Time and attendance management software tools for workers

Time Attendance Management software for workers

The main reasons why Finclock is the top attendance management software include: analysed reports, working in areas without connectivity, combined tracking of location and dedicated support.

  1. FinClock staff attendance management software solve all attendance management challenges, starting from on-boarding of employees through tamper-proof registration, Management of daily attendance records, Employee location tracking through GPS, to employee performance reports.
  2. This is the best attendance management system, which offers a complete method of ensuring that employees attend to their job places on time, complete the tasks assigned appropriately, and the Employee records are integrated into both On-premise and online servers.
  3. FinClock employee management software is available for both indoor and fieldworkers. In this case, the outdoor workers are best suited with the mobile application. In the case of Fixed Time attendance management, Finclock combines Fingerprint/ biometric attendance kits, where, employees will use their fingerprints to clock in and out.
  4. Finclock is unique because it serves in rugged regions experiencing Poor Internet connectivity as it can record attendance offline. This is enabled by mobile app, which can be take the GPS position, time of clocking in and Out, then store the data until the user gets connected. The mobility of the devices, enables the use of the system to monitor the attendance of decentralized workforce, such as attendance management in construction, field services and many more.
  5. The Online  attendance management system  shall enable the managers to make real-time decisions as they can see the employee records directly using their phones or computer. As such, organizations having both decentralized and institution-based working environment, find FinClock a suitable solution for workforce management.
  6. Attendance Management Software for middle East and Europe workers

    In the most businesses, schools and government institutions  currently, labor cost amounts to about 25 – 45% of the total operations cost. The high cost of operations is attributed to inefficiencies in staff attendance management. Staff members who mostly, employee remuneration is based on a constant salary, but their performance remains unsupervised. As such most projects may end up at a cost, much higher than the initial planned expense. It has been reported by many organizations that unaccounted operational costs is the main cause for a project exceeding the initial planned expense. Thus, the only way to save costs of operation is to use staff attendance management software for staff members, which fits the needs of the business or institution and clients as well.

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