employee online attendance system functionalities

Employee online Attendance system functionalities.

Attendance management software with Employee register

The FinClock time attendance management software addresses the need of having a clean employee register. Here, the tamper proof employee database is created by  having the employees either register from the mobile app and be approved by admin, or the admin invites the employees and approves their profile details, after they create their account.  The employee records are first stored on the local database, and then automatically uploaded to a secure server. The data can be viewed, but the changes will required admin rights at the position of management.

Attendance management software online with timesheet reports

  1. The employees who have been registered will require to sign in when they get to their work place and sign out when they leave the workplace. The employees will  either use their PIN or use their fingerprint and sign in or sign out, with or without internet connection. The data shall be uploaded to the secure online attendance management software, regardless of the time range.
  2. This features in the online attendance management system provide a unique method of managing employees in actual working conditions, both office and fieldworkers.
  3. The employees are not able to view or edit the attendance records since the admin is disabled on the handheld device and only available to county level admins.

Portable biometric attendance machine for timesheet processing.

The employee timesheets are automatically processed via the admin web module. The processed timesheet shows the employee ID, name, assigned workplace, sign on and sign off time and date as well as the number of hours the employee has worked. The data can be downloaded into an PDF sheet and used to make decisions. using the Best attendance management system, managers can now know who is attending job, who is absent and even who is signing in and out away from their workplace.

Attendance management system with Shift planning tools.

Start saving time using finclock staff time attendance management system. This is the best staff management application that works online and offline. Shift planning starts with setting employee shifts in the online attendance management software. Managers will assign employee shifts based as per the workstations. the only shift planner that works in multiple workstations. Using the best shift management application, you will be able to schedule shifts of employees and decide the time of arrival and time of leaving the work station. Also, Finclock Shift planner allows setting allowances for attendance, such as 10 minutes. when an employee comes to work later than the set shift time, they are automatically flagged as late. Wondering how to stop employee lateness? Use Finclock shift planning application. This mobile application turns mobile phones to attendance management systems. The start members will clock in and clock out when they are at work. Here, the shifts set per employee can automate tracking of time attendance. Scheduling of employees to multiple posts is easy using Finclock shift scheduling software. the system allows managers to schedule multiple shifts based on the needs of the business. Best shift scheduling application allows employees to request for shift changes using their mobile phones. The employer can approve change of shifts and reschedule employee shifts online. Start using the best shift planning system today and save time and  money. Register here today and enjoy efficient employee management

Attendance management software with performance reports.

Based on Key Performance indicators set during installations, the employee performance based on timeliness, Absenteeism, lateness trends and completion of tasks can be measured. The real-time data is accumulated and the performance of an employee is displayed in a simplified Tables, which can be used for decision making.

Staff management software for records management

The employee records can be seen after registration. Here, the employee name, assigned workplace, job category, payment frequency, account number and the employee mobile number can be seen. The employee records can be downloaded as a pdf or excel format and used to make other decisions such as payments and employee promotion, demotion and even dismissal. Also, the employee can be marked as either active or inactive. Inactive employees are not able to get any data processed.

The wage of each employee is automatically calculated according to the number of hours they have worked. Since a shift hours are known, any lateness is automatically deducted. Additional Hours worked can be audited by the Company Admin and appropriate decisions reached.

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