Attendance system benefits

Attendance system helps your team to save time and maximum productivity. Currently, all businesses and institutions seek to maximum employee productivity, which can be achieved using employee attendance system. The attendance system can be deployed in several ways, where the appropriateness depend on the nature of your work. Teams that work in the same location can use a biometric attendance system, which comprises of Portable biometric attendance machine (clocking devices), and attendance software. For teams working on the field, the best option is to use attendance app that is linked to a web-based attendance system. Thus, any team of employees or members of an organization can choose the appropriate system to manage attendance.

Timesheet reports from attendance system

When employees mark attendance, the data is either stored in the biometric device or mobile phone. When an internet connection is available, the data is sent to the attendance software, which analyzes the data into timesheet reports. A timesheet report shows the start and end time of a shift. The report can be shift-based timesheet report, daily timesheet report, and weekly, and monthly timesheet reports. This way, the manager can use the timesheet reports to process payments and performance reports.

Processing timesheet for payment

Timesheet processing is automated when using online attendance system. The timecard or timesheet data goes to the system and gets summarized into the payable and non-payable hours. In the case of non-payable hours, the manager can make approvals for payment, when the employee provides a valid reason for payment consideration. Notably, attendance software with timesheet processing helps save time and simplify the process. Comparing automated timesheet processing to manual processes shows that the time spent to analyze and process payments is reduced by 95%. For instance, manual timesheet processing can take several days for a team of 100 employees. Conversely, the automated timesheet processing takes few hours for the same number of employees. Thus, embracing online attendance software for timesheet processing saves time, and simplifies the payment processing.

Payroll from timesheet reports

A payroll is processed from timesheet reports by exporting the payable hours to the payroll system. In this case, employees will be paid for the time worked only. This method reduces the labor costs by 30%. Besides, online attendance software with payroll processing makes the work of managers easy because the whole payment processing process is completed in the same system. Hence, using attendance system for payroll processing makes work easy and improves accuracy of the payroll. Consequently, your business will reduce the cost of labor and utilize the funds for growth.

Employee performance reports

Attendance software with employee performance reports has features to analyze the performance of each person based on their attendance records. The employees who come to work late are rated low, which helps managers to decide on the best course of action for non-performing employees. This way, managers can discipline employees who are lazy. The employee attendance system offers departmental performance reports, which helps company owners to identify the challenges in the organization. Using the attendance system, you can download performance reports monthly, quarterly or yearly. Then, you can use the reports for appraisals, staff evaluation. Hence, the best way to manage employee performance is to use tamperproof attendance system with task management features.

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