make false payment claims.

When you embrace task management system, your project costing will reduce by up to 25% within the first 3 months. The project planning application ensures that the project is completed on time and according to the set standards. Using the task planning app, workers can contribute to a project from different locations, meaning that there will be reduced cost of project management.

Using task management system and application eliminates the need to make random or sting operations in your organization. This is achieved by providing the workers with tools for self-management in projects. The burden of project monitoring and inspection is reduced to making employees self-driven, meaning that they shall be self-motivated to deliver their best. The outcome is reduced costs of operation and improved productivity.

Eliminate time wastage using task management system

Task management system will help will help your organization to reduce time wastage. When you embrace the task management system, you will plan on project in advance, meaning that the employees or team members know exactly what to do when the time comes. Using task planning application will also eliminate the duplication of tasks, which happens in many organizations. Finclock is the best task planning application, which comes with both time management and task reporting.

Finclock task management system with attendance tracking will enable the employee to make timely attendance and task reports. Finclock is the only task planning application with attendance management.

Many businesses across the world are using this task management application for field workers and office workers too. Having the option to clock in and clock out online and offline eliminates the possible excuses of connectivity issues. Using finclock task management app for work planning, the workers are able to change the behavior of people and make them come to work on time.

Since the employee comes to work on time, reports what they have done on time and makes requests on time, all project management features have been resolved.

Improve employee communication using Task management system

Using task management system enables the employees to make periodic reports of the work they are doing. The task reporting app has tools for an employee to create tasks and update the actions they are taking. The planned tasks are automatically sent to the cloud project management system, which will harmonize all projects tasks and reduce duplication of tasks.

When a manager creates a task in a project, they can assign the task to one or many employees or team members and the team members can see it when they login to their online employee management software accounts. The team members will not waste time creating the same task, but will instead focus on delivering their part. Since the task management application comes with a comment, audio and photo recording, the managers can follow up on projects and make informed decisions. Here, the management will be able to re-plan a given task, by updating the task status and assigning them to people. It shall be faster, easier and more engaging to use the task planning application in your projects.

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