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About Finclock Field Service Management

  1. Finclock field service management system comes as a mobile application, linked to online field staff management software
  2. The application for fieldworkers is designed to work in all areas, with or without internet.
  3. Using fieldworker application, employees will mark attendance, record daily task reports and make requests to management.
  4. The reports are automatically sent to online company account by field worker attendance application, where analysis is done.
  5. Finclock application for fieldworkers has been voted best field staff management system because it provides a complete solution for staff attendance, tasks and project management
  6. 1. Field Staff management software with Fieldworker application

    Field service management system provides the required tools for field projects. Conducting outdoor projects within a budget is essential for any business to be successful. It is also vital to be at the forefront when it comes to introducing management systems that eliminate overspending. Using outdoor staff attendance management software that ensures cost reduction in your projects is the best way to manage costs and predict progress of a project using outdoor staff attendance management system. With the right software that meets the specific needs of the project, you will be saving money and time on every project.                                     

    PMS tools for field staff management offers construction management features is the best solution to your company. The software provides you with a clear delivery process in the project, which is aimed at maximizing the performance of the project.

    Keeping a track record of the work done and payments made to the employees is mandatory. The absence of a good mechanism for data collection and record keeping is detrimental to the company. FinClock application for fieldworkers will greatly reduce the project cost through the formulation of well-planned objectives using the collected data.

    Performance of employees will be viewed by the management at all times, therefore, eliminating absenteeism and lateness.  The aim is to ensure that every worker performs their duty within the required budget. Thus, field service management system  ensures that you attain the top-notch quality of projects and maximize profits.

    Through the FinClock field service management system, illegalities will be noted and the persons responsible dealt with according to the company policies. The outcome of embracing this method of project management is lower cost in projects, completion of projects within the budgets and completion of projects in time. Think of how to get this online based system now and see the changes in your project within the first 3 months. The system will work for both small and large projects. Contact us today and get a free demo.

    2. Get the best Features in Field service management system

    Field staff management software offers the important tools for performance evaluation is essential in construction firms since it determines the growth of the company. Employees’ performance in the field has to be evaluated to ensure that the tasks given to them are commensurate with the time allocated to execute them. Lack of a good evaluation system can lead to mismanagement of time and resources, which causes extension of project deadlines.

    Field staff management software will help you to keep a record of the tasks given to employees and their progress at any time in your construction site. With  finclock application for fieldworkers, project inspection by the employer will be easy and direct since employees will be required to give task progress updates.

    If the employees’ work is behind schedule, their payment will be deducted by a percentage equal to the work done using fieldworker application. The employees are also required to report using field service management system, regarding any incidences that occur at indicated time intervals.

    3. Use Application for fieldworkers and the Field staff management software

    Field service management software helps outdoor workers to be alert at all times to ensure the tasks of the people and time is managed properly. Employees that are not committed to their tasks or need round the clock supervision are a great challenge for security firms. Supervision and employee time scheduling of employees to their daily tasks become a challenge if there are no records or good attendance system, for managing employees and tasks, which hinders the smooth running of the daily tasks. introducing field worker attendance application resolves the attendance management challenges.

    FinClock field employee project management software ensures that the management manages and schedules the workforce effectively. The software enables the employees to sign in using their fingerprints when they report to work. This provides the managers with records of the employees who have reported to work, as the workers send reports using fieldwork application. As such, the system enables them to schedule tasks to them.

    Using field service management system offers managers tools for fast decision making. If an employee fails to sign in at the required time, the manager and area manager will get both an email notification and an online notification indicating the absent employee.

    If an employee is on leave, they will make a request using the Fieldworker application, which will alert the management, which makes scheduling of tasks easier. The best employee scheduling system that enables fast tracking of employee payments and allocation of tasks. the schedules presented will boost the cooperation of the guards with the management. The cooperation will provide ripple effect of benefits, which include reduced operation costs, increased customer approvals and smooth operations.

    The field staff management software includes scheduling of task plans that be kept for long thus aid in future planning and deployments. Also, the schedules will provide the management with right information on performance of each employee. Contact us now for the most efficient and reliable fieldworker application features to fit your workers.

    4. Use field service management system for performance analysis

    Outdoor firms need to conduct multiple assessments of  projects to keep track of their progress. This can be hindered by factors such as lack of communication between the employer and employees, which is the major cause of project mismanagement. Such a challenge can derail the project and increase the project costs.

    FinClock application for fieldworkers enable you to assess and review the progress of your projects from anywhere and at any time, through the application for fieldworker on your mobile phone.

    Outdoor Project Tracking Software involve many inspections, which requires inspectors to file reports. Using the field worker attendance application on the mobile phone, employees will key in the right details, which will be included in a report that is hosted in a secure cloud.

    FinClock field staff management software also helps in accounting for work materials that are delivered at the site by recording the materials delivered and details of the supplier. The total progress of materials is compared to the target amount ordered, which means that no theft goes unnoticed and the responsible parties are held accountable. Contact us now for a guide on field service management system for outdoor workers. Using the mobile fieldwork application shall enable you to be aware of the activities going on during your outdoor  projects and helps you to review the progress of projects.

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