December 2021

Workforce management software for field service teams

The work crew scheduling software allows you to setup a construction project and calculate the resources needed. The plan is then sent to the workers who can receive it on their smart phones. As they arrive at a job site they can use the app to check in and report if they're ready to begin work. Crew members who don't have the latest version of the app can also receive text messages reminding them about upcoming tasks and deadlines. The project management feature of the software gives you options for different scheduling methods including critical path, percentage complete, and more. The program will automatically alert schedulers when important milestones are approaching so that everything stays on schedule. The Workforce management software for field service can be used for projects within a single company or for multiple companies using an account structure. A dedicated scheduler can manage each account's team of workers from one central location. Additionally, every worker and construction manager has access to tools that allow them to monitor all ongoing projects from their smartphone or computer. A dashboard displays labor costs as well as time spent on each task so you can see how much money and time is being [...]

Workforce management software for construction

Construction is a very important part of the economy. In most countries, it represents a large proportion of the GDP. Construction is also a sector that employs many people. It is estimated that between 10 and 15 percent of the workforce in most developed countries are employed in construction. The construction industry can be very lucrative for those who have the skills and knowledge to undertake it successfully. With the right software, this industry can also be much better managed and more efficient. This software is known as workforce management software for construction. The aim of such software is to make sure that the entire process is streamlined and that time is used effectively. This software can help with scheduling projects, ensuring that materials are delivered on time, and managing manpower more effectively. An effective employee management software for construction workers will be able to track individual workers, record the hours they have worked, monitor their productivity and efficiency levels, assist in scheduling tasks and projects, and even help managers keep an eye on whether or not their teams are being overworked. Such a system will provide managers with all the information they need to run a business efficiently and profitably, while [...]

Project reporting software for remote workers

Summary Project reporting software for remote workers plays a crucial role in the success of any project that is outsourced. Project reporting software lets you track the progress of the project and also provides detailed reports to the client by email or even a personalized website. This way if you are working remotely, it becomes easy to provide regular updates to your clients as well as monitor your own progress. Finclock offers online Project reporting software for remote workers. Finclock allows you to keep track of your time and productivity, to see where you spend your time during the working day and what tasks take most of your time. Finclock will help you to boost performance, recover time wasted on unnecessary activities, be better organized at work and improve team communication. Your business needs a project reporting software Project management software is a combination of tools that are used to schedule and report on projects. Project reporting tools for remote workers can be customized to fit the needs of any project manager and the remote workers they supervise. Project management tools help the project manager keep remote workers on task by allowing them to communicate with each other in real time. Using [...]

Project reporting software for construction

Summary Finclock Project reporting software for construction is an advanced and feature-rich tool that has been designed to help contractors and subcontractors organize, track, and report costs, expenses, and time. With the software you can keep track of project costs at all times, know where you stand in terms of budget, and come up with better invoices for your clients. Task reporting: shows you all the tasks performed on a specific site Cost reporting: allows you to create invoices by adding labor hours, material purchases and other project related costs Expense Reporting: helps you to accumulate all your expenses under different categories Time reporting: helps you to track the time spent on specific activities or jobs The project planner software also allows you to generate charts and graphs which can be illustrated on invoices. The charts allow customers to see how services were carried out during the entire duration of a project. Apart from that, the system provides a means of monitoring projects in real time so that you can stay updated on your progress. The information can be accessed from any mobile device including laptops or desktops. The accuracy of the data depends on their reliability which is why automatic reports [...]

Work reporting software for architects

Finclock is the best work reporting software for architects. Finclock is a cloud-based tool that allows you to manage work and time, monitor expenses and use timesheets to report on all of your project's activities. Finclock creates a centralized system so you can stay on top of your projects. All reports are available real time on your fingertips. You can keep track of your time, expenses and tasks in one place, helping you make better business decisions. Features include: - Manage your projects efficiently with a task report - Generate cost reports on a per project basis - Generate expense reports on a per project basis - Generate time reports on a per project basis Work reporting software for architects makes life easy. With Finclock you can not only track your tasks, but also create great looking reports. All you need to start using Finclock is a browser. No installation! Using our drag and drop form designer, you can create whatever kind of reports you want for your clients. You can use the report templates that are included in Finclock or start from scratch. There is no way to prevent people from wasting their own time. The best you can do for [...]

work management tools for small business

Many small businesses rely on paper records to manage their teams and works. This makes it difficult to see how well a team is performing as a whole, and rather difficult to produce meaningful reports for upper management. This business has created software which automates the process of creating these reports. With work management tools for businesses, the task of creating such reports can be automated. Notably, one way to make your business more productive is to use work reporting software. Work reporting software helps you manage, track and report works. The most popular kind of work management software is scheduling and time tracking. In this type of work management software there is a schedule. You can enter all the works that you have and all the tasks that must be completed in a certain amount of time. You can assign certain tasks to people or departments and then track their progress in meeting their goals on time. Work reporting software also helps you create reports for clients, allowing them to see where their money is going. It's important to find the right work reporting software for your small business. There are many different types of work management software, so it's important [...]


PMS, or People Management System, encompasses a wide range of tools used to manage and control personnel. A typical example is an intranet website that allows an employee to register his/her weekly working hours in the system, so that management can keep track of it. The system also allows the employee to submit leave applications and approve them via the system. Another related PMS tool is a mobile application that provides employees with a portal to access information about their benefits, salary slip and leave balance etc. This application also gives employees access to on-demand video conferences for HR support. What are the benefits of using PMS? 1) Increased productivity: Better communication between employees and managers means more effective teamwork and less time wasted in meetings. 2) Reduced absences: Employees are given more flexibility as they can plan their leave well in advance through the online Leave Management module. 3) Improved security: With systems like CCTV monitoring and access card control, facilities can be secured without the need for guards on duty. 4) Reduced costs: A comprehensive PMS system helps reduce operational expenses by improving efficiency, accuracy and productivity of HR processes." A PMS (Performance Management System) Tools are very important for [...]

Project planning software free

When you're starting a project, it's natural to put in all sorts of contingencies and safety factors, so that there's no danger you'll run out of time or money. But when the project is over, those same safety factors are just dead weight. They inflate your estimates, which makes your final cost higher than it needs to be. If you're using Project planner software, those extra costs will just get added on automatically. There is no built-in way to account for them after the fact. So your first step should be to remove all of the items that have become obsolete or unnecessary. Then you can see what remains and decide whether it's worth keeping or not. In addition to project planning software, there are several other kinds of software that you can use for your business. Software for recording and editing audio files is great for creating podcasts, music and other sounds you want to distribute online. There are also programs for creating animated videos for the web and screen savers for your business. Business accounting software packages can help you manage your finances, payroll and invoices, as well as organizing your contacts list. In addition to these other types of [...]

Risk Management in projects using Project Planner

Summary We have been doing top 10 list for the last few months, but we have not come across any project management software that is worth recommending to you. Project Planner is a cloud based solution that supports the whole project life cycle and helps to manage risks in projects. It has a simple interface and it comes at a fraction of the cost of other software available on the market. What makes Finclock different from other available project management software is its integrated risk management, which enables users to identify and manage risks early in the life cycle of the project, thus helping them to save time and money on their projects. This software has proven itself perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a reliable project management software for managing projects efficiently. The tool is also suitable for major organizations as well, which can benefit from its advanced risk management features as well as time tracking feature. The Finclock Project Management Software gives users access to all important information about their project including financial overviews and reports, timelines, task lists, budgeting, etc. It provides everything that users need to make informed decisions about their projects. How to [...]

How to Succeed in Projects

A project succeeds when the people working on it feel as though they've accomplished something worthwhile, something that mattered to them personally as well as professionally. Trying hard is not enough if you don't understand what you're doing. But for a project to succeed, the team needs to have a shared sense of direction. The members need to know not only what they're trying to build and how to build it, but why they're trying to do it. Using online employee management software helps your team to align their work to the mission and succeed in projects. Choose Great Ideas in projects In order to get your project completed successfully, there are some project planning techniques that you can use. You have a great idea and you have created a budget to get it done. However, if you do not plan well, you could run out of funds or even worse, you could complete the project on time but with poor quality. So in order to make sure that your project is completed successfully, it is important that you plan well. Then here are some tips that will help you plan your project successfully. How do I come up with a good [...]

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