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  1. To eliminate false employee payments and thus cut down the labor costs by 30%.
  2. To induce efficiency in record keeping of materials and services in a project
  • To cut the time to completion of projects, by ensuring employees complete their target tasks in time.

Motivation of adopting an Online task management software

  1. Construction projects demand labor at all levels. The specialization of the workforce is divided into different categories, where each category has its daily wage.
  2. Certainly, a track of record of work done and the payment made by the employees is mandatory, and the absence of a good mechanism for data collection and record keeping allows exaggeration of costs and extension of time to completion of projects.
  3. Thus, there needs to be a method of tracking the employees working in a project, against the amount the work done by each person. Then, the task assigned needs to be attached to the payment, though a tamperproof employee management system

current state of construction projects.

Currently, labor amounts to about 25-45% of the total project cost. The cost involved causing inefficiencies include:

  1. Ghost workers. For example, employees working in a project can be 50, but the billing records show 80 employees working on the project.
  2. Employees who attend to the jobs are paid based on employee attendance software reports, but their performance remains unaccounted for, especially in projects with many employees. However, the Bill of Quantities during project planning outlines how many employees would work and for how many days, which is the main reason for a project exceeding the expected amounts.
  • The workforce at a construction site is involved in numerous diversion of materials to different activities, yet each piece is accounted for in the costs. In some cases, there is outright theft of materials, especially cement, metallic components, and finishes.
  1. There lacks a direct method of follow-up of all these events on a construction site, meaning that a collusion between the workforce and security officers in a construction site leads to significant increase in pricing.

Proposed solutions using online task management software

The main issues to be addressed by the FinClock EMS at your construction projects shall include:

  1. Ensuring that employees that are paid attend and their records of time worked in the construction site recorded using a fingerprint attendance system.
  2. The employees’ payment shall automatically be calculated based on the amount they are paid per hour, then summed up for a given period, such as a day, week or a month.
  3. The employees shall be assigned tasks per category with target per day being set by the company admin. Then, the employees will record progress and the percentage of completion per given time shall be recorded, including a picture of the work done.
  4. The materials allocated for a project shall be tracked from the time of induction to a project to the time of usage at the same project. The total amount shall then be compared to the targets set in the BoQ, to track the usage. using the Project Scheduling Software, the cases of material loss can be attached to penalties, deductible from the payments of people responsible per category.

Proposed changes introduced by the online construction management software

1.      Employee time attendance system module

FinClock EMS shall be deployed to the site, managed by the site manager/supervisor. The employees shall, therefore, be registered using fingerprint data, which shall then be linked to their payroll.

Employees will then be registering attendance every day, and their payment shall be based on the number of days they appear at work.

Cases of absenteeism shall be managed by having unapproved cases being penalized in the wage calculation.

Since FinClock Has the inbuilt capability to prevent multiple registrations, only people registered and attending the job every day shall be paid, where the work they do shall be visible in the list of tasks completed.

Thus, having the group supervisor run the FinClock device shall provide a chance to enroll the people without cheating, the jobs shall be completed without failure, and the services shall be cheaper than contracting through various third parties.

2.      Online Project Management Tools helps in progress reporting

The main issues to be solved include each employee’s performance work at the end of the day, which then translates to the total daily progress.

Each employee shall be assigned tasks as per their job category, which is then based on the target for a given category.

Each employee’s track of work shall be recorded online, including the photos of the work done and the progress measured against the set target. For example, a painter who has been assigned the job to paint a room in 3 days shall record daily progress, and the payment shall be based on the completion of the job.

If the employee works behind schedule, their payment shall be deducted, with an equal percentage to work done.

Figure 2 shows progress report for painting and pavement compacting, recorded directly at a construction site.

3.      Accounting for construction materials made possible using Online Employee Task Management Software

The main aim is to ensure that the materials paid for have actually been received at a site. Here, the following measures shall be implemented:

  1. The materials delivered shall be recorded by the site manager, including the details of the suppliers.
  2. Suppliers shall be paid upon verification of the materials delivered, where the record cannot be altered
  3. The total progress of materials shall be compared to the target amount as per the BOQ, meaning that there can be no theft that goes unnoticed, and the responsible parties shall be held accountable.

the video demo here shows Online staff management software reports on how record of materials delivered to a construction site are managed, indicating the type and the supplier details.

4.      Streamlining communication

4.1.            Inspections

  1. A construction project will involve many professional inspections. This will require that each person making inspections files a report, which takes a professional format.
  2. With FinClock Project Tracking Software, a project inspection shall be easy and direct, since each module to be inspected shall be programmed to simplistic steps, which include the measurements, comparison with the initial design and direct reporting via the FinClock EMS.
  3. Professionals will have the FinClock EMS application in their phone, which they will fill the right details, and it shall be compiled to a report hosted in a secured

5.      Reporting of site incidents and assigning roles

The finClock mobile app provides a platform where the office admin shall be able to see exactly what is happening at the construction site, and they can assign a given incident to any person, either via emailing or directly on the FinClock EMS system.

Figure 5 shows an issue being sent via email to a contractor.

6.      Instant messaging

The FinClock Employee Management System provides a direct chat platform, where a direct chat can be done via the FinClock Device to the office admin and vice versa. This will enable the communication to be direct, less cumbersome and cheap.

Figure 6 shows a direct conversation between office admin and the site manager, using FinClock EMS messaging.

7.          Implementation strategy

  1. Each project shall be equipped with the FinClock handheld device, which can be managed by either a supervisor/foreman or the site manager, depending on the site of the project.
  2. Each employee shall be registered using their fingerprint.
  3. During set up, the hourly wage shall be input and the daily/weekly/monthly payment calculated automatically, once the worker clocks in and out.
  4. The whole project status shall be reported directly from the device, where progress reports, delivery reports, and worker performance can be input and measured directly.
  5. The site managers shall be trained on how to use the Employee Task Management Software, where daily performance shall be evaluated and improvement strategies proposed.

8           Expected outcomes

  1. Employees shall arrive at the site on time and use attendance application for fieldworkers.
  2. Employees shall be paid based on the amount of work done
  3. You shall eliminate ghost workers.
  4. Theft of materials shall reduce by up to 85%
  5. The projects shall be completed on time when you start using Online Project Management Tools

9. Expected cost/ benefit analysis

  1. The cost of Embracing FinClock EMS shall be recovered in savings, within the first one month.
  2. Since the payment is based on active projects, the expected return on investment shall be witnessed, just by eradicating employee illegalities.
  3. The performance and time to completion of projects shall be improved by up to 45%. Thus the cost of additional time shall also be recovered as savings.
  4. The employees shall also be happy, and track of different projects shall be attained. Thus the return on investment shall be recorded to be between 40 to 75% in savings.

  10    Recommended timelines of  using Online project management software

FinClock EMS can be embraced at any stage of a project. The setup time is about one week, including daily training and evaluation of employee performance.

Within the first one month from implementation, the FinClock technical  support team shall visit the site on a regular basis, ensuring that the benefits of implementation are attained immediately.

11.         Conclusion

A construction project is time and cost sensitive. The only way to cut on costs is to ensure that the workforce is as per the requirement and the progress of the project is monitored on daily basis. It can therefore be concluded that FinClock EMS should be adopted to all construction projects, thus forming the basis of improvement of efficiency in all construction projects.

It is time to request for a free demo and see how much you will save  in your projects. Talk to us now and we shall be ready to guide you.

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